Rick Ness’ Girlfriend (Wife) In 2023: Single or Still Dating Leese Marie? Who Is Jen?

Oct 12, 2023 @ 22:06 EDT
Rick Ness’ Girlfriend (Wife) In 2023: Single or Still Dating Leese Marie? Who Is Jen? celebsfortune.com

Rick Ness and his former girlfriend, Leese Marie, called off their relationship on March 20, 2023. He is reportedly single at the moment. Previously, he had a wife named Jen, but she filed for a divorce as Rick was having an affair.

Rick Ness is a gold miner, former musician, and reality TV star known as a Parker Crew member. Recently, he has been in the news after his appearances on the gold rush.

After a year break, Rick finally showed his appreciation in the new season of Gold Rush. Many people seem to be very happy with his comeback, and people love to watch his personal life in the series. He took a year off because he was suffering from male menopause. With a comeback, he revealed that there are a lot of challenges he is facing.

On the other hand, many people seemed curious about his love life. In this article, we will discuss his personal life, love life, girlfriend, and dating history. Well, let's get started.

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Does Rick Ness Have a Girlfriend or a Wife in 2023?

Rick Ness (@rickness) does not seem to have a girlfriend in 2023. He is reportedly single right now. He and his former girlfriend, Leese Marie, recently called off their relationship. Previously, he was also married to his college love, Jen. However, his ex-wife filed for divorce because he was having an extramarital affair with his co-star.

Rick Ness does not appear to have a girlfriend, not that we're aware of at least. celebsfortune.comRick Ness does not appear to have a girlfriend, not that we're aware of at least.
Image Source: Facebook

Rick and his former girlfriend, Leese, have been in the headlines news many times. This year, in July 2023, they were back together after being apart from each other for months. However, there was news that the couple had called it quits again, and this breakup appeared to be final.

The news of Leese and Rick breaking up has generated a lot of rumors on the internet. Some people think that Rick has a new girlfriend, while others are afraid of his mental health. There are many positive and negative things people have been commenting on Rick's pictures.

Why Did Rick Ness and His Former Girlfriend, Leese Marie, Split?

Although they have publicly announced their final breakup, Rick Ness hasn't deleted any picture of him with his former girlfriend, Leese Marie, on his Facebook to this day and it is creating a lot of confusion among people. Well, it's normal to be in confusion, as this is not the first or second time they called their breakup a final one.

Leese and a cast member of Gold Rush were guessed to have been dating since early 2012. The couple was engaged in October 2022, but the relationship didn't last for a month as Rick cheated on Leese. Rick's former girlfriend made a TikTok video to explain their breakup and claimed to Rick that he cheated on her countless times.

Rick Ness and Leese Marie split as Rich was allegedly cheating on her. celebsfortune.comRick Ness and Leese Marie split as Rich was allegedly cheating on her.
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Leese also mentioned being in a relationship where she had experienced emotional, mental, and physical abuse weekly. After Rick's former girlfriend Leese made a statement about Rick's negative behavior, many fans wanted Rick to tell his side of the story.

Rick also made a statement and posted it on his Facebook page. He claimed that he screwed up just about everything anyone could screw up and said to believe him. He mentioned that Leese continued to forgive him and stand with him, but he started ruining plans, taking holidays, and even worse, stepping out on her. He explained,

I see alot of people trying to blame her for my problems and that makes it sting even worse because I know the truth and the truth is that I am the problem, not her. She has only tried to help me through my problems and it suck’s to see her get blamed instead. I’m an adult, what I’ve done, I’ve done, I won’t hide it all I can do is try and do better. So why don’t you lay off the innocent one and start throwing some of your misplaced accusations at my doorstep, because that’s where they belong.

Rick Ness Previously Had a Wife Named Jen!

Rick Ness's love life doesn't seem to be a normal one. As of 2023, he is claimed to be single but he has dated many girls in the past. Before being with Leese, Rick was married to a woman named Jen. The couple were said to be college sweethearts, and they started dating each other in 2003.

There is no exact information about when Jen got married to Rick, but reports suggest they got divorced because Rick was having an extramarital affair with his co-star, Karla Ann. As of 2023, Rick's ex-wife is involved with a charitable institution and she is guessed to be single after her divorce.

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