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TommyInnit Wiki-Bio, Parents, NetWorth, Dating, Birthday, Age, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, Skin, Merch

Grab all details of online American gamer, Streamer, and YouTuber Thomas Simons aka TommyInnit bio, wiki, birthday, age, girlfriend, net worth, twitch, youtube, height, and more. 

Many of you might know TommyInnit from his popular gameplay of Minecraft, Fortnite, PubG, and Hypixel. But that's much of his story if you are his real fans. If we dig into his story behind the Internet, the streamer has a story one must listen to and get inspired from. All the struggle he had to face and surround controversies, TommyInnit is surely an example for those who are willing to start their streaming career or least achieve what one thrives to be in life.

So in order to learn some facts, and grab some inspiration from the young gamer Tommy, ahead, we present you with all the details of his personal life, career, relationship, and network.

TommyInnit Wiki-Bio, Parents, Birthday, Age, Height, Instagram

Thomas Simons was born on April 9, 2004, in Nottinghamshire, England, and stands 6'1'' tall. Tommy zodiac sign is Aries and is British by nationality. Unfortunately, there is not much information available about his parents - father, mother, and siblings as Simons prefers to keep it confidential from the internet.

TommyInnit Wiki-Bio, Parents, Birthday, Age, Instagram

TommyInnit Wiki-Bio. 
Image Source: Instagram 

Make sure to keep updated with us as we'll shortly provide you with updates as soon as we get hands on them. However, it doesn't limit us from knowing his childhood stories. TommyInnit initially started his streaming career playing games like Minecraft and Hypixel Skyblock.

Thomas Simons aka TommyInnit started his aging journey by opening a YouTube channel called ChannelNutpig. At the time he was only 12 years old and was bullied by classmates for using the unusual name of the channel; a year later he changed the channel named to Tom and set all his videos private.

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Few years of experience in YouTube, Tommy later opened another channel coming with his official name TommyInit on December 24, 2015. However, he only started to post content regularly in 2019. As a fun fact, he opened TommyInnit as an alternative to subscribe to his then YouTube channel ChannelNutpig.

By 2019 Tommy became a Twitch affiliate and most of his fans were from Hypixel Skyblock as he used to post a live stream of his gameplay. It was a breakthrough point for Tommy as his channel skyrocketed garnering over 600 thousand subscribers.

Who is TommyInnit Dating? Girlfriend (GF)?

TommyInit dating, girlfriend

TommyInit is 'Single' and Ready to 'Mingle'.
Image Source: Instagram

The 16 years old TommyInnit is single when it comes to the relationship game! So all the single ladies out there this might be it! Jokes apart, the Minecraft star is yet to give his heart to any lady and currently busy playing games and shaping up his passionate career in gaming.

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And overlooking his social media presence on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, & Twitch also shows no evidence of Tommy being in a relationship with any GF so far. So as of 2021, Thomas is yet to give to his heart and is currently single.

TommyInnit Net Worth From Twitch, YouTube, Skin, Merch

TommyINnit net worth is estimated at around $5.5 million.  Yes, it definitely is a large number but the 16 years old Minecraft mogul is earning good from his streaming career precisely from YouTube ads revenue and streaming platforms such as Twitch. Matter of fact, his earning might be even higher than that, don't believe it, catch his earning calculation below.

Tommyinnit Net Worth is $5.5 million

TommyInnit's Net Worth is $5.5 million.
Image Source: Instagram 

If you guys have been following Tommy's Twitch then you might know that to subscribe to his channel costs around $3.99. Tommy has 2.8 million followers A++ rank channel on Twitch. The big boy streaming report of the last 30 days is 8.364 million with an 880k fanbase increment in the last 30 days. And as per reports from Twitchtracker, Tommy has 15,290 paid subscribers, 19,899 prime subscribers, 4,665 gifted subscribers making a total of 39,829 subscribers.

Having a glimpse at his income from his paid subscribers only, TommyInnit made around $61,007 let alone shocking donations from fans, streaming income, and forth. That's not it, the main show is yet to come as the Minecraft star has also made himself a heavy amount of net worth from his 4.64 million subscribers filled YouTube channel and through his Merch line.

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Tommy mostly uploads content related to Minecraft, and sometimes gameplays like Among Us, Fortnite, and Battle Ground on his channel. Besides that, the Richie Rich Thomas Simons is also rich on games as he owns cool skins on Minecraft. And talking about his YouTube earning,-might shock you - Innit has 372,417,223 total video views earning $30.4k - $485.7 k monthly and up to $5.8 million yearly.

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