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Nov 25, 2021 @ 6:10 EST
'Sex, Love & Goop's Jaiya Ma Was Once Known For Being Polyamorous

"I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT HELPING YOU LEARN ABOUT YOUR SEXUALITY, SO YOU CAN HAVE BOTH deep love AND hot passionate sex FOR A LIFETIME!" This is Jaiya Ma’s idea of doing what she does best. Jaiya is an internationally recognized, award-winning somatic sexologist and best-selling author of Red Hot Touch and is best known as the creator of the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ and the Erotic Blueprint™ Quiz!.

The Colorado-based sex educator spent two decades studying ancient erotic rituals, tantric sex, mastery of sensual touch, pure erotic play, kinky dynamics, and biology & psychology of attraction and sexual fulfillment. She came up with Erotic Blueprint, an arousal map that reveals your primary erotic language. She showed the signs of an educator from the very beginning, teaching boys how to kiss it right at two.

Jaiya Ma Helped Couple Overcome Their Sexual Issues in the Netflix Show 'Sex, Love & Goop'

Oscar-winning actress turned wellness guru, Gwyneth Paltrow came out with her new Netflix show, Sex, Love & Goop, which focuses on sexual healing on real-life couples, and people are going nuts after watching the show. In the six-episode unscripted series, Paltrow paired up five lovers who were facing sexual tension in their life with professional intimacy coaches and sex educators.

Jaiya Ma (second left) with Gwyneth Paltrow at a RedTableTalk with Jada Pinket-Smith and Willow Smith.Jaiya Ma and Gwyneth Paltrow join a RedTableTak with the Smiths.
Photo Source: Jaiya Ma, Instagram

Episode one focused on a mixed-race couple Erika and Doman who are on the verge of ending their six-year marriage due to mismatched sexuality. Sexpert Jaiya Ma administers the couple to five Erotic Blueprints for turn-ons, energetic (aroused by anticipation and yearning), sensual (turned on when all senses are ignited), sexual (excited by nudity and/or other traditional sexual characteristics), kinky (aroused by the taboo), or shapeshifter (all of the above).

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The sexologist also gave them some props including whips, oils, bondage, blindfolds, fuzzy toys, and sharp metal claws to help mend the gap in their sex life caused by differing libidos. Through the Erotic Blueprints and props, she helped the struggling pair discover their ‘erotic blueprints’ which happened to be energetic. Besides, the other sex coach in the Sex, Love & Goop includes Darshana Avila, Katarina “Kato” Wittich, Michaela Boehm, and Amina Peterson.

How Much Is the Net Worth of Sex Educator Jaiya Ma Net Worth 2021?

Jaiya Ma was erotically awake from a very young age and always had naturally curiosity and joy when it comes to sex. She showed the signs of an educator from the very beginning, teaching boys how to kiss it right just at the age of two and even she told her parents wanted to become like Dr. Ruth when was just in grade school.

Growing up in a conservative society where discussing sex openly was even seen as taboo, not to forget Jaiya grew up as catholic, which made her ashamed of her behavior. This sense of guilty feeling made her study medicine to become a fertility doctor.

Jaiya Ma with her lover Ian Ferguson.Ma and her lover are both in it.
Photo Source: Jaiya Ma, Instagram

But once she turned 18, she started teaching and studying tantric sex which helped her know her true self, and the rest is history. With over two decades of client observation and clinical research, the 44-years-old created the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough and the Erotic Blueprint Quiz, which is аn “аrousаl mаp” thаt аllows people to discover their own erotic lаnguаges.

So, with over 20 years of working as a professional sex educator and somatic sexologist, Jaiya is estimated to be worth $1 million. Besides, she has also appeared on Ricki Lake, The Doctors, Good Morning America, Nightline, The Anderson Show, The Tyra Banks Show, TLC, CNN, Playboy TV, and so on. What's more, she is also the best-selling author of educational-yet-steamy books such as Red Hot Touch and Cuffed, Tied & Satisfied.

These Are the Boundaries Which Jaiya Ma and Her Lover, Ian, Must Follow in Their Open Relationship

Jaiya Ma and her lover/business partner, Ian Ferguson, might be in a polyamorous relationship for over 14 years now, but that doesn't mean their family is free of friction. There are some ground rules which include safe sex, not to date monogamous people, and so on.

The couple first met on July 11, 2007, during an ecstatic dance class, and they instantly became attracted to one another without any romantic feeling. Much to her partner's surprise, Ma was in an open relationship with Jon Hanauer for over six years, and it was Jon who asked Jaiya to find a new lover after their relationship stalled.

(From left) Jaiya Ma with her lover Jon Ferguson, her son Eamon and her possibly former polyamorous partner, Jon Hanauer.Jaiya Ma was publicly known to be polyamorous.
Photo Source: Sohu.com

Ferguson, who just had divorced his wife of six years, had never even heard of a polygamous relationship before. They started an open relationship, and after a year, Ma became pregnant with Ian's child. Ferguson even paid for the house-for-three in Topanga, California. The three made around in the news in 2011 for the nature of their relationship back then.

They even took classes to prepare for home labor and 'orgasmic' birth and Ma finally gave birth to Eamon on March 23, 2009, in the birth pool, with Hanauer also present. Well, it's not clear if Jaiya and Jon are still together as she has not talked about him during any of her interviews. On the other hand, her relationship with Ian is stronger than ever and the pair are working together for their Erotic Blueprint for years now.

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