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Mar 24, 2021 @ 14:26 EDT
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Spencer X's Net Worth Breakdown, Background & Beatboxing Career

Spencer X (real name, Spencer Polanco Knight) is originally a beatboxing YouTuber but is more popular on TikTok for obvious reasons. He currently has just above 52 million followers and is the fifth most-followed user on the video-syncing app just behind Zach King.

There's no other way to interpret his fame; it's just a single-edged sword. Because there isn't a particular viral video that shot him to fame as his popularity rise was aided primarily by his ability to beatbox, particularly fast-paced and almost always creating his own beats.

Coming from a mix of Chinese and Ecuadorian descent, Spencer X's fame has led him to collaborate with the likes of Alicia Keys, Sean Kingston, and Jason Derulo, also a massive TikToker himself. But he's always humbly going back to his roots, making videos primarily with his family and friends.

This Is Spencer X's Net Worth and Income Source

Spencer X [b. April 20, 1992] is estimated to be currently worth $1.5 million. It comes from his social media career, so to speak. That would be the earnings via sponsorships on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. He's got an email address specifically for business purposes and often is invited to several events.

TikTok Beatboxer Spencer X poses At Home With TikTok's Spencer X on May 11, 2020 in Hollywood, California.Spencer X also earns from merchandise sales, a commonplace in the influencing world.
Photo Credit: Jon Kopaloff, Getty Images

In numbers, Spencer X has 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube, over 1 million followers on Instagram, and 52 million on TikTok, at the time of writing (March 2021).

The 27-year-old has only posted over 30 videos on YouTube since starting in 2013. But as gradual as his videos has come by, each of them rake in millions of views. The first significant video was his second upload that still remains, titled One Beatboxer, 20 Sound Effects, with 8.7 million views, which was followed by an original beatbox track, Be Somebody, with 13 million views.

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Speaking of which, he does create a lot of his own beatbox tracks, which include The Beat and Breakdown. But most of those videos are the 'How to...' types and those about creating beatboxes for natural and artificial sounds. The boom in his YouTube views and subscribers mostly came after his TikTok jump, as SocialBlade trends show.

Also, he only reached 1 million subscribers in February 2020. With over 123 million total views, some estimating tools approximate his earnings per YouTube video as just over $15,000. Meanwhile, sponsorships also give him approximately over $40,000 on average each time.

Spencer X holding his million-subscriber YouTube plaque in February 2020.TikTok gave way to his rise on YouTube as well.
Photo Source: Spencer X, Instagram

A testament of how active he is in sponsorships is his name on Forbes' first-ever list of highest-earning TikTokers, in which he is reported to have earned $1.2 million in a single year from TikTok sponsorships alone.

Beatboxing Was the Only Thing on Spencer X's Mind When Pursuing This Career

Spencer X's family is often seen in his TikTok videos, challenging them to beatbox every single time, with his Chinese mother, his Ecuadorian father, and younger sister, Gigi. His choice to get something out of beatboxing is as fantastical as it sounds. And no, fantastical doesn't mean fantastic.

Forbes published another TikTok story dedicated to Manhattan-born Spencer X in August 2020 which detailed his journey to earn millions after jumping on to TikTok. He was always into music from a young age, but he was introduced to beatboxing by a friend in high school, and he immediately knew what he wanted to do forever.

Spencer X beatboxing during an event in his early 20s.One of those days.
Photo Source: Spencer X, Instagram

Naturally, his parents were taken aback by his weird announcement when he made it, after days of research. After the confrontation, he attended Purchase College in science and moved to study maths at the City University of New York after bearing no fruit. But he dropped out for not getting anywhere (not claiming beatboxing on his mind as the reason here).

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Odd jobs for him included performances with whatever bands would take him in like the acapella groups Midnight Ramblers and Backtrack, or some other bluegrass group and Russian rock band. He did earn a little trophy of Vice-Champion at the Midwest Beatbox Battle in Ohio in 2012, as Influencer Marketing Hub notes.

TikTok to the Rescue

While YouTube uploads were fairly rare in his initial years, TikTok later looked lucrative in its own way. In 2019, he jumped on the bandwagon and obviously stood out from the pool of dancers & funny video makers with his beatboxing. A heartbreak later (yes, his former girlfriend broke up with him at a weird time), he moved to LA and created an empty bank account.

Spencer X in the middle posing with Jason Derulo and Scott Hoying in his house.Spencer's associated with some big names in recent months.
Photo Source: Spencer X, Instagram

Probably, the best way to earn on TikTok, live streams became his major source of money as he launched his first virtual event on the platform in August 2019. Forbes noted that he earned thousands of dollars from the single mini-event. His first sponsorship came in the fall from none other than Nickelodeon. Soon, Oreo, HBO, Sony, Chips Ahoy, and Sketchers, followed suit as his brand sponsors on TikTok.

Now that TikTok's own $2 billion creator fund was launched in 2020 and even the threat of a ban from the former president has faded away, there's only more potential for Spencer X with the uniqueness he's got in beatboxing.

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More than just appearing besides Marshmello and Jason Derulo, he's got a number of tracks he was hoping to release on Spotify. While Be Somebody is the only one present under his name even after all this time, there's no denying that almost all of his TikTok videos act as promotional trailers to the 100+ original beatbox songs he said he's had.

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