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Oct 28, 2021 @ 12:16 EDT
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Ashley Feasel, AKA Ash Levi, Has More to Offer Than the Controversy with Acacia Kersey

An artist, photographer, and makeup enthusiast, Ash Levi, originally Ashley Feasel, has been on the cosmos of social media entertainment for a long time now. Popular for her eccentric looks and aesthetic photographs, Ash has been gaining fame for her presets and artistic abilities.

Born on 26, 1992, in the USA, Ashley had an unstable childhood. Her family moved around a lot thus leading her to change school time and again. As she said in her YouTube video, she changed 5 to 7 high school making it was hard for her to really settle. Young Ash's parents separated time and again until they got effectively divorced.

Fighting Off Her Health Issues, Ashley Found Out What She Wanted to Do in Her Life

The makeup artist has had numerous health issues growing up. She had stomach issues and had to remove her appendix as well. The content creator had been diagnosed with Epilepsy. At the age of 17-18, Ash's health issues were at their peak. She was later diagnosed with OCD, anxiety as well eating disorders. Ash was later also diagnosed with gallstone and underwent surgical removal of her gallbladder.

Ash Levi split hair colors (blonde and brunette) posing.Ash Levi is recently gaining quite a lot of attention for obvious reasons.
Photo Source: Ash Levi, Instagram

With proper medical attention and therapies, the artistic creator was able to sort of cure her anxiety and OCD.  A survivor of mental disorders, Ashely has been actively using her platform to advocate for mental health and mental well-being. She has been giving tips to her followers and reassuring them that they can fight it. The empowering makeup guru has openly talked about her issues on a YouTube video, sharing her experiences with her followers.

Fighting off her issues and getting in better shape, Ashley decided that she wanted to become a makeup artist. She eventually moved to LA and started working as a makeup artist. The YouTuber wanted to put her artistic potential into good use thus choosing makeup as her career path.

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The now stable beauty and fashion icon had a hard time while she was in Hollywood. She had to relocate time and again while fighting her issues. A self-taught makeup artist, Ashley worked at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center.

Ash Levi started her YouTube channel (Ash Levi) on Nov 2, 2010. However, she began posting in 2016. The self-made makeup artist's first video was a makeup tutorial, "TOO FACED SWEET PEACH PALETTE | HALO SMOKEY EYE". The video has over 814,000 views and 17,000 likes. As a beginner on the platform, Ashley put out several interesting makeup videos which helped her channel grow rapidly.

The YouTuber's tutorials for transformations like the looks of Goth, Grunge, Instagram baddie, Marilyn Manson, and various other artistic and unique makeup clips have helped Ash be known in the world of beauty and makeup.

Ash Levi dressing up as 'Spock' from 'Star Trek', only as a female Spock.Holloween is the time you can really see how good she is with makeup.
Photo Source: Ash Levi, Instagram

The fashionista's most popular Youtube video titled, 5 AFFORDABLE DIY GRUNGE OUTFITS has around over 1.2 million views. Now not limited to just makeup tutorials, Ashley also posts weekly vlogs, fashion tips, hauls as well as product reviews.

Not just a fashionista and makeup fanatic, Ash also has a keen interest in photography. Thus, she makes and sells Lightroom presets. The presets are quite attractive and her audience has been a fan of her feed, photographs, and presets. She sells these presets on an online shop called Cherry Photo Club.

Also a business owner, Levi has a merchandise line under her own name. The artistic creator sells customized as well as designed t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc.

Ash Levi's Net Worth: How Much the Artistic Content Creator Earns from Her Internet Career

Working almost five years as a content creator, Ash Levi has been a well-known name to those who are into makeup, art, and photo editing. Though considered as a small content creator, Ash has been doing well in the field and amassing riches from her work, with a net worth of around $400,000. Of course, she earns quite a sum of it from selling her presets online.

Ash Levi holding a green drink with freckled makeup on.Levi's earnings come from brand sponsorship and endorsements, along with the preset packages she sells.
Photo Source: Ash Levi, Instagram

Levi has garnered over 202,000 subscribers on YouTube. Meanwhile, she has a very attractive and artistic feed on her Instagram page. With her eloquent pictures, she has been able to gather around 240,000 followers and has been an influential figure. The stunner has also been providing creator tips for beginners through her platform. She has an estimated average income of $1,000 per post through sponsorships.

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A photo editor, preset maker, and business owner, Ash has been adding more to her numbers through her business ventures. Although, she did get in tangled in controversy through no fault of her own. Acacia Kersey, who has a bigger following on social media, seemed to have bought her Lightroom presets and started using & selling as her own. Levi confronted her, and all of it ended up with Kersey quitting social media as an influencer. Here's the full story.

Is Ash Levi Single, Dating Anyone, or Married?

Ash Levi has been married to her long-time love Jayce Levi, a musician from New York. They met in 2013 at a BBQ party of their mutual friend. The two soon hit it off and moved in together. Ash first posted a picture of them together in 2016 captioned "somehow I have 1 photo of my makeup from yesterday. shicapalooza was not ok. MAKEUP: ::::".

Ash Levi (right) with her long-time husband Jayce Levi (left) dressing up as Dexter.Some might say they are perfect for each other.
Photo Source: Ash Levi, Instagram

The pair dated for almost 6 before getting married. They got engaged on November 18, 2018, and Ash has posted a picture of them together captioned, "this is the first day of my life ? @jaycedinoclub can’t wait to spend 4ever w u biotch xoxo <3". The couple then got married on February 14, 2019.  The couple has appeared on multiple vlogs on Ash's channel, with their couple makeup tutorials, vlogs, and Q&As.

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