Who is Tanya Tucker Married To: Exploring Her Current Relationship & Past Romances

Oct 9, 2023 @ 7:47 EDT

Explore the captivating love life of country music legend Tanya Tucker, from her latest romance with singer-songwriter Craig Dillingham to her iconic relationships with Glen Campbell and others. Delve into her contemplation of marriage and her enduring commitment to love amid the spotlight.

Tanya Tucker, a true icon in the world of country music, has not only captivated audiences with her timeless songs but has also managed to keep the spotlight shining on her tumultuous journey through love and relationships.

In this piece, we delve into her latest and, quite possibly, most enduring romance, with singer-songwriter Craig Dillingham, before taking a nostalgic stroll through her past relationships that have made headlines.

Craig Dillingham – A Love That Stood the Test of Time

Let's begin with the present - the heartwarming love story between Tanya Tucker and her current boyfriend, singer-songwriter Craig Dillingham. Age is just a number, and their love proves it. Tanya, now 61, found her "forever man" in Craig, and she's not shy about declaring it. As she boldly puts it, "If it ain't him, I'm done."

The connection between Tanya and Craig traces its roots back to their teenage years, an unexpected blast from the past. Both native Texans, they first crossed paths 48 years ago at a Fort Worth radio station when they were only 13 years old. While Tanya was already making waves with her single Delta Dawn, Craig was working on his own musical journey. Despite years of separation, Craig never stopped caring for Tanya.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 26: (L-R) Tanya Tucker and Craig Dillingham attend the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo Credit: Amy Sussman, Getty Images

"Craig's always loved me, always," Tanya reveals. Their paths led them in different directions over the years, but their friendship remained steadfast, with brief attempts at a romantic relationship in the early 1990s and again in 2008. Yet, it wasn't until 2019 that the stars aligned for this intriguing couple.

Tanya's dear friend and fellow country artist, Lee Ann Womack, orchestrated the reunion. Womack's husband, Frank Liddell, has been a longtime friend of Craig. A fateful concert brought Tanya and Craig face to face, and there was no turning back. As Tanya affectionately reveals, "And so we’ve been together ever since."

The unique aspect of Tanya's relationship with Craig is the genuine love that has grown between them over time. It's a love story with its own distinct charm, and Tanya is sure of her feelings, stating, "I love him, and I know it, and I have no doubt about it." She believes that fate has brought them back together, a sentiment shared by Craig.

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Their deep emotional connection is palpable, whether it's seen during a recording session where they collaborate on Delta Dawn, or the loving moments they share each day. Tanya Tucker and Craig Dillingham are a testament to the idea that true love knows no time constraints.

Marriage - Tanya Tucker Is Making a Reconsideration

What about marriage, you might ask? Throughout her life, Tanya Tucker has had her fair share of high-profile romances, but she's always maintained her independence. Despite several engagements, including one to Jerry Laseter, a Nashville musician and songwriter, she has never walked down the aisle.

"Engaged is not married," she used to say. This unwavering independence shines a light on Tanya Tucker's fierce determination to live life on her own terms, even in the face of societal expectations.

Regardless, she recently seems to be contemplating the marriage idea. This is quite the shift for someone who's been staunchly single. She appreciates the sanctity of marriage and isn't one to take it lightly. "I think it’s very sacred," she says, "and I don’t want to do it but one time."

The topic has already become a topic of discussion among her friends. They're teasing the couple about tying the knot, and Tanya believes that Craig would be on board if she proposed. But there's one condition - "I want the whole thing," she says, "On the knee."

A Look Back at Previous Flames

Tanya Tucker's journey through love has been marked by high-profile romances and the paths she didn't take. Despite several significant relationships, Tanya Tucker has never officially tied the knot. One of the most memorable chapters in her romantic history was her brief but tumultuous relationship with fellow country star Glen Campbell.

Musician Glen Campbell and Tanya Tucker on their way in the back of a car arm-in-arm to attend Glen Campbell Golf Tournament Dinner Gala on February 17, 1981 at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California.
Photo Credit: Ron Galella, Ron Galella Collection

Dating Campbell in the late '70s and early '80s, Tanya's age at the time created quite a buzz—she was just 21, while Campbell, the "Rhinestone Cowboy," was notably older, by 22 years. Their passionate connection was captivating, yet it ultimately met its end after less than a year. A romantic spectacle, to say the least, with an age gap that invited the spotlight.

A proposal to Glen Campbell paved the way for a potential marriage in 1982, but the wedding was never realized. Despite the intentions, the relationship reached a breaking point before they could walk down the aisle, leaving it as one of the most iconic pairings in country music history, unburdened by nuptials.

Almost, But Not Quite

Close calls with marriage marked Tanya Tucker's love life. In 1999, a wedding to Nashville musician and songwriter Jerry Laseter was on the horizon. However, as the ceremony approached, Tanya discovered she was pregnant with their child. With her deep sense of tradition, she decided against a pregnant walk down the aisle, pausing the wedding plans.

Throughout the years, Tanya Tucker has had other noteworthy relationships. She had an on-again, off-again connection with Jerry Laseter, who is also the father of her third child, Layla LaCosta Laseter. Engagement in 1997 and another attempt in 1999 demonstrated the rollercoaster of their relationship.

Tanya's dating history also includes notable names like country legend Merle Haggard, singer-songwriter Andy Gibb, and Hollywood actor Don Johnson. Yet, it's her serious relationship with actor Ben Reed in the late '80s and early '90s that stands out. It was during this time that Tanya welcomed her two oldest children, her daughter Presley in 1989, and her son Beau Grayson in 1991.

An Unconventional Path to Love

While Tanya Tucker's career as a country music sensation is celebrated, her unconventional love life has also contributed to her iconic status. A string of high-profile relationships, near-marriages, and close calls with nuptials have only added to the enigmatic charm of this beloved singer.

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As we navigate the twists and turns of Tanya Tucker's love story, one thing becomes clear: her journey has been far from conventional, yet it's a testament to her authenticity and the pursuit of her own unique path in love and life. While she remains unburdened by formal nuptials, her latest chapter with Craig Dillingham continues to capture our hearts as she finally discovers that lasting love can endure the test of time, whether it's sealed with a wedding ring or not.

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