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Everything you need to about Ugligodd TikTk, her real name, age bio, net worth, Instagram profile, tayy__des. 

Ugligodd is an American social media user, more precisely it's an alias of a famous Instagram rising Instagram user, Tayvee, for her TikTok account. On her bio, she writes her name "Short King."

Ugligodd has all her accounts set to private, including TikTok, and Instagram, but we still compiled some of the few known facts about the social personality. Here's what you should know about, Ugligodd.

Ugligodd Facts

01. Ugligodd's real name is Taylor Vamila on her TikTok account. She is getting popular on the social platforms following she was featured on the 4th of July video on "All Gas No Brakes."

02. Ugligodd has 235.5K followers and 5.8 million likes on her TikTok account.

03. Ugligodd has an Instagram account under the alias "@tayy__des." She has only some 14440 followers on her Instagram account.

04. Ugligodd is originally from Marquette, Michigan.

05. Taylor Vamila, aka Ugligodd, is expected to be on her late teen. According to some unverified sources, she is 18 years old.

06. Taylor, who is also known as Tayvee, is expected to have moved to Maryland following a backlash from social media.

07. According to some sources, Tayvee has an estimated net worth of $9,000.

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What Happened on the 4th of July, Why Ugligodd is Linked to 'All Gas No Brakes?'

On the 4th of July, despite the pandemic and strict order from the Michigan state to stay at home, a large group of people showed up to the beach of Marquette, Michigan. The mass of people was seen gathering, partying at the beach.

A YouTube channel by the name 'All Gas No Brakes' got the full coverage of the event, during which tayy__des was reportedly present on the beach party. Thousands of people showed up there but some were able to identify Tayvee.

Ugligodd's face was blurred but one of the users from 4channel managed to identify her. An anonymous user wrote, "The blurred out tiktok chick is Ugligodd. She does not use her platform for anything other than clout."

ugligodd all gas no brakes maryland.The blurred-out chick that people were talking about was apparently, Ugligodd, aka Tayvee.
A screenshot from "All Gas No Brakes" 4th of July, Michigan's video.

When she comes to talk with Andrew Callaghan, the host of "All Gas No Brakes," Teyvee says, "Everyone please vote! If you don't vote, what are you doing?" while her one of the barges in to reveal she is from TikTok and also reveals the followers' counts, in fact, the person also reveals her name. Pointing at Ugligodd, he says "Tayvee."

The interview was fun though when Andrew asks Ugligodd, what are the things you care about the world, the top three issues, tayy__des replies, "fight for the right reason, there are a lot of people fighting for the wrong reasons, then why fight? Because there are a lot of issues going on the world right now!"

Well, her message was not "very clear" as we really don't get Ugligodd was trying to say or imply, but following her this 'not so important' conversation, people were not happy. The reason could be she was misinterpreted. Well, who knows what, She is a star now, anyway!

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