WitchTok Drama, What's Going on Tik Tok? Why Some Groups are Trying Hex the Moon?

Jul 20, 2020 @ 17:23 EDT
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So, if you are wondering about WitchTok Drama, who is trying to hex the moon, hex the fae,  and who are baby witches, here's everything.

So, there's a trend on Tik Tok recently, and surprisingly, there are still witches who are practicing their witchcraft to hex the moon while they document everything on their Tik Tok account.

If you swiped through TikTok "For You" page recently, then chances are, you got a glimpse of people dressed in rather ethereal outfits surrounded by talismans, candles, crystals, and all the abnormal things.

The platform could not get any weird from here, people who detest the app have always complained about the contents of this platform, and now it has reached the all-new level to tick them off even more.

Here's what you should know about the WitchTok Drama.

WitchTok Drama, What's Going On?

There are now more than two billion TikTok videos that have a 'WitchTok' hashtag, and getting more popular from this point onward—witchTok centers around witchcraft, manifestation, worship of deities, demons, satans, and planets.

witchtok drama, hex the moon, fae, baby witches.WitchTok Drama!

In simple words, everything that is linked to "magical" but with a bit of twist of a joke to their contents, and it has managed to anger the mass, of course.

The trend has cast its spell on other platforms as well, after TikTok, fellow WitchTokers have moved to other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to talk about if there will be any consequences following the incident.

What Fellow WitchTokers Has to Say?

One of the fellow WitchToker documented the whole thing on his tweets. A Twitter user by the handle "@heyyyadoraa" filling up the people with what happened in the past few days, the user revealed, "a group of FRESH baby witches* decided to band together and hex the fae, then the moon, and they did."

Jupiter added, "They are planning to hex the Sun too. *inexperienced witches who should only be researching and doing protection work. WHY DOES THIS MATTER? Well, for witches, the moon is integral to our work. Most notably, it fuels spells and provides power. Obviously, you shouldn't disrespect the moon?"

Baby Witches? What or Who are They?

Baby Witches is the term given to people who are starting their magical or witchcraft endeavors. Recently, it's associated with members of the subgroup of TikTok who typically identify themselves and their content with Hashtag "WitchTok."

The first thing they did was hex the fae, and now they are trying to hex the moon, later the Sun. The reason they are doing so is they want to show the power, but already experts on the topic of fear it will bring bad luck to people who rely on the moon's natural power.

witchtok drama, hex the moon, fae, baby witches.WitchTok Drama!

@heyyadoraa further added it could anger the god-twins Artemis and Apollo (goddess of the moon, the god of the Sun as well as the Sun as health and medicine."

Jupiter added, "The moon is a source of energy and 'fuel' for spells. This hex is also supposedly affecting the gods of the moon and Sun, Artemis, and Apollo. So, hurting the moon is like spiking your own water source - it's a silly thing to do in the world of witchcraft."

Did They Really Hex the Moon?

Well, we don't need to worry, the fine is all fine and doing well. Even the fellow WitchTok people have admitted there's nothing wrong with the moon, is not hexed. There's a divided reaction among the WitchTok members; some are not happy with what they have done recently.

One of the Tik Tok users came with an answer to why some fellow members of the Witchtok are not happy. User ThatOneBluntWitch said, "I think they're madder at the audacity of these idiots that would want to hex the moon or anything related to nature because that's a sacred thing in witchcraft."

Why did this go viral, yo ask? Well, the WitchTok community is known to cast only the good spell, but these newbies, trying to show off their power, went a little far on their attempt to anger their community and all the people of the world, (and god and fairies too?)

So, at this point, all we can say is, they did not hex the moon but became the spooky meme on the internet. But we don't need to worry about it at all.

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