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Mar 29, 2020 @ 19:01 EDT
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Mr Beast donates money to Streamers

Yes, it's not a big deal for donating hundred of thousand dollars to the Internet's 'Bill Gates' - Mr.Beast. Well, the Youtube King's every single video has a least of a $10000 benchmark and yeah the least of 'million views' too. The 21-year-old YouTuber Jimmy has not just made us enjoy his fun and philanthropy filled contents but also brought a sheer of joy in the face of many diminished background people and for those much-needed.

From buying a House and Lamborghini to a homeless man to buying and gifting everything in-store to planting 20,000,000 trees for the world environment, MrBeast sure does share a big heart. Needless to say but the $30 Million Net worth holder MrBeast is also a sort of major inspiration to the gaming and streaming community.

So here to find out how much money the Internet king has donated to date only to the 'streamers community', here we present you with the Fortune Focus of total money Mr.Beast spent while donating streamers.

Donating $100,000 To Streamers With 0 Viewers

Mr.Beast donates thousands of bands to a bunch of random streamers on Twitch, Streamlags, and other streaming platforms. Some of the money he donated goes like $100,000 to the first random streamer with 0 views, similarly, to a random gamer $10,000$10,000 to the next , $6,000, $7000 'to another' , $10000, $5000 , $11000 'next', $10,000, $2500, and 'let's give him ' $1000 'if he makes a knock within 30 sec' making a total of $72500. Beast donates 10 complete random strangers and their reactions are ineffable.

Donating Money To Attractive Twitch Streamers

In the series, MrBeast has fun stream-talk time with some of the gorgeous 'Twix' sensations. Similar to his super expensive clips he donates more than $70,0000 through the video. Check it out, totally intriguing...

Donating $100,000 To Random Streamers

MrBeast and fellow Chris donated millions of dollars to Mixer and Twitch streamers. Which is killing the creepers in Minecraft, anyone who says 'The' word first and the streamers are unknown about the challenge. Anyone who says 'the' while speaking win it, and other fun content was solving a basic math question.

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The first one to blink wins $4000 - That's insane and exciting at the same time. With the series of streamer MrBeast then $5000$2000, $4000, $1000, $8000 for touching nose, first to kill in Apex legend $10000, $20,000, $10,000, $20000 and $40,000. The total expense of the video was $120,000. Wow, that's a really big money Dwag!

MrBeast Donates to Pew Die Pie

Besides Mr. Beast in total has donated more than a Million to streamers. Without forgetting Beast's one of the highest donation during the Pewdiepie Vs T Series subscribers count moment; if you remember the craziness happening just a year ago. He literally paid thousands of dollars to people for making people subscribe to Pewdiepie and bought every billboard in his city promoting 'Subscribe to Pewdiepie'.

Well despite spending so much on the #1 most subscribed Youtuber of 2019, PewDiePie who holds 103 million subscribers and MrBeast with 33.3 million subscribers-come on let's make him famous, subscribe to Mr.Beast to inspire and thank him for his moral works.

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