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May 29, 2022 @ 9:28 EDT
SmellyBellyTV's Jayla Vlach Will Always Keep Fans Wondering About Her Boyfriend | Celeb$fortune & Net Worth 2022

Introducing SmellyBellyTV's Jayla Vlach

Jayla Alexandra Vlach is an American YouTuber and social media influencer who is well-recognized for her family's vlogging YouTube channel SmellyBellyTV. She also has a personal YouTube channel called It'sJustJayJay. The group has accumulated about 3.3 million followers through their amusing & fun personality, posting family content, which made a good fortune.

Born on 24 May 2005, Jayla Vlach is 17-years-old as of 2022 and the oldest of the Vlach kids. She was born and raised in Minnesota, United States. Her father's name is Jesse Vlach, is a musician, and her mother's name is Terra VlachJayla's father creates vlogs for her channel while her mother executes and manages the channel. Her two younger sisters are named Aydah and Rory.

Social Media Earnings Continue to Bolster Jayla Vlach's Net Worth

This social media star, Jayla Vlach, has an estimated net worth of approximately $600,000. She has earned a massive fortune through her own YouTube channel, not to mention the family's channel. She began performing at the age of ten with her family. Their content includes photos, short videos, games, and comedy video clips, which are attached with the income from ad revenue, sponsorships, and partnerships to increase Vlach's wealth.

SmellyBellyTV members Jessie Vlach (second left), Terra Vlach (second right), Aydah Vlach (left) and Jayla Vlach (right) with their youngest Rory Vlach on top of the father Jesse.Jayla Vlach later started her own channel but initially for her gaming videos.
Photo Source: SmellyBellyTV, Instagram

Being a part of the family vlogging channel (@SmellyBellyTV) with 3.3M subscribers, she is undoubtedly entitled to a part of the $1,800 per post income the family gets from ad revenue and sponsorships. From her own channel, @It'sJustJayJay, she earns about $1,500 per post from the same sources.

Besides YouTube, this family is active on Instagram (@smellebellytv) with 221,000 followers. She also has a sizable following on her own page, @jayla.alexandraa, with over 320,000 followers. She earns about $1,300 per post from brand sponsorships.

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Jayla is also very active on her TikTok account self-titled (@jayla.alexandraa), which adds a decent amount to her net worth, although not that significant. Besides, her primary focus is YouTube, and she has quite a family to gain personal fame from as well. As long as she continues forking out interesting content to keep her subscribers.

Does Jayla Vlach Really Have a Boyfriend to Prompt a Number of Videos on the Topic?

Of course, the YouTube video titles and the content itself are made for attracting their viewers into their social media life. Over the years, it includes the likes of 😍DOES JAYLA HAVE A BOYFRIEND?! 😍, ❤️WE CAUGHT JAYLA ON SNAPCHAT WITH HER BOYFRIEND!! 😨, DID JAYLA SNEAK HER BoyFriend ON VACATION?!, and even one that actually says 'JAYLA HAS A BOYFRIEND' from April 2017, albeit as a joke. But none of them went anywhere.

Jayla Vlach in a red top and jeans.Fans will always be wondering.
Photo Source: Jayla Vlach, Instagram

The most recent video that discusses whether Vlach has a boyfriend or not is from January 2021 when the parents try to confront her if she has someone new, while also almost confirming that she was dating someone, as is often the case, although unsurely if it was after a breakup.

Yes, Jayla Vlach did have a boyfriend at least till July 2020, according to her video on her channel that month where she drove around with her mom and Aydah before dropping off some food to the mother. The viewers also got a glimpse of her boyfriend back then, although only his hands and his back.

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There hasn't been much further development on the topic, so it's unsure if she is still in the same or a new relationship. Of course, they made it clear that the boyfriend was very private about his life. Regardless, her parents will always make sure she's with a good guy.

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