Charli D'Amelio Surpasses Riyaz Aly in TikTok Follower-Count: Here's the Difference Between These Two

Feb 22, 2020 @ 7:39 EST
Charli D'Amelio Surpasses Riyaz Aly in TikTok Follower-Count: Here's the Difference Between These Two

The rate at which Charli D'Amelio [net worth: $4 million] is not the only reason she's finally surpassed Riyaz Aly in the Follower-Count Standings. Yes, the number of followers on both their TikTok accounts are set to reach 29 million, but D'Amelio has the upper hand as the number of her fans is increasing much faster than Aly's.

The two both have over 28.8 million followers, but the difference is in the later parts of the decimals. Besides, she is still retaining the rate of increase of 2 million followers per week as she's done all this time. Although these last few days have been a little lagging for the 15-year-old, it's much, much greater than Aly's.

The Rankings

D'Amelio now stands fifth in the Follower-Count Rankings with 28.8 million, making Aly drop down to sixth, also with 28.8 million followers, the only difference being in a small number. Loren Gray [net worth: $4 million] is still at the top, with 39.4 million followers, despite fluctuating numbers every single moment. Zach King [net worth: $3.5 million] (34.9 million followers) and Baby Ariel [net worth: $2 million] (30.3 million followers) respectively have numbers above D'Amelio. These are the only people she has yet to surpass, aside from TikTok's own account (37.1 million followers).

Loren Gray clicking selfie with Baby Ariel.Loren Gray and Baby Ariel are not a part of 'Hype House' though.
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What makes it so compelling to track D'Amelio's follower-count is obviously the sheer rate of increase in the number itself. It's changing every single day, and it's getting harder to say it definitely at a time. Plus, she's earning thousands every single day, which makes the net worth harder to track as well. Not only hers, but everyone else's on the table.

The Amount of Interactions is Overwhelming in D'Amelio's Posts Than Aly's

It's not just the number of followers that matters to the users on TikTok. They type of content shows how happy the followers are with the user. And the easiest way you get to know that is just by looking at how many people reacted to their posts.

The Indian, Riyaz Aly is, as you'd expected, mostly covering Bollywood tracks on TikTok. Sure, he doesn't care if people don't come to watch his contents as he does it to make himself happy, but there lies the difference. And the population in India sure might've influenced his follower-numbers. But the number of reactions in his posts is not as impressive as in D'Amelio's. There's nothing bad about it, he's still India's favorite on TikTok.

In D'Amelio's case, every one of her posts regularly gets about 16 million plays, 3 million likes and 35,000 comments on average. Meanwhile, Aly's posts get about 2.5 million plays and 500,000 likes on (recent) average (it's slowed down in recent weeks), while the comments rarely hit the number 3000. And that's taking into account that he's featured Bollywood hottie Neha Sharma in one of his posts.

If you're talking about some rare clips that are at a much higher level than the average ones, there's still a huge difference. Yes, few of Aly's posts have hit 1.7-3 million likes. Meanwhile, numerous posts on Charli's profile have hit 8-10 million likes.

It's not only D'Amelio who's reigning the numbers on TikTok. Zach King is still bringing the magic like he did in his Vine videos and has a similar rate as D'Amelio in follower-count. But he's not earning as much as she is, at the moment. Obviously, a lower number of posts by King is the reason. But you've gotta give him credit for taking hours to film a six-second clip just for your entertainment.

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Baby Ariel's condition is similar to Aly. The number of followers keeps fluctuating, and the number of likes per post isn't as impressive as it should be. While some have hit 1.8 million likes, recently, there are rarely ones that cross 400,000 (also slowing down these days). As for Loren Gray, she's somewhere in between the two TikTok giants. She regularly gets an average of 1-2 million likes on her posts.

Quick question: Is TikTok totally useless? And is this discussion totally pointless?

Update [March 21, 2020]: There's a Lot Already Happening in the Rankings: Second with 39.3 Million Followers

D'Amelio surpassed Baby Ariel at 30.3 million followers to climb up to fourth.

Then, she passed off Zach King at 37 million followers and went third place.

And she immediately surpassed TikTok's own account and has 39.3 million followers, as of March 21, 2020.

Then came the big finish. She surpassed Loren Gray as the most-followed TikTok user on March 25, 2020, with 41.4 million followers, a huge leap in her rate of follower increase.

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