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Nov 8, 2022 @ 13:28 EST
Anthony Rivera Chose Tal Fishman Over Adi Fishman: Here's More About His Net Worth, Girlfriend, Weight Loss | Celeb$Fortune 2022

Anthony Rivera (b. September 16, 1996) is an American Youtuber, content creator, and social media personality best known for his commentary and reaction videos. He went viral all over the internet as a member of the popular collaborative YouTube channel, Free Time alongside Adi Fishman, Tal Fishman, Cenna Rashidi, Michael Rosillo, Nick Mayorga, and Joseph Sim.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, the 25-year-old YouTuber attended California State University, Northridge.  The social media star is young, charming, and funny which has resulted in a very big social media following. As every coin has two sides, being a social media influencer, Anthony Rivera (not to be confused with MMA fighter Anthony Rivera) also gets a lot of hate comments for copying others' video ideas.

Why Is Anthony Rivera No Longer A Member Of Free Time?

Anthony Rivera and his Free Time members.Anthony Rivera and the beginning of his newfound fame.
Photo Source: Chloe Smith, Instagram 

Anthony Rivera no doubt, rose to fame after joining the collaborative group Free Time boasting millions of followers on his personal social media pages. He and the other six content creators, Adi Fishman, Tal Fishman, Cenna Rashidi, Michael Rosillo, Nick Mayorga, and Joseph Sim used to live together in a house called Free Time house where they used to make challenge videos, vlogs, pranks, and reaction videos together.

Just like Hype House or Sway House, Free Time is no new to drama or controversies (well, it won't be surprising as Tal is the co-founder of TalentX Entertainment which manages Sway House, one of the most controversial content houses). In fact, it won't be wrong to say that, there's no Free Time anymore, as they have stopped posting since April 2021 following the dispute within the group.

Even though none of the members have revealed the exact reason for the feud, there has been a rumor going on that it was caused after a fight broke out between the Fishman brothers. While other members of the group have chosen to remain neutral in the brother's feud by filming with both of them simultaneously, it seems like Anthony Rivera has taken Tal's side as he stopped appearing in Adi's videos for a long time.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Anthony Rivera?

As per estimating sources, Anthony Rivera holds a net worth of $1 million as a social media influencer. The majority of his income source obviously comes from YouTube but he also earns a fair share from brand endorsements as well as twitch.

It's no news that Anthony was trying his best to establish himself as social media icon however, he only got his big break after joining the content house Free Time which gave him both name and fame. Launched on  27 Apr 2014, Free Time channel has garnered over 2.92 million subscribers and 258 million total views count.

Anthony Rivera and his weight loss journey.Anthony Rivera shocked fans with his weight loss.
Photo Source: Anthony Rivera, Instagram

Following the success of Free Time, Rivera and Michael Rosillo created another channel called Mike and Anthony on January 20, 2016. However, now the name of the channel is changed to Game Time which has over 1.1 million subscribers with 146 million views. With the change in the name of the channel and the absence of Anthony in the recent videos, it is safe to assume that Rosillo has taken over the channel.

After being involved in so many youtube channels, Anthony now has settled his own eponymous YouTube channel AnthonySenpai which has around 3.93 million subscribers along with 4.68 billion views. He makes an average of $10,900 per video from his channel where he mostly posts short comedy skits, pranks, and reaction videos.

Besides, he is also active on another self-titled YouTube channel, Anthony Rivera (previously named Reaction Bro) where Rivera has accumulated over 367K subscribers. What's more, he also makes a good buck from twitch (@Anthonyssenpai with 160K) by live streaming videos.

Knowing how big he is on YouTube, it's no surprise that Rivera has a huge fan following on other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. With over 10.4 million followers on TikTok (@anthonyriveras) and 246K followers on Instagram (@theanthonyriveras), he makes an average of $8,300 per post from TikTok and $900 per sponsored post from Instagram respectively.

Moreover, he has worked with popular YouTubers like DangMattSmith, Caylus Cunningham aka InfiniteHunter Rowland, and Brent Rivera. Well, talking about his love life, Anthony is yet to reveal his girlfriend or wife (who knows if he is secretly married like influencer Bella Poarch).

Meanwhile, Anthony Rivera has been in the headlines for his rapid weight loss transition. Back in 2020, he started posting TikTok videos where he is doing different workout challenges (when he weighed 195lbs). And now recently in October 2022, the YouTuber happily shared that he had lost over 45lbs (now weighs 150lbs) since then.

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