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Know popular Youtube Game Streamer SSundee's Net Worth and details of her personal life wife, children, merch, and earnings.

YouTuber and gamer SSundee is 29 years old self-made billionaire who made such a staggering Net Worth sitting behind the desks of computers. So here we present you with all the details on how he made such envying fortune covering all phases of his life, from nothing to everything,

Ssundee Before Fame - Early Life

Sundee Young and Early Years

Ian Marcus Stapleton, online known as Ssundee was born on December 6, 1989, in Michigan, U.S., but raised in Louisiana and Virginia. SSundee was formally TeamCrafted and Former US Airman. He later pursued his streaming career in 2009 after quitting the job on February 14, 2013. His friend Tarik was the one who introduced him to Minecraft and as in now, he's one of the popular Minecraft players with millions of views. He is also widely known for his popular Troll Craft series and Fortnite streams.

Being a huge fan of computer games, SSundee made his YouTune channel in 2009 and did not upload a single video until 2010. Later in 2010, SSundee spent his free time uploading game clips such as Dota, Call of Duty, League of Legends and so forth. So here we are presenting you an in-depth review of one of the versatile YouTubers/gamers and learn how he was able to make it covering parts of his early years, career, gameplay such as Fortnite, Minecraft.

How Much is SSundee Net Worth?

Living the life of riches with $15 million fortune.
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Ssundee made around $15 million net worth from YouTube alone. Yes, he made most of the money online by streaming Minecraft and Fortnite related content. He often posts intriguing gameplay in his YouTube channel which is watched by millions of his visitors. Matter, in fact, SSuindee was considered as the richest YouTuber alongside famous Minecraft streamer DanTDM who posses and envying net worth of $15 million. 

And behind his envying source of income can be credited to his income from 13.6 million subscribers filled YouTube channel, some ad revenues from 2.7 million followers filled Twitter, Twitch stream and Mixer. But mostly the Minecraft king made all the hundred bands from his YouTube, so, in order to know how much he earned, here we present you with an estimated monthly and yearly earning from YouTube. 

SSundee YouTube Earnings 

SSundee YouTube Earning

Ian Marcus Stapleton YouTube Earning.
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Marcus runs an A grade YouTube channel with a staggering 13.6 million subscribers and a total of 6,173,297,961 video views. He is one of the old-school streamers who's been running the channel since November 28th, 2009. 

SSundee currently ranks in the 22nd position in the gamer rank. So you might be wondering how much money does he make right? Stapleton earns around $55.7 k to $891.2 k monthly. And yeah his earnings depend on the rends too, if his contents have higher views then he will earn more than that. 

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Similarly, one of the top richest streamers earns around $668k to $5 million a year - as we mentioned, the trend goes higher. And the reason behind his Net Worth being $15 million is speculated because he only started to seriously push contents after 2010 and made his channel earn millions after years of uploading intriguing content and followers. As in now, the SSundee channel is doing great in performance than 9th game-rank celebrity DanTDM. 

SSundee Popular Game Plays - Minecraft, Fortnite, Murder Mystery Game, Plague Inc

Mostly the 30 years gamer is seen streaming Minecraft and Fortnite related games. But Ian also plays other games and it was worth watching and fun. 

Some of the other popular games, fans have loved him cover are, Murder Mystery Game, Crazy Craft, Plague Inc, Paper, Emote, Blackjack, and Bloons Tower Defence (TD). His videos and commentary are fun to watch.

Ssundee Merch

There are also other cool Minecraft themed Merch.
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Following the tradition, Sssundee also has his own Merch. Well, personally his t-shirts shares cool Minecraft printed t-shirt, Crainer Slim, Muselk, Fanarts and so forth. His merch shares products like mugs, hoodies, phone cases, and other accessories.

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Happily Married Streamer

Maddie Joi and SSindee

Snippet of SSundee with wifey Maddie.
Image Source: Instagram (@ssundeeyt)

Coming shortly on his personal life, he is married to a beautiful wife Maddie Joui. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and shares a son Simeon Luke in October 2019. Ian Marcus Stapleton also shares another son Colten from his previous relationship; thou he's yet to reveal the name of his former wife, but they got divorced in 2012 an even paused his gaming career for a year in 2012.

The hiatus even costed him to lose millions of subscribers but he came back and apologized and gained them back. So basically the thunder on SSundee's marriage is to be blamed to his slip on balance between his work and wife. He admits he had been too busy with his videos devoting almost all of his time editing and uploading them, that he ended up neglecting the family time.

As in now, SSundee is a happily married guy, and father of two beautiful sons with $15 million and counting fortune as of 2020. We hope you enjoyed the article, stay tuned with celeb$fortune to find more Net Worth and Fortune Focus articles of your beloved celebrities.

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