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Jul 13, 2020 @ 6:10 EDT
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Tracy Tutor trainer Erik Anderson, age, boyfriend

Here's what you should know about Tracy Tutor's trainer and alleged boyfriend, Erik Anderson. Find about his age, relationship, work, parents, and many more.

Erik Anderson is the name probably new for many; however, the personality has gained worldwide popularity following the rumors Tracy Tutor is dating someone new. According to the reports Tracy Tutor, a top real estate agent for Douglas Elliman California, is dating her trainer, Erik Anderson.

The speculations of their romance, Tracy Tutor and her fitness trainer, Erik Anderson's, started following the real estate agent shared a short video on her Instagram. The alleged couple was seen exchanging kisses on cheeks as Tracy Tutor wrote, "Golden hour with this one,' on her caption and tagged her San Ysidro Ranch, where the alleged pairs were vacationing at.

Tracy was single following her divorce with her husband, James Maltas, the reality star has always kept her personal life private following her split with her ex-husband, however, that changed recently after she was found getting too cozy with her personal trainer.

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So, it's obvious you are excited to know about the alleged 'Mr. Lovey-dovey,' so, without further ado, let's find out more about Tracy Tutor's trainer and alleged boyfriend.

Erik Anderson Facts: Here's What You Should Know About Tracy Tutor's Trainer and Alleged Boyfriend.

01. Erik Anderson is the personal trainer of one of the best real estate agents for Douglas Elliman, California. Moreover, Tracy is also 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles' star.

02. Erik Anderson is the alleged boyfriend of Tracy Tutor, the news of their romance broke out following the reality star shared their lovey-dovey time on social media. The real estate shared a short video on her Instagram where the rumored couple exchanged kisses on their cheeks, on Friday, June 10.

03. Though the speculations about Erik Anderson and Tracy Tutor's romance are skyrocketing, neither of them have confirmed the news. However, previously the realtor previously admitted she was seeing someone and was happy about it.

04. Though they haven't confirmed, the signs are all there; the two are definitely dating. The couple, as we saw on their video, is happy and seems to be enjoying their time out.

05. Following the news broke out about their romance, a lot of people are questioning the realtor's conscience and labeling Tracy Tutor as 'cougar.' Netizens have come down hard on her with their fierce comments, and everyone wants to know Tracy Tutor's trainer's age.

06. According to some reports, Erik Anderson is on his early 30s. But fans are assuming he is on his mid-twenties, which, according to the sources, is wrong. However, a lot of trolls sarcastically think Erik Anderson is way younger.

07. Here's what fans and followers of Tracy Tutor think about her alleged relationship with her trainer Erik Anderson. One fan commented, "Thought it was her nephew. OMG," a surprised user posted. "Is that your son?" another asked. "Gotta keep up with the cougar," a fan expressed, while another questioned: "What's he... 17 years old?"

08. Some Fans, however, were supportive of their love, which was quite surprising, to be honest,  after seeing a series of trolls. There were a bunch of positive ones to see Tracy Tutor happy with Erik Anderson.

09. While digging more about Erik Anderson, he is a personal trainer based in LA. He seems to have been doing pretty good on what he does; he boasts an impressive following on his Instagram. Moreover, he is in partnership with Eboost energy drinks, which is enough to show his credibility as a fitness trainer.

10. Coming down to his physical appearance, Erik Anderson is a well-built fitness beast. His pictures are enough to give any girl butterflies, and we can pretty much imagine why Tracy Tutor could not resist this man. By what it seems, the fitness trainer stands 6 feet and 4 inches tall.

11. According to some unverified sources, The fitness trainer, Erik Anderson, has an estimated net worth of $210,000.

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