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Mooptopia's real name, age, bio, wiki, net worth, boyfriend

Here's what you should know about Mooptopia's real name, age, bio, wiki, net worth, boyfriend, and stuff like that. We also know what the word "Mooptopia" means, so stick with us!

We assume the word "Mooptopia" is popping a lot on your screen these days, and that's the reason you ended up here. We can see you asking questions like "Who is Mooptopia?" "What is Mooptopia's real Name?"

While we are still trying to get as much information as possible about this person like her real name, location, age, net worth, and stuff like that but guess it's going to take a while; however, we have some fan theories for the time being. But don't go just yet, we have some information you might like.

Mooptopia is a famous TikToker who recently went viral for crazily stupid fun videos. The TikToker is supposedly on her early teenage, but it's surprising to see her fanbase that's growing with the rate of blazing light. While we couldn't extract Mooptopia's real name or age or place she is from, here's a little information we have compiled for you.

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Some of the facts are based on pure guesses, and fan theories, however, it's interesting to know at least something rather than not know anything at all. As this person is highly secretive about their private life, we still tried to find out what's the deal here.

A Few Known Facts About Mooptopia

01. Mooptopia is a famous TikToker who started posting videos on the platform since June of 2020. Within a few weeks, Mooptopia boasts an impressive followers list of more than 1.1 million and more than 32.7 million likes as of today, July 15, 2020.

02. Mooptopia is a pure badass figure on TikTok; she is known for her crazily stupidly fun videos, the TikToker is often seen doing crazy things, and mostly seems high on weed with bloodshot eyes. However, her blue eyes still steal the show.

03. According to some fan theories, TikToker Mooptopia's real name is Anastasiya Boryslavska. But her followers are happy not to know the real person, as they respect a person's privacy and urge others to do the same.

04. Within a month, Mooptopia TikTok has garnered a massive fanbase, Moop's fans called them MoopNation or simply "Moop."

Mooptopia's real name, age, bio, wiki, net worth, boyfriend

A very rare picture of Mooptopia, where she is sober. 

05. Mooptopia TikTok has started an online merchandise shop. If you are a fan of Mooptopia, you should definitely go check the goodies; the shop so far features hoodies, t-shirts, and stoned eyes stickers! Ain't that cool enough?

06. According to some unverified sources, sadly, we have to rely on these facts for the time being until we get the actual facts, Mooptopia has an estimated net worth of $27,000. Well, we can expect a quick spike on that now.

07. TikTok user, who is winning the heart of teenagers, Mooptopia is 17 years old, again, it's from unverified sources, and our wild guess, but guess this is what we have to rely on until we find the real information about her age.

08. As we told you already, Mooptopia is really smart; she knows how to handle her social media presence and how to hide it too. The TikTok user is doing quite well so far, only a few close friends know who she is, but others are left with just wild guesses. Mooptopia is only present in TikTok, but you can find her fan pages on other social media like Instagram.

09. Sorry guys, but Mooptopia is in a relationship with her boyfriend, whose name is still unknown! Sorry for that too. Nope! she won't show you her boyfriend on TikTok videos, never, at least, not on her Mooptopia account.

10. It's evident she and her team are a bunch of smart heads! They were not just creating a TikTok account! In fact, they wanted to create a 'Brand' with "Her" face on it. The team did it quite well; It's only a matter of time the team comes up with other products or services. Whatever it is, WE ARE IN!!

11. So, the final one, What does Mooptopia mean? Well, as you have already noticed, Mooptopia is seen doing crazy stuff, always stoned, bloodshot eyes, and we love her for that. The word "Mooptopia" exactly fits as MOOP is an acronym for "Matter Out of Place," while Topia, as you know from the movie "Zootopia," means "A place with specified characteristics."
So, Mooptopia is "a place or zone where everything is out of place," which perfectly describes the TikTok user's characteristics. It's a viral content...
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