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Jul 17, 2020 @ 7:21 EDT
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Here's what you should know about TikTok user Aurea Miranda, what happened at a lake in upstate New York when she was confronted by an angry mom, aka "Bikini Karen" as she was dubbed for confronting Aurea. The angry lady scolded Miranda Aurea for not covering enough!

The story is interesting yet disappointing because we still have people like "Bikini Karen," who would go any extent to tell people what to wear! Well, the story went viral when Aurea Miranda posted a video on her TikTok where "Bikini Karen" confronts her.

Here's what you should know about Aurea Miranda and a incident at a lake in upstate New York.

Facts About Aurea Miranda and the "Bikini Karen" Incident Featured on "Inside Edition"

Aurea Miranda is a 24-year-old student from Mexico, she is a TikTok user, but looking at profile it seems she just started her TikTok career, however, the incident that happened at a lake upstate in New York going to make her a celebrity now.

Aurea started making TikTok videos since April of 2020, and within a span of fewer than three months, the creator has amassed more than 21,000 followers and more than 822K likes on her profile. The number seems to be peaking at a great rate following the 'Bikini Karen' incident.

Aurea Miranda often makes video dancing on music in rather risque outfits, and that's the reason people love her in the first, however, we are not judging her talents. Like any other day, Aurea was making videos while out and about near a lake in a skimpy bikini.

Here's Aurea Miranda in her pink bikini, also confused as "Oria Miranda." The TikTok user was confronted by an angry woman for the choice of her outfit on the beach because the lady's sons couldn't stop staring at her "a**." 
Photo Source: Aurea Miranda's Instagram

Lost in her own world, Aurea was filming her dance in the music wearing a pink bikini, but little did she know, she was soon going to be confronted by a angry woman. A lady in her 50s (name not disclosed) confronted Aurea Miranda whilst she was in the middle of filming her TikTok video, and soon start to scold the creator.

Apparently, the angry lady was not happy or should we say furious for the choice of outfits Aurea Miranda was wearing. The woman's disapproval for "Aurea's rather revealing Bikini" was because her "young boys could not stop staring at her a**"

During the whole confrontation, Aurea keeps rolling the camera and decided to post it on her TikTok account which blew up and went viral. The story didn't just make it big on TikTok, but it found its place on "Inside Edition" too. The media outlet went on to the depth of the matter to know what happened that day.

The Depth of the Matter, Aurea Miranda's "Bikini Karen" Incident Gets Featured on Inside Edition

As reported by "Inside Edition" the creator tried to deal with the situation reasonably, and asked the angry lady, "if there are any rules that you can't wear a swim dress," to which Bikini Karen replies, "Yeah, there is, it's called nudity, you can't be nude on a beach like this."

Watch: Aurea Miranda's story makes it to 'Inside Edition.' The Bikini Karen Incident!

But according to Aurea Miranda, she asked a worker at the public beach if her bathing suit was okay, and was given a thumbs up.

Following the incident, the angry woman who confronted Aurea Miranda for her outfit was heavily criticized and dubbed "Bikini Karen."

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