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Learn the meticulous Net Worth detail of Robert James Ritchie Sr aka 'Kid Rock' covering with his early story, music,  failed marriage, girlfriend, and children.

Born on January 17, 197 1, Robert James Ritchie Sr.  better recognized with his stage names Kid Rock and Bobby Shazam is one of the iconic singers living in the generation. An inspirational personality who was born and raised in a small rural town with three siblings turned out to be a self-made millionaire and one of the iconic musical names. Besides singing the multi-talented personality is a singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, disc jockey, and actor.

Since majority of Kid's fans seem curious regarding the 'bands of green' the rapper made throughout his 'hall of fame' career, here we present you with all the details covering parts of his career, i.e. from 'nothing to everything'.

Kid Rock Career

Kid Rock

Story of a musical genius.
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In a career spanning 30 years, Rock's musical style alternates between rock, hip hop, and country. A multi-instrumentalist, he has overseen his own production on nine of his eleven studio albums. Kid Rock initiated his professional music career as a rapper and DJ and released his debut album 'Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast' back in 1990 from Jive Records.

Following years he also made some independent releases such as The Polyfuze Method in 1993 and Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp in 1996. The independent release made him develop more distinctive singing styles, better lyrics which aftermath is fully realized on his 1998 album 'Devil Without a Cause' (1998). It was his breakthrough album, which sold 14 million copies and was also recognized as the blending elements of hip hop, rock, country, and heavy metal.

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From 2010 he started to pitch into more country music and less rap. As a matter of fact, he has not rapped on his album since his Kid Rock song in 2003 with some exceptions on the track like Rock n Roll Jesus (2007) and Sweet Southern Sugar (2017).

Awards and Achievement

Kid Rock Net Worth

Prominent music magazine, 'Rolling Stone Magazine' entitled Kid Rock as one of the 50 Greatest Album of 2003. Moving on he has also been nominated five times for Grammy Awards and his single 'Cowboy' was a super hit viral song which made on the Top 40 list.

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Kid's 'Rock n Roll Jesus' also topped all the Billboard charts marking at the number 1 spot, selling over 5 million copies. Besides some world-class awards Kid Rock is also the recipient of numerous awards and has set the record in the genres he indulged himself into either it is rock or hip-hop.

How Much is Kid Rock Net Worth?

Kid Rock

Living the life of riches.
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Аѕ of 2020, Кіd Rосk net worth is еѕtіmаtеd to be around $100 mіllіоn. The sources behind his fоrtunе are credited to high paycheque contact frоm rесоrd lаbеlѕ. Some of his super hit albums like 'Devil Without a Cause' has sold 13 mіllіоn wоrldwіdе аnd has a record of selling 5 mіllіоn аlbumѕ іn thе United States.

Кіd Rосk іѕ а multi-talent musician who has knowledge of playing various іnѕtrumеnts and іѕ nаmеd аѕ оnе оf thе mоѕt hіt muѕісіаnѕ over thе lаѕt 15 уеаrѕ. Despite 'ups' and 'downs' with some legal issues, he faces in the career he never gave up music and let down his fans delivering his soulful music.

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As in now, the 49-year-old star is enjoying the life of riches with his $100 Net worth with his sweetheart Audrey Berry. Briefly coming to his relationship the 'Roll On' hitmaker Robert James Ritchie Sr.  was formally married to Pamela Anderson (2006-2007) and shares a son Robert James Ritchie, Jr.

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