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Nov 15, 2019 @ 21:19 EST
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If you're an acapella fan, then you probably didn't miss 'Pentatonix'; The band which gained worldwide recognization after its win at NBC's 'The Sing-Off,' 2011, bagged  $200,000 -pretty good start, eh.

So, here we are talking about one of the key members of 'Pentatonix,' Mitch Grassi, and the envying fortune he accumulated through his decade long journey in the music industry.  Mitch Grassi, yes, the one who is renowned for his countertenor singing (highest male adult singing voice ranging from low A1 to upper B7).

17.2 Million  Pentatonix YouTube Followers; Major Source Behind His $8 Million Net Worth

The 27-year-old rockstar, Mitch is the proud owner of $8 million net worth, all credited to his hard work and dedication to music and their internationally recognized 17.3 million subscribed-band 'Pentatonix.'

The Multi-platinum band is one of the biggest bands as a three-time Grammy winner, setting a record of 10 million albums sold worldwide debuting #1 spot on Billboard's 200.

They five-man-band run a YouTube music channel by the name PTXofficial which was initially formed by members: Mitch GrassiScott Hoying, Avi Kaplan (2011-2017), Kristin Maldonado, and Matt Sallee in 2017.

One of the founding members, Kaplan, the bass vocalist sadly left the band due to their internal conflicts. As a replacement, Matt Sallee now substitutes his part.

With a total video of 205, each of their music videos crosses a million of views, garnering monthly +108K subscribers.

As per reports from Influence Marketing Hub, they earn estimated earnings of $45,572 per video. Let's find out their gross collection from YouTube applying little math, shall we,

Multiplying (Total Video) of 205 with (Earnings Per Video), i.e., $45,572, gives a outcome of $9,342,260.

Now dividing it with five to find out the share of each member gives Grassi a share of $1,868,452 from YouTube.

Some of the band's hits include: "Say Something, Carol Of The Bells, Mary, Did You Know, That's Christmas To Me, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Rather Be, O Holy Night, Emmanuel, Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy, White Winter Hymnal, Can't Sleep, LoveO Come, O Come, Silent Night, Sleigh Ride, The First Noel, Radioactive, Just For Now, Little Drummer Boy, La La Latch, If I Ever Fall In Love.

The above tracks helped them gain fame all over the globe as their songs were widely loved and admired by the viewers.

Tours and Concerts Earnings

The above clip is from their recent PTXPERIENCE - Pentatonix: The World Tour 2019.

The band is recently on its 9th tour, where their ticket prices range from a minimum cost ranging from $51 to a maximum of $702. Mitch is making millions from all the tours and shows.

Duo Band 'SUPERFRUIT' With 2.5 Million Subscribers

Besides Pentatonix, the countertenor singer, Mitch, and his bandmate Scott Hoying run a band and a YouTube channel 'SUPERFRUIT,' where the duo shares intriguing content and music projects. You can find out the duo's compositions, music videos, post vlogs, fun challenges, and other fun stuff.

The channel and band are doing pretty impressive as they often throw gigs representing SUPERFRUIT and earns around $10,403 - $17,338 per post with impressive 20,000 views per day.

Some of their popular content includes BEYONCE, EVOLUTION OF MILEY CYRUS, TRY NOT TO LAUGH Challenge, and FROZEN MEDLEY Challenge which features their Pentatonix bandmate, Kirstie Maldonado.

Summing up all his earnings, shows, channel incomes, his life and endeavors Mitch Grassi is living the life of riches with his successful music career and envying net worth of $8 million.

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