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Echo0210 - Tik Tok, Douyin, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Real Name, Followers Count

Everything you need to know about Echo0210, Tik Tok, age, bio, wiki, net worth, real name, followers count, Douyin, and more.

The Tik Tok counterpart, Douyin, is getting a massive positive response from the people of China following the ban of its international product in India, and rumors suggest, following India's footsteps, Donald Trump is going to ban the app in the USA as well.

Well, we are not really sure if that's ever going to happen. There are thousands, if not millions, of creators in the USA alone, who are making pretty good money from the platform, so banning the app will cause turmoil for sure.

So, coming back to Douyin, it's the first TikTok app launched in China, but the company could not market it overseas following strict international rules, later ByteDance, the company behind Tik Tok and Douyin, merged with and launched the international app, now we know as Tik Tok.

So recently, Douyin is getting massive popularity, and it's jam-packed with features it's sister app, Tik Tok, will only see in the future. According to the reports, the app has a four million daily user engagement, and it's facial recognition features blocks foreigner from live streaming and such.

Live streaming is kind of big deal, it is one of the features people are earning fortune using the app, people can donate, send gifts, buy items for their favorite creator, and many more. Douyin also features a store, where a creator can showcase or promote a product and earn money.

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Since the app is making the buzz in the international market, though it's strictly for the domestic users, some creator from the app is getting a massive fan following, and Echo0210 is one of them. So, we have compiled a few known facts about the creator, here's what you should know about her.

Echo0210, Tik Tok, Douyin, Facts

01. Echo0210 is a female creator on the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin. She has more than 670 million praise (equivalent to likes), and 133 million concern (i.e. followers), and more than 300 superfans, i.e. those fans pay money to watch her online.

02. Tiktok user, Echo0210's, real name is Echo Yue. She is 24 years old as of 2020 and hails from Chengdu, Sichuan province.

03. Recently, Chinese Street Fashion is taking over the world by storm. Echo0210 came into prominence for her high fashion sense. Echo is often seen posting videos of her while she walks on the street of Beijing's posh area. Mostly, Beixinqiao Neighborhood, Wudaokou Neighborhood, and such.

Echo0210 - Tik Tok, Douyin, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Real Name, Followers CountPhoto Source: Instagram

04. It is speculated Echo Yue comes from a rich family, however, she is making a good fortune herself, all thanks to the Douyin app. According to the reports, Echo0210 has an estimated net worth of $7 million.

05. You won't be able to install the Douyin app on your smartphone as it is strictly for China, and you can't catch Echo0210 walking in the street of Beijing's posh areas. However, the popularity of Chinese street fashion has put her on the spotlight globally.

06. You can still get some glimpse of Echo0210 on Tik Tok, as some fans have uploaded the compilation videos of her on the platform. You can also find her fan accounts on Instagram. Go follow them if you are a fan of Chinese Street Fashion and Echo0210.

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