Madison Blaine McLaughlin

Nov 12, 2019 @ 19:21 EST

Madison McLaughlin is a former child actor who started acting at 2 years old.  Kick starting her career on 'The Mentalist' and with recurring roles on 'Arrow' and 'Chicago PD.', she's collected quite the impressive net worth.

The fact almost always slips our minds, but the small mole under her left eye is what makes her look exceptionally beautiful. Madison Blaine McLaughlin [November 5, 1995], called Madi by her associates, is a Louisiana-born actress whose career began not long after she was born. At two years old, she appeared in a local commercial and followed that up with acting classes and school plays since elementary school.

The 24-year-old has come a long way since then, with defining roles in many movies and TV series. Most fans will remember her as Evelyn Sharp or identified as DC Comics vigilante, Artemis, from The CW hit Arrow as well as her role on Supernatural.

Madison McLaughlin on the red carpet for Celebration Of 100th Episode Of CWs 'Arrow'.Recognized by her major role on 'Arrow'. Rest assured, she can really handle a weapon.
Source: Gotty

Despite not getting star roles, she has collected quite the fortune from her acting career, which, you can say, still is in its early phase. The best part about it right now is her new starring role on a movie that will soon get released. Expect her net worth to be that of a millionaire after 2019.

Since Her TV Breakthrough on 'The Mentalist', Madison McLaughlin's Net Worth is Around $600,000 and Growing

As of late 2019, the net worth of Madison McLaughlin is estimated to be $600,000, all credited to her decade-long acting career. The major sources of income are from her recurring roles on the shows Arrow (2016/2017) and Chicago P.D. (2015).

Although she first debuted on TV with Dangerous Women in 2009, it was her pivotal role of Annabeth "Anne" Lisbon in the CBS crime drama The Mentalist in 2011, opposite to Simon Baker's Patrick Jane and Robin Tunney's Teresa Lisbon (Anne's aunt), that brought her to a bigger stage. No other actress could have done as good as she did for the role. She was not able to appear at the two lead character's wedding at the end of the show though.

The scene where Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) teaches Anne (Madison McLaughlin) how to pickpocket. Simon holding a wallet in front of Madison, pictured sideways.

Patrick Jane taught Anne pickpocketing on 'The Mentalist'.
Source: The Mentalist, CBS

That role opened a lot of doors for her budding future acting career. She appeared on one NCIS episode and got a big role on the TV movie Isabel as Vivian Dresley in 2012. Not long after, she was selected for the role of Krissy Chambers, a young hard-as-nails hunter, on The CW the next year.

Some Acting Credits That Might Surprise You

The respective fans might remember the presence of Madison on several hit shows like Teen Wolf (2013), Modern Family (2013), Mad Men (2015), Girl Meets World (2015) and Finding Carter (2015). They were minor one or two episode roles but enough to fatten her wallet. She was cast as a recurring character on five episodes of Major Crimes in 2013.

Madison McLaughlin Portraying Kris Slater on the second season of TNT's Major Crimes. She's wearing a blue shirt looking at someone on the opposite side She portrayed 'Kris Slater' on 'Major Crimes'.
Source: Major Crimes, TNT

Madi got her big recurring role in 2015 with Chicago P.D. as Michelle Sovana. But the biggest role in her career has to be the one with The CW on Arrow. She portrayed the teenage orphan, Evelyn Sharp, or Artemis on the show for a year (2017/2018). After a year out from the acting scene, she came back on TV in the 2018 episode of Code Black.

Before Her Break on 'The Mentalist'

During her first decade into the world, she was mostly involved in her home movies by creating, writing, directing and starring in them. She moved to Los Angeles, in pursuit of her acting dream, at the age of 11 (2007). She did some theater work, landing the roles on Sound of Music and Arc.

Madison McLaughlin at two years old wearing a Snow White costume and lying in the floor.

She was already a star at two. The mole might've appeared a while later.
Source: Madison McLaughlin, Instagram

As for her first acting credits, they were mostly for short videos or small-time movies like Meteor Apocalypse, Don't Touch It, and The Revivals, among others. The first TV show was Dangerous Women, and the first movie, Stacy's Mom. Both were very minor roles

The New Major Role for Madison

The filming is already done and the movie is just set to be released later this year. Less than two months left for 2019, the year which Never See Her Again, starring Madison McLaughlin, is set for release in the US. She plays the role of Casey on the thriller movie.

Madison taking a selfie with Model Alexis Ren on her right and a little behind but hugging each other.Fact: IG Model Alexis Ren is the best friend of Madison McLaughlin.
Source: Madison McLaughlin, Twitter

There is another lead character Alexis Ren's BFF portrays this year. The pilot episode of Aware I'm Rare is already filmed and is also set for release in 2019. She will act as Chloe alongside Elaine Hendrix's Beth and Clement von Frankenstein's Dr. Brooks as the three lead. When these go off the air, she is sure to bring home something to boost up her net worth.

Philanthropy and Advocacy of Rare Diseases

For a fun trivia, you should know she competed for cheerleading for two years and dance for six more. On a more serious note, she is active in helping out the unfortunate while being associated with the organizations Shane's Inspiration and Global Genes, a leading rare disease patient advocacy organization.

Nicole Boice (left), Founder and CEO of Global Genes, and Madison McLaughlin, star of "Arrow" taking a ride on the King Arthur Carousel during the "Carousel of Possible Dreams" fundraiser for the Festival of Children Foundation at Disneyland in 2016. (Photo by Mark Eades, Orange County Register/SCNG)At the event in Disneyland 2016.
Source: Mark Eades, Orange County Register/SCNG

She attended the Carousel of Possible Dreams fundraiser for the Festival of Children Foundation at Disneyland in 2016. Then Global Genes in collaboration with the Festival of Children Foundation hosted the inaugural RARE Carousel of Possible Dreams on February 28, 2018, World Rare Disease Day 2018. The event was held at the Children’s Creativity Museum’s historic LeRoy King Carousel in San Francisco.

The McLaughlin family pictures. Two of her three sisters suffering from a rare disease sitting in the front on wheelchairs. Her Parents to her right.Her sisters are her inspiration for helping those with rare diseases.
Source: The McLaughlin Family

The motivation for her advocacy might be due to the fact that two of her three younger sisters (one stepsister), Marissa, and Mahrynn were diagnosed with HBSL. It is a rare disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. She has set up a fundraiser campaign on GoFundMe for helping her sisters and other people alike suffering from the rare HBSL.

In March 2016, she also had attended the Shane's Inspiration 15th Annual Gala 'Carnivale of Play' at The Globe Theatre in Hollywood. She attended another Shane's Inspiration event called 16th Annual Fundraising Gala 'A Night In Old Havana', for the second time in March 2017.

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