Kylie Jenner $14 Million Car Collection — Her Garage Is Not Big Enough

Jan 14, 2020 @ 16:56 EST
Kylie Jenner $14 Million Car Collection Story.

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Cars! Cars!! Cars!! She sure does love them.

We know Kylie Jenner is not stingy about spending a lot of money, but she is also not afraid to show the high-life she's living. She recently flaunted her massive car collection on Instagram (as she usually does) and everyone got a glimpse of some of those mid-to-high priced cars. The majority of them were not in the garage though. There's just not enough space. That's how huge her car collection is.

Having a billionaire net worth for Kylie Jenner comes with opportunities to spend more than an average individual. She sure makes her status as the richest Jenner-Kardashian member and the youngest self-made billionaire in the world with her spending habits. (We know. There's a debate on whether she is a "self-made" billionaire. But with a recent sale of a portion of Kylie Cosmetics, it seems she's made her mark.)

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It's not easy to pinpoint exactly how many cars the beauty and fashion mogul owns, but there is an estimation on the price of the car collection. Plus, it's also difficult to find out if she still owns her past cars or not (you know, some of them are related to past boyfriends). But if she's ever owned a car, here is the place for all of them.

Kylie Jenner Posted a Series of Photos from Her $14 Million (Estimated) Car Collection Recently on Instagram

Yes, as with many rich people, Jenner's car collection also has a massive worth. It rounds up to be worth over $14 million. Yeah, at least $14 million. She's got a few cars that cost in the seven-figure range, otherwise, almost all the cars have a six-figure price tag.

With a caption, "oh happy days ?," the mother-of-one posted a series of photos on Instagram, mostly covering her prized Rolls Royce Wraith. As if the starting price of $320,000 for the was not enough, she had it colored custom ice-blue, also had her name engraved in the nameplates inside the doors and had a starlet roof, all of which definitely raised the price by a pretty penny.

Kylie Jenner dancing around her cars.There's a little glimpse of everything there.
Photo Source: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

Other photos include her Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes G-Wagon, Rolls Royce Cullinan and the front edge of the Ferrari LaFerrari. That last one is absolutely worth over a million.

Here Is What Each Car Meant and Is Priced for the 'Kylie Cosmetics' Owner

► First off in the car collection is what she calls her "dream car". Not a dream anymore right?
The custom Rolls Royce Wraith worth at least $320,000.

Kylie Jenner's name engraved in her Rolls Royce Wraith.Photo from: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

► When she showed her $3 million worth Bugatti Chiron on Instagram in October 2019, the comment section burst open, making her delete the video later.

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► She's a fan of Mercedes G-Wagons. They're worth $225,000
There's one particular G-Wagon, the Mercedes AMG G63 that was initially black but was reported to be recolored to bright orange in 2018. She paid $10,000 for it. That one started the collection which she bought as a gift for herself on her 16th birthday.
Another G-Wagon is the maroon-colored Mercedes G550 4×4 SUV, while her third one is a little hard to distinguish the color. The former one was speculated to be a breakup gift for herself after her relationship with TYGA ended in 2017.

Kylie Jenner with her cars G63s in two split photos.Photo from: Instagram

Kylie Jenner with her latter two G-Wagons.Photo from: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

► As part of her 'Just for Summer' car collection, Kylie has a Lamborghini Aventador worth $400,000, which, guess what, is also painted bright orange. The G63 was wrapped up in orange to match this one.

Kylie Jenner in her Lamborghini Aventador.Photo from: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

► Before she broke up with Tyga, she was gifted a black Mercedes Maybach S600 for her 19th birthday in 2016, which is reportedly worth $200,000.

► For the same birthday, she also ordered a unique, black Land Range Rover for $200,000.
There's also apparently another light-grey Range Rover (the 2019 Range Rover Autobiography?) in her parking lot (discover the photo later).

Kylie Jenner's Black Range Rover.Photo from: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

► And there's that vintage white Rolls Royce glowing on her Instagram page.
Other Rolls-Royce include the $450,000 worth Rolls Royce Phantom and a $325,000 worth Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Kylie Jenner in popular white Rolls Royce photo.Photo from: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

► In early 2018, the 22-year-old was gifted, by her then-boyfriend Travis Scott, one of only 210 Ferrari LaFerraris (the Aperta) in the world. The starting price is $1.4 million. But her special (not to mention rare) Aperta costs $2.2 million.

Kylie Jenner in front of a number of cars from her car collection while sitting on the front of the Aperta.There's the grey Range Rover!
Photo from: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

► Kylie also gifted her mother a $250,000 worth Ferrari 488 for her birthday. Meanwhile, she has her own blue (originally white) Ferrari 458 Italia Spider. The reported $280,000 worth 488 Ferrari Spider was bought the same time her sister Kendall Jenner got a matching one. There's also a yellow 488.

Kylie Jenner in front of the blue 458 Spyder.Photo from: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

► She goes all-out on Rolls Royce.
A black Rolls Royce, a taupe Rolls Royce, a cornflower-blue Royce, and another red/maroon Rolls Royce Wraith reportedly worth $300,000, also remain in her unsurprisingly wide parking space.

Kylie Jenner and her four Rolls-Royces in four split photos merged.Photo from: Kylie Jenner, Instagram

► Even if this one is not hers, she bought a $300,000 2017 Bentley Bentayga SUV for Tyga when they together, a day after his Ferrari got repoed.

The 2017 Bentley Bentayga for Tyga by Jenner.Photo from: Kylie Jenner, Snapchat

Everyone knows it's not the end of her car collection. As she buys new ones, there will obviously be photos up on her Instagram page. So, be on the lookout. And sorry if there's any missed from the collection. She might have even sold some of them already.

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