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Nov 19, 2021 @ 15:14 EST
Why Familia Diamond's Txunamy Ortiz Doesn't Make a Dime from YouTube

Not only is her name pronounced tsunami, but Txunamy Ortiz [b. March 23, 2009] also brought the storm to the social media world with her talent. Txunamy is an aspiring actress, model, YouTuber, TikTok star, and social media influencer who gained popularity through Musical.ly and is better known for working in Disney Princess Remixed - An Ultimate Princess Celebration (2021), Mani (2017), and Chicken Girls (2017).

From modeling to acting and singing to arts, there is not a talent Ortiz does not possess. Even at such a young age, Ortiz already has the demeanor of a grown-up person and has already worked with well-known brands like VogueGlamour, and Hollywood Life. If life does not go as planned, she even has a backup option to be a veterinarian.

Txunamy Ortiz Family Background: Is She Really Adopted?

Born in California to YouTuber parents, Sdiezel Ortiz and Esthalla Ortiz, Txunamy Ortiz is not an adopted child. In fact, the Filipino descent is the oldest sister to social media personalities Solage Ortiz, Diezel Ortiz, and Ranger Ortiz. The rumors about her being adopted have been going on for a long time, which obviously is not true. However, as per resources, she also does have a half-sister named, Naiomy, from his father's previous marriage.

The 'Familia Diamond' family picture in 'Squid Game' clothes (excpet the shoes): (From left) Father Sdiezel Ortiz, Txunamy Ortiz, Solage Ortiz, Diezel Ortiz, mother Esthalla Ortiz and Ranger Ortiz.It's another entire family of social media people.
Photo Source: Familia Diamond, Instagram

Her mother created her Instagram page and started posting pictures dressed up in couture-inspired children's clothing when she was just four. Her fashionable looks soon racked up thousands of followers, stealing partnerships with Nike, Vogue, Glamour, and Hollywood Life.

Ortiz then stepped up further joining Musical.ly, where she developed a large fanbase with her dance moves and comedy skits, earning 4.4 million fans before it got disbanded. Solage and Diezel also followed their oldest sibling to the social media scene, and they are now also prominent models and YouTubers.

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Txunamy, along with her family, launched their family YouTube channel, Familia Diamond, on Oct 11, 2017, and garnered 1 million subscribers in less than a year. The channel now has 7.64 million subscribers for which they give full credit to their subscribers whom they consider their own family and call them "Diamond" to express their value.

Ortiz's TikTok Account With 4.4 Million Followers Was Taken Down With No Explanation

Even though Txunamy Ortiz forayed into the social media scene through Instagram, she got her breakthrough from the Musical.ly app (now incorporated into TikTok) at the age of five. It won't be wrong to say she basically grew up on TikTok, as she shared each and every month of her life for the past six long years.

Txunamy Ortiz (right) taking a selfie with Charli D'Amelio.There seem to be quite a lot of common fans of the two.
Photo Source: Txunamy Ortiz, Instagram

However, TikTok banned her account with 4.5 million followers in April 2020 without any prior notice even though it was managed by her mother. She sadly shared the news of her TikTok getting banned on her YouTube channel where she cried sharing how many memories her channel holds of her and how it meant so much to her. Well, even after reaching out to TikTok, she has not got her account back nor got any explanation about her. It is possible it was due to the crackdown of accounts of children under 13.

Txunamy Ortiz Says She Does Not Earn a Penny from YouTube Anymore. So, What Is Her Net Worth?

Txumany Ortiz's net worth is estimated to be $1 million. However, she does not make money from the YouTube channel, Txunamy, with 3.5 million subscribers anymore. The 12-year-old revealed in her Q&A video that she used to make money from Youtube but not anymore due to age restriction and monetization issues.

Being a multi-talented person, Ortiz still has makes enough money from other sources as her income source is not limited to only YouTube. She has already made an impressive acting portfolio starring on Disney Princess Remixed - An Ultimate Princess Celebration, Mani, and Chicken Girls. What's more, she also earns an average of $12,000 per sponsored post from her Instagram account, Txunamy (@txunamy) which has over 4.5 million followers.

Txunamy Ortiz (front left) with the cast of Brat TV Series 'Mani'.Txunamy announced her inclusion in 'Mani' Season 6 back in August.
Photo Source: Txunamy Ortiz, Instagram

Not to forget, Txunamy has been in the modeling industry, working with prominent brands for more than seven years now. Moreover, she has walked on the runway for numerous fashion shows including Love Baby J, Lil Jewels Boutique, and so on. Besides, she has her own line of branded merchandise which includes shoes, skater skirts, and bags worth up to $64.99.

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The YouTuber has recently launched her international crochet business in October 2021. She sells different types of crochet items like octopus crochet, flower boy crochet, pirate crochet, mushroom boi crochet, and many more on her Etsy shop.

Watch Out, Boys!! Txunamy's Father Won't Let You Date Her

It's a question she gets hit with quite often than anything else, aside from many who desperately want her phone number. Just like everyone else, Txunamy Ortiz's father, Sdiezel is also very conservative when it comes to her daughter's dating life. He had even made it clear now and then that he won't be letting his daughter have a boyfriend any time soon.

Txunamy looking over while using a laptop while sitting on a couch.Ortiz often gets the question from her young fans continuously.
Photo Source: Txunamy Ortiz, Instagram

It's not a surprise that Txunamy has many admirers however, she does have an admirer named Biggy Norris, an Australian YouTuber who has been crushing on her for years now. And it seems like Ortiz also has some feelings toward Norris as she is seen blushing whenever his name come up.

Even though Ortiz has never met Norris, she does talk to him through Instagram DMs. Similarly, they also occasionally react to each others' videos. Biggy even sends gifts and her favorite chocolate to her which her father obviously doesn't like. In the end though, she will only joke about it on videos when the topic of relationship ever comes up.

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