Nicolas Sturniolo

May 23, 2022 @ 6:32 EDT

Growing up being confused about your sexual orientation and questioning your own identity is obviously hard for everyone, and so is the case for Nicolas Sturniolo (b. 1, 2003) who realized he was attracted to boys since eighth grade but always pushed aside the idea of being gay due to the judgemental society.

Born in Massachusetts, Nicolas is an aspiring YouTuber and social media icon best known as the part of the comedy, challenge, and vlog channel, Sturniolo Triplets, along with his fraternal triplets, Christopher Sturniolo and Matthew Sturniolo.

Nick is the eldest among the triplets, i.e 2 minutes elder than Matthew and 4 minutes older than Christopher. Interestingly, their father was also a twin but as per the doctor, their being triplets has nothing to do with their dad. He also has an older brother named Justin Sturniolo and a dog named Trevor.

Nicolas Sturniolo Came Out As Gay When He Was 16: The Sturniolo Triplets Were Also Accused of Rape

Nicolas Sturniolo always knew that he was different from his brothers due to which he used to think that his brothers were excluding him from the group and were not so fond of them. While Christopher and Matthew were always hanging out with boys, his friend's circles were mostly girls since his teenage years.

Nicolas Sturniolo looking at the camera with his hands on the side of his back.His Instagram bio does say "the gay triplet".
Photo Source: Nicolas Sturniolo, Instagram

Growing up, his brothers always had an idea that he was gay even before he came out. The 5'9" tall influencer publicly announced his sexuality to the world through his Instagram post on April 24, 2020. And now his bond with his brothers has grown stronger than ever.

Like any other influencers, the Sturniolo Triplets were also struck into controversies recently. Twitter user, @Loren45684990 (now deleted) allegedly accused the brothers of raping her in the public bathroom which caused quite a stir over the internet.

The situation got so much worse that Nicolas himself DM'ed the alleged victim saying that neither he nor his brothers know her and even begged her to stop spreading these rumors. What's ironic is that the girl claimed that the incident happened on 5th May 2022 while she tweeted on April 8, 2022. Besides, their fans also fully supported them saying that the girl was looking for clout.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Nicolas Sturniolo? Triplets Won The 'One Man Out' Show on Jubilee

As per estimating sources, Nicolas Sturniolo holds a net worth of $100,000 thanks to his rising career as a social media influencer. Well, he forayed into the social media scene through YouTube in February 2014 with his personal channel, Nick Sturniolo, which has over 15.2K subscribers.

However, it was his group channel, Sturniolo Triplets, which helped them successfully establish themselves as social media icons. The brothers launched their channel on June 24, 2020, and have posted over 111 videos at the time of writing.

Nicolas Sturniolo (far right) with all his brothers including the oldest.The brothers have gotten famous for various reasons.
Photo Source: Nicolas Sturniolo, Instagram

With over 1.81 million subscribers and 75 million views count, they earn an estimated around $2,500 per video through ad revenue. Besides, the gray-eyed Instagram sensation also has a separate YouTube channel, Nicolas Sturniolo with 62.8K subscribers where he is yet to post any videos.

Meanwhile, the triplets are also popular on TikTok with over 2.4 million followers and 51.3 million likes. They make an average of $1,700 per sponsored post from their page, Sturniolo's (@sturniolo.triplets). Moreover, Nicolas also grabs around $1,300 per post from his TikTok page, Nicolas Sturniolo (@nicolassturniolo).

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When you are big on the platforms like YouTube and TikTok, you will automatically have a good fan following on Instagram as well. With over 740K followers on his Instagram page, Nicolas Sturniolo (@nicolassturniolo), he collects $2,600 per sponsored post. And of course, his Instagram bio says "the gay triplet".

Similarly, the Sturniolos, who are managed by Z Star Digital LLC, have around 782K followers on their joint Instagram account, (@sturniolo.triplets) from which they make an average of $3,100 per post strictly through sponsorships and endorsements. What's more, triplets are also on Cameo where they take a certain amount of charge for a video message to fans.

The Sturniolo Triplets also participated and eventually won the Jubilee's One Man Out show where they had to discover 1 fake triplet from the set of 5 triplets. Meanwhile, you can shop their merch from where they sell branded Tees, Hoodies, Hats, Wallpapers as well as different accessories.

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