Is David Allan Coe Racist? Hidden Lyrics and Slave Owner?

Aug 3, 2023 @ 12:35 EDT
Is David Allan Coe Racist? Hidden Lyrics and Slave Owner?

Although many fans claim that David Allan Coe is a racist, he has denied the allegation. The topic has been discussed since 2000, and some of his song lyrics might hint at him being racist. Well, till now he has not admitted to being racist, so respecting his space, we can't directly accuse him.

David Allan Coe is an American singer and songwriter. He started his musical career by releasing his debut album, Penitentiary Blues, in 1970. He came to recognition after he released his second album, You Never Even Called Me by My Name. He is currently busy touring and performing live shows.

Recently, David has been in the headlines after Koe and Adam Hood did a cover of Coe's song You Never Even Called Me By My Name on their Huntsville, Alabama, leg of the tour. Adam even shared their live song clip and expressed his feelings about singing David's song after a long time. He said he hadn’t sung a David Allan Coe song in years, but by God, there are some things you never forget.

After listening to the cover song, some commented positively, while others commented negatively. Some even broke their thoughts and expressed their feelings about how racist David is. In this article, we will discuss the rumors and why people call him racist. To know more, read this article.

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David Allan Coe Denied Holding Racist Views!

Many people think that David Allan Coe is a racist and that he conveys his thoughts to the world through his lyrics. Although he has not admitted to being a racist, some people have claimed him to be rude and even called him a slave owner.

David has been accused many times because he is known to be a racist. People thought that his many songs have led to prove that he is one of the racists who has been making differences between women and men. The topic was first discussed in 2000 when Neil Strauss, the writer of the New York Times, wrote an article about his thoughts regarding his albums.

David Allan Coe was claimed to be a racist. celebsfortune.comDavid Allan Coe was claimed to be a racist
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The article talks about the two adult albums Coe released in the early 80s, calling them the most racist, misogynist, homophobic, and obscene songs recorded by a famous songwriter. Altogether, the article has many errors. Many people have called the most racist song by David is, My wife ran off with a nigger. It was claimed to be one of the most racist lyrics he has ever written.

One article from the New York Times has started a big topic of discussion. Until today, the discussion didn't seem to be over. However, there are a few people who believe that only the lyrics are racist and that he is not racist in real life.

Why Is David Allan Coe Called a Slave Owner?

When David Allan Coe was the topic of discussion about being a racist all over the internet, some of the people online shared their experiences with Coe. One of the users claimed to have met him and vouch for him being not only a racist but also a slave owner, as he voted for Jefferson Davis too. This made him the slave owner.

David Allan Coe is called a slave owner. celebsfortune.comDavid Allan Coe is called a slave owner.
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While David has not only faced success in his life, he has also been accused of different things. Although he has consistently denied ever holding racist views, his statement has never convinced people. Hank Williams III, a latter-day country music rebel who considers Coe a mentor, once shared his thoughts about why David is not racist. He stated;

That's one of the reasons he's been banned for so long. He's looking at it from a non-racist, jail point of view: if you're in jail you're either with the blacks, the whites, the Latinos, or you're somebody's bitch. That's the mentality he was on.

What Is David Allan Coe Currently Doing? What Does Its Website Say?

According to David Allan Coe's official website, his lyrics have spurred controversy, featuring frequent profanities, tales of drug use, and sexually explicit material, gaining him the title of the outlaw’s outlaw. He also claimed to be carefree for some of the country music until people like Kris Kristofferson and some of those people started writing songs.

As of now, David is known as a retired member of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club. He is currently busy touring with his live shows, maintaining a busy schedule since the early 2000s. Besides music, he also spends his time on a cow farm in Tennessee and pursues his passions for music and painting.

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