James Hetfield's New Girlfriend: Who is Adriana Gillette?

Apr 11, 2023 @ 6:50 EDT
James Hetfield's New Girlfriend: Adriana Gillette Pictures

 James Hetfield's new girlfriend, Adriana Gillett, faced many negative comments after she posted a picture with him. There is no more information about the girl's personal life, but it seems like they knew each other for a long time and are very comfortable with each other. Fans are wanting to know more about their relationship and if James Hetfield has been dating Adriana before the divorce or not, but the singer is yet to speak.

Do you love listening to Metallica? Metallica is an American heavy metal band that was created by drummer Lars Ulrich and frontman James Hetfield, who has been one of the most popular members of the band. The band was formed in 1981.

Recently, Metallica released its latest album, 72 Seasons which is been hyped among the fans and is also called a return to thrash metal. Do you love going to concerts by Metallica? Well, there might be good news for their fans, as the band is busy on a world tour for a live concert. They are also enjoying pop culture growth too which seems to be progressive to the youth artist.

Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, who will be 60 this year, have recently talked about their journey during an interview. With that, people are wanting to know about their growth in both their professional and personal lives. To know more about James Hetfield's new girlfriend, read this article.

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James Hetfield’s New Girlfriend: He Is Dating a 44-Year-Old Woman Named Adriana Gillett!

As of 2023, James Hetfield is dating a woman named Adriana Gillett. Fans are wondering about the lady because it seems like there has been no information about her until now. People are curious about their relationship and whether he was seeing Adriana before the divorce, but the musician has yet to comment.

James Alan Hetfield is an American musician. He was born and raised in Downey, California. Growing up, he was inspired by his mother, Cynthia Bassett, a light opera singer who supported him to be a musician. He had been a tutor for piano, drum, and guitar lessons. He started his journey as a teen and used to play for a few bands, including Leather Charm and Obsession.

Speaking about Chris Hetfield's personal life, the singer has long struggled with addiction problems. He was addicted to alcohol, for which he was in rehab twice, in 2001 and 2019. Due to his addiction, he has been in and out of the spotlight. He is a very open person and does not have many secrets hidden from the media.

James Hetfield has been living a simple life, and until 2022, he was only linked with one woman, Francesca Tomasi. He was married to his high school lover on August 17, 1997. The couple has three children together: Castor Virgil, Cali Tee, and Marcella Francesca. They shared 30 years of ups and downs and finally ended their marriage in 2022. During their relationship, they seemed to have a healthy life.

James Hetfield and Francesca Tomasi.James Hetfield and Francesca Tomasi.
Image Source: Pinterest

Hetfield and Francesca spent their whole marriage in Vail, Colorado, where Francesca spent her childhood. He once talked about how his wife had helped him mature and learn to deal with his anger issues more constructively. Everything seems to have an end, and the couple divorced due to irreconcilable differences. They confirmed of having divorced, and Marcella posted the news by saying;

After 30 years of ups and downs, but always with a lot of love, I am extremely saddened that my marriage has come to this.

Following the divorce, people started rumors of James Hetfield dating a mysterious girl. Soon after, he was intimately photographed with a girl near the beach who was wearing a floral dress. Fans were curious and were wondering who the girl was. Were they in a relationship? Who was the lady? Do they seem that close? How did he move on so fast?

Following the picture, there were many questions for James from his fans, but it seems like he knows how to deal with the paparazzi. His love life has made many of his fans curious after his divorce. To answer all the questions, his new partner revealed a picture of the two, expressing her feelings through her Instagram.

James Hetfield with his new girlfriend Adriana Gillett.James Hetfield with his new girlfriend Adriana Gillett.
Image Source: Instagram

Although there is no more information about James' new partner, Adriana Gillett, it seems like the pair have known each other for a long period. Soon after Adriana posted the picture, she faced much criticism from the public, and their picture started getting trolled. She was pointed out to be another woman who ruined the happiness of James and Francesca.

What do you think—did James cheat on his ex-wife? How long has he been with Adriana? Some speculated that they had been dating since 2019 and were taking time to address it publicly. She is also called an attention seeker after the post. Soon after she faced the criticism, she seems to have deleted her account. Well, for now, nothing is clear, and let us respect their privacy and wait for the news until James addresses his situation.

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