Where Does MrBeast Get All His Money From?

Apr 15, 2020 @ 21:54 EDT
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How Does Mr Beast Make Money

Find out how the Internet's Bill Gates 'MrBeast' makes his money from...

MrBeast, the 21-year self-made billionaire, who had not just made all of us stunned with his intriguing contents but also stunned us with the bands of money he spends on his video. Over time, MrBeast, who holds a net worth of over $25 million, is often seen giving away millions of dollars to random people, a homeless guy, streamers, and his YouTube fellows have now raised curiosity among his fans regarding how does he get such gigantic fortune from? 

Jimmy Donaldson, aka Beast, who started his YouTube channel back in February 2012 streaming Minecraft videos, is now one of the wealthiest YouTubers living in the era with 34 million subscribers, much like DanDTM.  Willy-nilly, here we present you with all the details of how MrBeast was able to make such a band of money. 

MrBeast Source of Income - YouTube

MrBeast Net Worth

MrBeast is enjoying the life of riches with a growing fortune of over $25 million.
Image Source: Instagram (@mrbeast

The key to Mrbeast success surely costed him with some million dollars investments. Yes, during his initial years, he spent his own money to deliver such rich contents. 

Two years to grow 1000 subscribers and found success after creating a content called Worst Intros, where he used to roast Youtubers contents. But Beast was always prominent as he some of his videos included him counting to 100,000 which took 24 hours straight, reading the entire dictionary, and saying Logan Paul [Net Worth: 19 million] name thousand which took over 17 hours. And that was it; it was the moment, the hard work paid off. 

So when he started giving away things, he began with advertisement funds with an app called Quidd, which sponsored him around $10,000 to promote their application - and he just gave it all away to a homeless guy and uploaded on his YouTube channel. And then, the give away started from giving random people an entire house, $10,000 tip to a waitress, pizza delivery guy, donating millions of dollars to random streamers, and so forth.

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It's not been so long since MrBeast started to earn and save money for him as he would give them all away. He gained fame, and high advertisement deals precisely in the year 2017. And 'yes,' behind all the charity and money he spends on the show, is also credited to 'us' too, yes as we often hear him say 'subscribe and watch' his videos as his viewers are the main reason he was able to give such envying money. So as of 2020, he's one of the top YouTubers known as the 'Bill Gates of Internet.' 

Similarly, he is also noted for the act of YouTube's biggest subscribers battle PewDiePie vs. T-Series, where he spent millions of dollars on promoting subscribe to PewDiePie [Net Worth & Biography]. The act did not just benefit the #1 YouTuber PewDiePie but also made MrBeast visible to the landmass of the evergrowing YouTube. 

MrBeast Merchandise

MrBeast Merch

MrBeast merch also helped rack millions of dollars to his net worth. Yes, MrBeast sure does holds lots of supportive subscribers who bought his merch, and to be honest, his merchandise comes with cool prints. 

Beast makes around $400k to $500k per month and millions a year only from his merch sales.

MrBeast AdSense Income

Let alone his high-paid advertisement revenue; Beast also earned millions of dollars from his Google Adsense revenue. Beast channel has an average of 8.5 million views a day, which AdSense roughly pays around $2 per 1000 views—as per reports from his social blade Mr.Beast monthly earning is estimated to be approximately 100k - $912 k - depending on the views. 

Similarly, MrBeast yearly earning from Youtube is in double-digit millions, and so are his expenses too. So yeah, basically, these are the sources behind MrBeast's staggering income and Net Worth. But the part all of his millions of followers are happy about is his big heart, which is as big as his bank balance. Beast has not just uploaded contents related to spending off his money but also noted for his philanthropic works and is also an environmentalist who is also on an act for growing 20,000,000 trees.

So these are basically the factors MrBeast was able to make millions of revenue, inspiring, isn't it? Stay tuned with us for more Fortune Focus and Net Worth articles of your favorite stars on celeb$fortune.

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