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Richard Brake Net Worth

Learn the riveting 'Net Worth' details of  the versatile star Richard Brake's and his source of income.

Born on November 30, 1964, the British-American actor Richard Colin Brake never misses astonishing fans with his exceptional work on the evolving showbiz industry. The actor is known for some of his exceptionally beautiful works on some of the Blockbuster hit movies such as Batman Begins (2005), Night King on Game of Thrones (2014-2015), and Doom-Head in 31 (2016).

But the thing fans are curious about is, as phenomenally Richard delivers his arts in the lights and cameras, is he able to garn a similar amount of fortune throughout his 26-year-long career in cinema? So, to see that we have come up with some in-depth details of the star to know the sum of money he is able to pile, so without wasting any time, let's dig in,

Richard Brake's Net Worth is Around $3 Million

Richard Brake Fortune

The actor owns a couple of Czech Wolfdogs, which costs around $1500.
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Throughout his thick and thin journey in cinema, Richard Brake holds an envying seven-digit-number net worth of $3 million, all credited to his major and minor roles in 'forty' plus movies, 'twenty-five' Television series, and two video games.

The star is yet to comment regarding his financial status but we came with the estimation accounting and weighing his blockbuster hit movies and some of his prominences shows & it's respective roles. To add more zest, the salary an actor makes in the U.S. ranges from minimum of 37.k to 80k as per reports from

In-depth Analysis of Richard Brake's Sources Of Income And Earnings!

Richard Brake

Richard Brake as Joe Chill}
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Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins is considered one of the most successful movies Brake as played to date, where he stars as Joe Chill - the man responsible for murdering parents of Bruce Wayne (Batman). The movies made an impressive box office collection of $359,142,722.

As sources by IMDb, Brake appears as the warped and perverted Marine Dean Portman in Doom, with Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson. The movie marked an impressive box office collection of $58,757,178.

Similarly, in 2005, Nolan who narrates the role of hostile American man in Steven Spielberg's Munich did not only win multiple reputed awards but also garnered a whopping fortune of collection of $133,127,599.

One of his Successful Television Roles on GOT as the 'Night King'

Sadly he only played from 2014 to 2015, which was later replaced by Vladimir Furdik. Nevertheless, he sure made a lot of money from it playing as one of the most hyped villains in television history.

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Subsequently, Brake co-started in an action-comedy with Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson in action-comedy Kingsman: The Secret Service as an unnamed man who interrogates Taron Egerton's character to become the spy. The movie made a triple million digit of $404,561,724 on the worldwide box office.

Brake has also made guest appearances on several awards holding television shows such as Peaky Blinders, and Hawaii Five-O.  In the year 2008, he landed his first lead role as a tattoo artist in Bob Reid's psychological thriller Perfect Skin for which he was credited as the 'Best Actor' for his exceptional performance at the First Glance Film Festival.

In the same year, Brake co-starred in Mandy with Nicolas Cage and Andrea Riseborough. Besides movies, the actor has also featured in numerous television shows which include Supernatural, Absentia, Mob City, The Deep and Forth which marked astonishing numbers on the box office.

As a result of all his hard work and contribution, the Richie Rich star Richard Brake holds a dazing net worth of $4 million, via which he is enjoying his life of riches filled with luxuries.

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