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ZHC Net Worth, Earning, Cars, Merch

ZHC Net worth - If you are a fan of Youtube contents of customizing and give away then you might be well aware of the comic art tycoon ZHC - yes the master of drawings, artwork, the 'Gadgets Customization King' similar to YouTuber MARKO. Ahead we present you the piles of riches ZHC accumulated throughout his artistic yet fascinating Youtube career, including his earnings from Merch, monthly YouTube earning, and ZHC vs MARKO comparison, it's Satisfying... 

Born in 1999, now 21 years old Zachary Hsieh better known as ZHC is an acronym for 'Zach Hsieh Comic fArt'. If you've been following him then you might well know about how huge comic fan as he's often spotted wearing our all-time favorite anime Dragon Ball Z t-shirts.

So below we present you with an in-depth review of the bands of green ZHC accumulates through his career as creative artist and YouTuber.

ZHC Possesses a Net Worth of $10 Million

ZHC Net Worth

Living the life of riches with $10 Million fortune.
SOURCE: @zmcomicart

ZHC's Net Worth is around $10 million. Various media outlets estimate ZHC net worth being around $1 million - $2 million, but 'come on' he's been gifting Tesla, iPhones, Laptops and other envying giveaways, surely he's earning well.

Besides, ZHC has a total of 305 uploads with a staggering $10 million and plus subscribers on Youtube.  Zachary shares total video views of 695,745,082 which is a desiring number to all the content creators.  The self-taught artist has already gifted some of the famous celebrities like the YouTube King Mr. Beast, and the Tik-Tok queen Charlie D Amalio.

MARKO And ZHC - The Satisfying Customizing Squad

Well much like our friendly neighborhood sketcher MARKO. ZHC and MARKO are two unique 'Satisfying' line artists creating their own customized merch and giving them away.

Zachary Hsieh throughout his years-long journey has definitely has paid him with something big.  As in now, he's worked with the A-lister YouTubers like MrBeast, Charli D'Amelio, Dixie D'Amelio, David Dobrik, James Charles.

Enough of the explanation, let's come to the business now; after seeing so much of ZHC expensive giveaway you might surely be wondering, HOW DOES HE DO IT! right? Well, all thanks to his high paid advertisement deals and Youtube revenue which is more than enough to pay the bills. Here's a near estimation of ZHC monthly earning from the YouTube channel.

ZHC Social Media Earnings

ZHC Monthly earning from his A Grade YouTube channel.
Image Source: Social Blade

As per reports from ZHC's Social Blade, his monthly earning from YouTube is estimated to be around the least of $29.9k to the highest of $479.1 k per month. Similarly his yearly earning is estimated to be around $500k to $2 million per year. But his channel did not earn such staggering digits on its initial years, so we say assume $10 million due to his current growing subscribers and viewers.

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That' really is big money $$$. To be more clear below is the data of the 21-year-old YouTuber monthly earning,

ZHC Monthly Chart Earning

ZHC daily earning chart.
Data Source: Social Blade

Overlooking at Zachary daily channel views income, the creative content creator has a least million views per day. ZHC weekly income is estimated at around $107 k and up to $500k per month. Each of the Vlogger videos has a million views and YouTube pays the video seeing and weighting his content. His Tesla and I-Phone videos earn more than others. So the payment is carried in such a way.

ZHC Popular Drawings & Best Videos

ZHC has featured with all the A-Listers celebs to date and some of ZHC's popular videos are surprising MrBeast with a customizing Tesla, Custom $100,000 Shoes for James Charles,  Surprising Charli D'Amelio with 20 Custom iPhones - which he's done a couple of time to the #1 TikToker.  Find out some of ZHC popular videos below,

1. Surprising MrBeast With A Custom Tesla!! (Satisfying)

Zachary Hsieh surprises the Youtube king Mr.Beast with a customized Tesla. Totally 'Satisfying', he draws an entire Mr.Beast logo on Tesla.

2. What Ever you Draw I will Buy it

Buys random people whatever they can sketch. One of the fun content to watch.

3. I Drew MARSHMELLO For 50 Hours Straight | ZHC

Once again ZHC surprises us with his detailed art skills. He sits down for 20 hours straight wearing the platinum hit artist Marshmellow helmet, that's a really tough job - phew. And after long hours of hard work the art king comes with a beautiful Thor themed Marshmellow canvas painting.

ZHC Logo Merch

ZHC Merch, T-Shirt, Hoodies

ZHC Merch
Image Source: Tee Spring

Following the good old youtube trends, ZHC also runs his own merch line ZHC Merch. You can buy his cool printed t-shirts, shoe, hoodies and more.  So coming to business, ZHC Merch is definitely helping him bag a couple of hundred dollar bands in his $10 million fortune.

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