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Sep 22, 2022 @ 13:51 EDT
Marco Borghi, aka Poloboy: The Truth About Ex-Girlfriend, Baby & Net Worth | Celeb$Fortune 2022

Marco Borghi, aka Poloboy, is an Italian-American YouTuber and TikToker best known for his comedy and lip-sync videos. Born on April 23, 2002, Marco is just 20 years old but has a huge fan base on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

He first started his channel with the aim of being a gaming YouTuber but later changed to a creating The American YouTuber went viral after his "Simp Nation" video impersonating NYC white boys became popular on TikTok which racked up millions of followers. From abandoning his pregnant girlfriend to making videos derogatory to women to mocking the stereotypes of various races, he has been in the heat of controversy multiple times.

Marco Borghi's Baby Mama Claims That He Abused And Abandoned Her During Pregnancy...

Imagine that you’ve been following someone on the internet for years and one day you will suddenly find that they actually have a baby. You’d be pretty shocked, right? And that is how Marco Borghi's fans felt when he revealed that he has a baby boy.

Marco Borghi, aka Poloboy's alleged ex-girlfriend Arielle Rodriguez (right) holding their baby while taking a selfie.
There are two sides to all the allegations made on the whole 'Deadbeat Dad' saga.
Photo Source: Arielle Rodriguez, Instagram

Well, to be honest, he did not disclose this news intentionally as it was his ex-girlfriend, Arielle Rodriguez who revealed her pregnancy through social media. As per Arielle, they started dating back in the year 2017 and broke up in 2020 after dating for three years.

Furthermore, Rodriguez also shared the myriad of screenshots of their texts that show how Marco bailed on her two months before her due date, and the internet was quick to judge him negatively calling him a "Deadbeat Dad". What's more, some texts even appeared to show an abusive and racist side to the TikToker which Poloboy clearly denied.

How Much Is the Net Worth of Marco Borghi?

According to the estimated source, Marco Borghi holds a net worth of $300,000 thanks to his massive social media fan following. He first started his career as an Instagram model, however, rose to prominence through TikTok in the year 2019.

The 20-year-old has over 6.9 million followers on his TikTok page, Marco Borghi (@poloboy) from which he makes an average of $5,500 per sponsored post. One of the most popular videos on his page got over 20 million views and 2 million likes.

Marco Borghi, aka Poloboy, sitting by the poolside in all-black with a smile at the camera.
His entire $300,000 net worth comes from social media connections.
Photo Source: Marco Borghi (Poloboy), Instagram

The influencer then turned toward YouTube and launched his YouTube channel, Polo Boy on Feb 11, 2020. With over 262K subscribers on his channel, he amasses around $600 per post where the Youtuber has posted over 59 times. Besides, he also has another YouTube channel, Polo Unfiltered with 3,350 subscribers.

Additionally, Borghi has over 558K followers on his Instagram account, Polo (@poloboy), from which he earns around $2,200 per post through sponsorships and brand endeavors. Not to forget, he also makes a good sum from Cameo by making personalized videos.

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Meanwhile, the 5ft 10-inch tall TikToker is also a member of popular collaborative houses like OT House and The University of Diversity. However, his fan following reached the next level when he joined the comedy content house The House Nobody Asked For (THNAF) in 2020.


OT House was officially launched in 2020 with a collaborative group of ten content creators on TikTok like Marco Borghi, Joey Nero, Trulyboyjojo, Megan Eugenio, Gage Gomez, Alex Carabone, DJ Ford, Anthony Perlongo, Trvgiic, and Laurence Marsach. The Brooklyn-based content house has garnered 356.4K followers on TikTok (@othouse) and 4140 subscribers on YouTube (@OT House).

The University of Diversity

Collective of 30 TikTokers, Hadiya Haris founded The University of Diversity in 2019 and was officially launched in March 2020. As the name itself reflects, the group is a mix of a variety of races, sexuality, and genders with the aim to uplift each other.

The House Nobody Asked For (THNAF)

The House Nobody Asked For (THNAF) aired from (June – December) of 2020. Marco joined this collaborative house with other members like Anthpo, Billy, Will Mahony, Caroline Ricke, Dawn Morante, Tobias Philips, Summer, and Tyler Funke. The Los Vegas-based content house gained massive popularity with its comical concepts; 6,080 followers on Instagram (@thehousenobodyaskedfor) and 2.3M followers on TikTok (@thehousenobodyaskedfor).

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