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Nov 29, 2021 @ 5:10 EST
Meet Amina Peterson: 'Sex, Love & Goop's Tantric Healer & Atlanta Tantra Founder

A healer, sex doula, intimacy coach, tantric sex educator, and activist, all-in-all a figure of woman empowerment, Amina Peterson has been an inspirational and extraordinary figure.

Born on February 15, 1976, Peterson was shy as a child. As she wrote in one of her now-deleted Instagram posts, she belongs to a Muslim family, and the caption says, "I used to wear hijab. Now, I teach in the nude." Her father was in the military while her mother was a housewife. Amina too joined the military like her father, brother, and uncles and has shared how it has affected many aspects of her life in one of her Instagram posts.

Amina Peterson's Journey from Sex Surrogate to Spiritual Healer

As curiosity drove the mind of a young girl who was entering the realm of sexual development, Amina's first encounter with sexual teaching was at the age of 12 when she started reading Encyclopedia of Sex. As she said in one of her posts, she would order it from the back of a magazine with a money order from the post office and would wait every day for it to come in the mail for over a month, so she would get out before her mother did.

Amina Peterson bowing a kiss at the camera.Peterson's done it all when it comes to activism in the world of sex.
Photo Source: Amina Peterson, Instagram

In accordance with her formal education, the divine sexual feminine, as she prefers to be called, graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in Bachelor of Arts - BA in Sociology in 1999. She has also received professional training in Massage Therapy/ Therapeutic Massage from New School for Massage and Bodyworks located in Chicago. Along with training for fitness coaching from CrossFit and USAFT School, Amina has received training in Yoga Teacher Training/ Yoga Therapy from Core Power Yoga Teacher Training.

As she narrates her life through her Instagram post, Amina worked for corporate during the day while she worked as a sex surrogate, escort, and sensual massage therapist, intimacy guide, and sex coach continuing to read and learn on the topic of sex, intimacy, and their role in healing the mind and soul on her leisure. She goes on to share how her degree and professional experience kept her in an office full time, but her desire to experience and share sexual energy kept her working in the erotic arts on the side. The intimacy healer has been in the sex industry for almost 25 years now and has passionately been working to her knowledge and helping others.

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Before completely working in the field of Therapy and sexual healing, Peterson worked as an Assitant Director for Inner-city Muslim Action Network. A woman of many talents, she has also worked as a writer and a fitness coach. The incredible woman's first job as a therapist was as a massage therapist at Primal in the Bay, San Franciso.

Eventually, Amina worked as a Somatic Sexual healer at Tantra In Paradise. Sharing her experiences and actively working as an intimacy therapist, the doula teacher gave her first Tantra class in the Berkeley office on San Pablo in 2011. Her sessions included a series of exercises to help the lovers open up to allowing. Addressing the struggles and issues of each partner in a relationship, Peterson has helped multiple couples heal their marriage and romantic life opening them up to the possibilities of a happier and healthier life together as well as individually.

Founder of Atlanta Tantra, or Atltantra, which was established in 2017, Amina Peterson has functioned as a wellness mentor and sexual mentor for more than 18 years, birth doula for 3 years, and center force and tantra teacher for a long time. Not just that, she has also dispatched a ladies’ circle in Honolulu to give space to ladies to zero in on their intercourse extensions without the interruption of the male. She believes in soma and embodiment, pleasure and intimacy, education and liberation. A very open-minded woman of color, Amina has become an influential figure in the black community as well.

Amina Peterson during the wrap up of Atlanta Tantra Festival 2021 in Costa Rica.Her profession also takes her outside the USA as well.
Photo Source: Amina Peterson, Instagram

Working as a full-time director at Atlanta Institute of Tantra, and running her own podcast called Fix Your Sex, along with providing courses on sex coaching, healing, sexual alignment, training for women as well as men, Amina is now on Netflix's Sex, Love and Goop. The reality show is a rumination of what goop does best: confront the parts of ourselves that are uncomfortable to face while laying the groundwork for others to do the same.

Together with Gwyneth Paltrow, and various other professional therapists, Amina will be guiding and helping couples on their intimate and sexual connection journey. The other coaches include Darshana Avila, Michaela Boehm, Kato Wittich, and Jaiya Ma.

Take a Peek at Amina Peterson's Romantic Life

Coming out for the first time in 1994 as a bisexual, Amina had a girlfriend for a while. On further exploring herself and learning more, the sacred sex worker now identifies as a pansexual and is polyamorous.

Amina Peterson embraced by her husband from behind in a romantic pose.Both husband and wife have the same profession.
Photo Source: Tsenre_Meaningful_Touch, Instagram

Amina Peterson is currently married to a Tantric healing practitioner named EJ who goes by the name Tsenre_Meaningful_Touch on Instagram. A Tantric healer and practitioner of plant medicine, Amina's husband is also a therapist specializing in erotic touch and Reiki healing. The pair eloped on September 23 2019 in Hawaii and got married. The pair have been working together for a while now and share a common ground for their relationship to flourish.

How Much Is Amina Peterson's Net Worth?

The originator of the Atlantic Institute of Tantra and Divine Sexuality, Amina Peterson has been actively working in this field for a long time now. With a long list of experiences on her name, the intimacy healer's work is flourishing with the public's realization of how sex and sexual energy affect our mind, life, and soul. If we are to evaluate Amina Peterson's net worth, her incredible work has surely brought her financial abundance. It is around $3 million.

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Working as a therapist for years now, with her own institute, podcasts, and sessions, Amina Peterson has amassed quite the fortune. With an estimated salary of  $306,379 annually of a professional therapist, Amina surely earns more than the estimated amount due to her specialization in Tantric healing methods. Also working for the popular Netflix show, the pleasure guide has been successful in adding more to her numbers.

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