Darshana Avila

Nov 24, 2021 @ 11:30 EST
Meet Darshana Avila: Self-Employed Erotic Wellness Coach from 'Sex, Love & Goop'

"I believe in Sex, Intimacy & Relationships that are connected to nature and soul, rooted in justice and advocacy, trauma-informed and in service to our collective liberation", says sexologist Darshana Avila. Darshana is an American somatic sexologist, intimacy coach, and the creator of the Map of Erotic Wholeness.

Avila, who is of Eastern European-Jewish ancestry, left her corporate job in order to explore the realms of sex, intimacy, and relationship. The sex coach guides men, women, and couples along their journey to erotic healing and wholeness through a holistic approach.

A Little About Darshana Avila's Erotic Wholeness Coaching

Darshana Avila created the Map of Erotic Wholeness with the aim of helping others experience a really profound and even uninhibited expression of pleasure and progress in their sex life, and intimate relationship through a trauma-informed, nature-based, justice-oriented approach. She describes Erotic Wholeness as;

"Erotic Wholeness is about our sex, yes. But it’s truly about so much more. It’s a body of relational, holistic, soul-centric wisdom that centers intimacy with self and personal liberation as essential agents for collective liberation and cultural change."

Erotic Wholeness gives five different offerings such as 'Woman: Wise, Wild & Whole', 'Personalized Sessions', 'Self-Guided Journeys', 'Custom Engagements', and 'Moon Circles'. Through this, one can experiment in infinite ways to learn more about what brings you pleasure, heal pieces of yourself that have been bound by pain and express your power through your voice and choice when it comes to all things intimacy, the program says.

Darshana Avila Helped Lesbian Couple Overcome Their Bedroom Issues in Netflix's 'Sex, Love & Goop'

Darshana Avila is one of the sex coaches in the actress turned-CEO Gwyneth Paltrow’s raunchy new Netflix series Sex, Love & Goop along with sexologist Jaiya Ma, speaker and intimacy counselor Michaela Boehm, intimacy coach Amina Peterson and family constellations facilitator Katarina “Kato” Wittich.

Darshana Avila (center) with her clients Camille Slusher and Shandra Barrera.Avila is confident enough at her job.
Photo Source: Darshana Avila, Instagram

The six episodes show is about five "sexperts" who work with six different real-life couples struggling with their sex lives. In Sex, Love & Goop, Darshana helps the engaged lesbian couple, Camille Slusher and Shandra Barrera overcome struggles in their sexual life and gain confidence and expand their sexual knowledge.

The erotic wholeness coach performs sexological bodywork on the couple that involved touching the client's genital which is considered illegal in 49 states. Avila further teaches how to learn intimacy-building and cultivating skills to help expand what is possible along with using unique vibrators and other sex toys to allow them to shed their inhibitions.

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Coming from a dance background, Slusher struggled with insecurities such as not looking perfect all the time which was getting too much in her head during intimate moments. At the end of the session, she realized her insecurity was what was stopping her from feeling confident in the bedroom.

On the other hand, Barrera grew up as a muscular athlete in a conservative society where the word "sex" wasn't OK and where depictions of lesbianism were deemed "gross." The shame she felt for her sexual orientation caused her to freeze her body and contributed to pain during penetration.

How Much Is the Net Worth of Darshana Avila?

As per estimating sources, Darshana Avila holds a net worth of around $200,000 thanks to her career as a somatic sexologist and sex practitioner. Before her life as a trained intimate coach, Avila worked as a corporate officer. She also worked as a Senior Client Relationship Manager at Equifax and even a teacher at her own paddle yoga venture.

Darshana Avila in a happy mood outdoors.Avila is self-employed now.
Photo Source: Darshana Avila, Instagram

As a sexpert and Erotic Wholeness coach, she dedicated her whole life to guiding others along their journey to erotic healing and wholeness. Besides the sexologist currently lives on stolen Ohlone land and pays Shuumi land tax accordingly. She also donates a certain percentage of her income to the different antiracist organizations.

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