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May 6, 2020 @ 18:12 EDT
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50 Things about Me video from Julie Nolke.

This is a branch article for 50 facts about Julie Nolke, which we may or may not have mentioned before, obtained from a video not easily accessible on YouTube. For the main Biography article, see the Julie Nolke page.

Wait, is that even possible? Apparently, yes. There's a category on YouTube called 'Unlisted' in which a video could exist. But if you go to the user channel's page and scan through the videos list, it won't exist. Furthermore, searching with the exact title from its search button won't yield the result. No, it's not of the "Private" category, as anyone can watch the video only if you find it.

Did you know Julie Marie Nolke used to work for a lot of companies before Tastemade? (Wait, her middle name is 'Marie'? Twitter fans know this) Or that her father isn't a cook but loves cooking so much, he'd make a recipe out of anything? Yeah, there are apparently a lot of things many don't know about her. But she did make a point of sharing some things about her taking the questions of her fans & followers on Twitter & Snapchat.

Julie Nolke in a white dress in an European city.She used to be a redhead...
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, Instagram

Yeah, there's a video [and others] she put up which is tagged "Unlisted" by YouTube of Julie herself from April 2016. She tells 50 things about her, and many will surprise you. But don't worry, the video isn't indecent at all. She may have just archived it. We've mentioned some of her short facts on her biography page wherever possible. But that one's just too lengthy to mention the specifics about her. Before that, this particular video was posted before the first listed video on the channel was ever there. So yeah, she's been doing videos for a long time.

The video was retrieved from archives using the link 'http://feelingpeckish.ca/2016/04/29/50-things-about-me-julie-nolke/', which will lead you to an 'Internal Server Error'.

Writer/Editor's Note: "I get up close and personal in this video to share 50 things about myself!" she writes in the description box. Maybe a reason she's unlisted this one. Julie, if you're reading this (might be unlikely as Google's being weird right now), sorry for uncovering it and telling it to the world. Still, she deserves to be known, as one commented,

1. She went to study acting at the York University in Toronto. Apparently, it was a surprise for people back then.

2. Julie shaved her head in Grade 10 in support of cancer.

Julie Nolke pointing to a younger photo of herself some months after going bald.Support cancer.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, YouTube

3. She likes meals with multiple categories/flavors on the plates.

4. She has a hands condition, probably sweating-more-often thing as she said, 'Ewww!'

5. Around High School, she had stretched ears. Difficult to imagine it?

6. She pierced her ears by herself.

7. The pierced ear caused a condition that needed surgery to remove excess muscle. She describes the condition in the video, and it, is, weiiiiirrrrd!

8. She's Half Ukrainian.

9. A huge dream she's set is for her to act in a major motion picture. In an extremely Digital Age???

10. She loves to rap. (She usually rewrites several song lyrics into raps with different words. And most of them are funny.)

11. She loooooves traveling. Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen & London are some places.

12. She "reaaally" loves dogs.

13. Julie Marie Nolke was born and raised in the mountainous region of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

14. She is the youngest of four siblings. She has two older brothers and an eldest sister.

Julie Nolke as in a very old photo of her as a toddler with her two older brothers & an older sister.We only had details of her mother & father before.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, YouTube

15. Her parents are accountants. Yes, still.

16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22. In her life, she's worked as a Cashier, a Barista, a Server, a Bartender, a Restaurant Manager, Retail Associate at Nike (free shoes alert!), and a Membership & Events Coordinator at the Institutional Limited Partners Association. She explains what the last one is. Don't worry, we couldn't understand it either.

23. She did a drawing of a lady, who was in an elevator with her. And the person in front of her kind of f*rted...

24. When she was younger, she used to be a competitive dancer. Yeah, she shows a clip from the past.

Julie Nolke looking at a clip of her dancing as a young girl on her laptop below, on her lap.She found her dance amusing herself.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, YouTube

25. She loves the Toronto Blue Jays.

26. She learned how to cook from her dad. He's not a professional as he's never gone to a cooking school in the past, but just had a lot of love for American Chef Emeril Lagasse. She then calls her dad, asking what he's making for dinner.

27. Years ago, she's run a marathon, but it was torturing for her. She says she's still mentally recovering and doesn't recommend it. Her boyfriend, Sam Larson, bought her a waffle to console her.

Julie Nolke and her boyfriend just after she completed the marathon.So, it must be after around 2012. That's when they started dating.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, YouTube

28. She lives in Toronto. She still does.

29. Her favorite thing to cook is surprisingly bread.

Favorite Movies:

30. In terms of the performances the actors gave as an ensemble — The Hours

31. Favorite Comedy: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

32. Favorite drama(-ish) movie: Magnolia

33. She broke her hand in acting class during an interpretive dance sequence.

34. As a food enthusiast, she gets really upset when there's poor service at a restaurant.

35. Her favorite drink of choice is Coors Light with a wedge of lime. Nick Oliver didn't approve and made fun of her while in England.

Oliver's disapproving look when Julie mentioned the Coors Light.Yeah, Nick Oliver just upped and got back down upon hearing that.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, YouTube

36. Favorite food/meal: Thanksgiving dinner. Remember how she likes food with multiple varieties? Well, side dishes at Thanksgiving...

37. She likes things that are seasonal, like candles and flowers according to season.

38. She's left-handed. Probably a known fact, she mentions.

39, 40, 41, 42. Favorite bands, according to respective categories: Tegan & Sara, The Eagles, Drake and one of her friends, Sammy Jackson's songs on her new EP.

43. Julie Nolke's hair story: "My hair was long, and then I cut it short."

44. One user asked her to ask her boyfriend about the worst thing about her. And Sam says, "Burp for the people you leave ... at home."

Julie Nolke laughing at the reply her boyfriend gave.And then she could say 5 things about her beau.
Photo Source: Julie Nolke, YouTube

45. Sam's morning breath really "curls up her toenails."

46. One of her biggest pet peeves is 'mouth sounds'. That's really annoying for anyone.

47. Someone wanted to know how old she was. She replied, "Old enough to party." BTW, she's 29 until August 23, 2020.

48. How Julie Nolke got into cooking & food: Her mom brought home "one of this pre-made muffin mix."

49. The first thing she cooked that she knew was good or getting good at: She made lemon bars using the recipe on The Best of Bridge cookbook.

50. Why she makes the videos that she does (including the ones she makes for Tastemade), "I make these videos because I love entertaining, and I love performing. And I like the idea that I can do something, by myself, here in this house, that might make you happy or make you smile or change your day. And there's so much in that." She thought it would be a little corny. But that's exactly what is needed in the current pandemic situation. If you loved that one viral video, you'll love the other sketches she's written by herself.

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The comments have been pouring in on the video as recently as a week ago. So maybe the video is not that inaccessible at all. Or the Feeling Peckish website may be accessible in some places. Still, you gotta love a true artist when you see one. She should be in SNL.

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