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Zach King Net Worth | Earnings Vine, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram

Learn the Net Worth details of the King of 'illusion' Zach King and its sources!

Born on February 4, Zachary Michael King aka Zach King is a popular Vine, TikTok, YouTube star, and filmmaker. Michael is famous for his amazing VFX skills and the intriguing content he delivers onto. He initially started his career posting videos on YouTube in 2008 and later 2013 in Vine.

King is also popular for his magic vines videos which seem 'real' and 'natural' with his flawless VFX effects that make us believe as if he's doing magic. He calls it the "digital sleight of hand". So, behind such hard works and long haul of editing behind the desk, you might be wondering how much fortune, the 30 years old illusionist made through his 12 years of career. So here we've covered you with all the details.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Zach is half Chinese descent from his paternal side and one-quarter Austrian from his maternal side. Starting to make home videos from the age of seven using a video camera, he was always interested in making clips and unique videos all way long.

Zach King Net Worth is Around $3.5 Million

King is Living the Life of Riches,
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Combining all Zack's income sources, his Net Worth of around $3.5 million. Below we've described all his income sources via which he was able to pile such amount of 'Greens', from noting to everything...

Started Career

Zach initiated his career after he started a website called FinalCutKing back in 2018 which offered courses and tutorials for using the software. Unfortunately, he was unable to find customers to enroll for his course then he started his own YouTube channel to give tutorials of visual effects using a software.

At the same time, he also opened a YouTube channel from which used to give video tutorials for visual effects using the Software. Linking both channel and website visitors then he started gaining visitors and began selling training seminars and used the money to pay his college fees.

Being quite popular on the Internet, Zach then started to take part in a different contest such as Viral Video Showdown which aired on Syfy in 2012. He gained a massive breakthrough after he baffled the entire internet with a video of him flying on a broomstick. The video went viral with over 2.1 billion views on TikTok within four days of upload.

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The King of Illusion used simple yet effective illusion technique which was using a mirror and skateboarding from behind, amazing isn't it. No VFX, no animation just a simple technique he used.

Youtube Carrer

Delivering a couple of hits video, in 2011, Zach posted a video titled 'Jedi Kittens' on YouTube, which he produced along with a college friend. The video articulated two cats fighting with lightsabers, shortly gained over a million views in just three days, and went on to have over 14 million views.

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Subsequently, they released another sequel of the video titled Jedi Kittens Strike Back, which shortly gained over 17 million views and the third part of the video, Jedi Kittens, with Force posted in 2014. King runs an official YouTube channel by the name FinalCutKing.

So by now, you might be wondering how much green bands he might be earning to right? Well as reports from Social Blade, he earns around $294 - $4.7K monthly, similarly earns around $3.5K - $56.4K yearly.

Zach King (Final Cut King) Youtube Earning Report

Amazing Race, Amazing Life

The above chart is a rough Estimated Monthly Earnings from Youtube and since his channel is running for around 11 years with 'abs' and 'flow', let's take an average yearly income to maintain abs and flow in between as in some time it has a high spike and whereas low. So multiplying taking an average sum and multiplying with the years will give us a value of least $600,000.

Earning From Vines and Tik Tok

Whatever King has turned out to plays a major part in social media. Zach created his Vine account on September 9, 2013, after seeing many of his friends opening the account. He then decided to upload each video per day for the next thirty days.

King posted his first video to TikTok, formerly known as, on February 28, 2016, which was him escaping a jail cell. His video caption was "Need help posting bail, oh wait for nevermind." He has amassed a following of 30 million followers, the third-highest of any account, on the popular app. So he made a least a million from all the advertisement and endorsement deal he got.

Earnings From Instagram

As popular Zack is on Vines and Tik-Tok, he's analogous to Instagram with his staggering 22.8 million followers. The illusionist mostly uploads his perplexing yet fun-filled content on his Instagram.

As per reports from Influencer Marketing Hub, Zach earns around $45,352  per post depending on the views and revenue. Accounting the sum with an average will give around the value of $2 million.

Father of two

King is married to wife Rachael Holm in 2014. The couple shares two sons, where one of their sons is adopted.

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So Zach is enjoying his self-made luxurious life as a result of hard work and dedication. We hope you enjoyed the article, catch more Net Worth related article only on celeb$fortune.

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