Julie Nolke's Plastic Surgery Details — The Real Deal

May 6, 2020 @ 6:38 EDT
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Julie Nolke Plastic Surgery

This is a branch article for Julie Nolke's plastic surgery discussions. If you don't read her biography article, you'll never understand what's happening here. See: Julie Nolke, for her Biography.

There was a time in June/July 2019 when Julie Nolke was not posting every Thursday, at least not as regularly as she used to. And she says in a video that the comments have been so mean that people thought she was getting away from YouTube to get some work done on her face. And she manages to try and convince her viewers that she would never opt for plastic surgery operations and that she is deeply hurt because of it. She uses tape to stretch out some portions of her face.

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GOTCHA!! The above paragraph in this section and this entire video is a parody. You know when there are certain celebrities that deny having gone under the knife when there are obvious signs on their face that they actually did? Yeah, she puts the tapes on her face to portray a YouTuber or a celebrity with obvious plastic surgery look and then acts out such celebrity trying to convince their fans they've never done it.

It's almost like she was addressing her own rumors, and this whole thing was real. In reality, she'd been posting regularly, every week, during that time as well, and it was weird for her to say she'd not been posting as much. Even we were almost swayed by her acting. She follows up the thing with another plastic surgery parody video two months later, portraying the same kind of celebrity ranting on about the mean comments which might've been true. Again, tapes over her face.

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Nolke does most of her videos as a parody of how other YouTubers might make the videos. It's a little hard to understand, but once you start understanding and watch her videos, you'll be searching for more. And she's got plenty to show you.

As for the real-life discussions of plastic surgery, she hasn't faced such extreme cases of accusations as she's portrayed in her videos. And she isn't known to have had some work done. Whisper mode: And you'll never know... Except for that one time when she had to surgically remove "an extra ear" after she pierced them herself and stretched it.

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