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Apr 26, 2021 @ 21:08 EDT
Rodrigo Contreras Net Worth from Tiktok & Sexuality Details!

Grab all details of TikTok star Rodrigo Contreras's net worth including details of his dating, relationship, and sexuality.

We all have adored the internet star Rodrigo Contreras from his popular TikTok handle and stylish Instagram profile but if we 'dig in deep' there are a lot of stories to unfolded which we have presented you all ahead, The Mexican social media star gained prominence after uploading intriguing content such as his dancing, and voiceovers. Besides his charming personality, the 21 years old is also famous for his stylish appearance and tattoos.

With such a lavish lifestyle, he flexes on his Vlogs and social media handles, a majority of fans also seem to be curious regarding how much money the YouTuber made throughout his career; hold on as below we've presented you with all the estimation.

How  Much is Rodrigo Contreras Net Worth?

Accounting for all his social status and popularity level, Rodrigo's net worth is assumed to be $300k. He is young and talented and is learning ways to earn a good amount of salary from his hard work and passion.

How  Much is Rodrigo Contreras Net Worth?

The Fashionista TikTok sensation made $30k plus, all by himself.
Image Source: Instagram

Behind Contreras fortune is credited to his career as TikToker and influencer where he is seen endorsing brands. Contreras has a huge fanbase of 26.5 million followers on TikTok and similarly, 1.7 Billion likes on the platform.

As per reports from Exolyt- TikTok money evaluator; to feature add on his posts is worth around $3916 - $9790. This is the basic amount paid by middle-class advertisers as if he gets an endorsement deal with some commercial giants the range can go way higher.

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Similarly, if we overlook his stylish Instagram then you can see most of his posts related to fashion and dress-ups, so it's for sure he's earning a good amount of revenue from endorsing clothing brands.

And according to a report from Insta worth calculator, Hype Auditor, Rodrigo Contreras charges a minimum of $93.5k for advertisement.

And summing all of his revenue sources, the 21 years old young fashion influencer made a net worth of $300k. However, he might've made more than that but we came with the numbers subtracting his expenses.

Is Rodrigo Contreras Bisexual? Relationship & Dating

Thou Rodrigo is yet to mark any comments on his sexuality, majority of fans believe, Contreras belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. Fans shares that it is due to his body postures and a certain way of behavior that made them put his sexuality under the radar.


Contreras social presence labels him being single.
Image Source: Instagram

However, we cannot just label his sexuality as being gay or anything related to it as the influencer is yet to make any statement regarding it. But make sure to be updated with us as we'll shortly provide you with updates as soon as we get hands to them.

And talking about his relationship, Rodrigo seems to keep it confidential and has not shared or appeared together with any partner so far. So we believe Rodrigo is still single and not dating anyone.

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The reason behind being single could also be because of his focus on shaping up a rising career or the model doesn't want the public to know about it, but who wouldn't date such as charming guy right!

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