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Oct 28, 2021 @ 16:53 EDT
Acacia Kersey’s Complete Controversial Influencer Life Before Quitting the Internet

Best known as the Tumblr girl, Acacia Clark Kersey, who also went by Acacia Brinley, is a social media personality. She has been on the internet for a long long time now and has made a career out of it as an influencer, vlogger, and entrepreneur as well. Despite being under the spotlight for quite a long time, Acacia has recently announced that she'll be quitting.

Born on October 22, 1997, in Boston, Massachusetts, Acacia was a bright and fun-loving child. Acacia belongs to a well-settled Christian family. Her father Richard Clark, mother Melissa Clark, brothers Peyton Clark & Keegan Clark, and adopted younger sister Maleia were quite supportive of her career choices, and it can be seen on multiple of her YouTube videos and Instagram posts.

Acacia Kersey Was a Social Media Personality Since She Was in Seventh Grade

Yes! Acacia Kersey is the famous Tumblr girl, who introduced the word "Tumblr Girl". Back when she was in grade seven, the young schoolgirl opened an account on Tumblr and uploaded her selfie. She became well-known for her pictures on Tumblr and her signature swept-across fringe. Her hallmark outfit was a sideways snapback cap, heavy eyeliner, and her tongue sticking out in the photos.

Acacia Kersey in her classic Tumblr post with a few tattoos.Tumblr propelled her to jump onto other social media platforms.
Photo Source: Acacia Kersey, Instagram

The young social figure always had a keen interest in singing. Thus, in 2015, then Acacia Brinley joined a pop band named Watercolor and was their lead vocalist. The band didn't last that long, but Acacia had her share of fame. The band had performed in a few shows and they disbanded quite quickly.

Kersey already had a YouTube channel in 2008. Young Acacia already had the spark to become a social media star, and without a doubt, she pursued it as her career. Her first video was posted in 2012 titled Acacia and Emily. She then went on to post a Daily Makeup Routine. The video now has around 2 million views and it officially started the lifestyle vlogger's YouTube career.

The now well-established vlogger posts included makeup tutorials, DIYs, lifestyle vlogs, family vlogs, travel vlogs, recipes, and her experiences. She is quite famous on the gram as well and was posting consistently until September 28 when she announced that she will be quitting. Kersey's page mostly includes pictures of her children. Acacia also did paid promotions and sold Lightroom preset packages through Instagram.

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Not just a social media influencer, Acacia also has credits as an actress. She has worked in multiple movies, which included her first one, 1-minute horrors, a TV series in 2015. Kersey then went on to play the role of Vigil in 2015's horror mini-series Flhaunt. In 2016, she was in the movie Another day in Paradise as Anastasia. Her final movie was 2017's American Satan where she played the role of Michelle.

Her celebrity acquaintances include Joe Jonas, Ed Sheeran, and Chris Pratt. She's also had breast augmentation, which she provided an update for in January 2021 on YouTube.

The 23-Year-Old Is Already a Mother of Three!

Yes, Acacia Kersey is already married and has three children. Before being married to her current husband, Acacia was in a relationship with musician Benn Suede. The two briefly broke up as fans were quick to notice them removing each other's names from their social media bio. The two hadn't spoken anything on the matter. Acacia has been rumored to have dated Michael Clifford and Sam Pottorff before dating Benn as well.

Acacia Kersey with her husband Jarius Kersey and three kids on a playground slide.This was Kersey's last post before quitting the internet.
Photo Source: Acacia Kersey, Instagram

Acacia met her husband Jairus Kersey, the lead vocalist of the band Alive Like Me, in 2015. Acacia was 17 and Jairus was 24 when they first met. The two then started dating and moved in to live together. The pair recently celebrated their three-year marriage anniversary in April 2021. Acacia wrote in her post, "3 years ago I married my Prince Charming. ? every day since has only gotten better and better." The two are happily married and can be seen in multiple videos on Acacia's channel.

Acacia has three children, Brinley, who was born in 2017, their second daughter Rosie born in April 2018, and son Cali born in October 2020. Acacia seems to have a pretty happy family, though controversies surrounding her children have been out and about time and again.

Acacia Kersey's Reputation As an Infamous Controversial Social Figure May Never Go Away

Though Acacia achieved success at a young age, she has also been one of the problematic influencers ever. She has been the topic of talk for numerous YouTubers and has received backlashes on multiple platforms over and over again.

Acacia first received hate on the internet due to her racist remarks. She had posted multiple videos where she had said that she was black, as a joke. Not just that but at the end of her videos, she used to utter out "Peace out n*****" as a catchphrase. Her fans were absolutely disgusted by her behavior and were quick to call her out. Acacia's stereotypical and racist captions under her friend's picture on Instagram added more to the ongoing issue.

Fans had also noticed how Acacia constantly questioned her adopted sister Maleia about what color she was. She referred to Maleia as black despite knowing that her sister doesn't prefer it. The lack of compassion and respect for her own sibling enraged the fans when they found it out, and they dragged her on all possible platforms. The video has been taken down from YouTube, but there is an entire thread on it on Twitter.

A young Acacia Kersey with her adopted sister Maleia as a newborn baby.Kersey's family adopted Maleia as a newborn.
Photo Source: Acacia Kersey, Instagram

Acacia then addressed the issue on Twitter, apologizing for her naiveness and claiming that she supports the black community and will show it through her actions. When she thought it was all going to be alright, a fan came out with a screenshot of how Acacia used her words in her apology post and wasn't very honest. Fans were quick to call her out on that as well, but she remained silent on all her platforms for quite a time.

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Amidst all of this Acacia decided to text a fan saying she was pregnant and trying to keep her anxiety at bay. Fans were angry at how she was manipulative and was trying to take attention off of the concerning issue. Acacia not just removed videos of her saying the slurs and tweets, she also deleted her Twitter account.

Facing Animal Abuse Accusations

Acacia Kersey has had a habit of changing her pets as per her aesthetics for the time being. Fans have shown their anger at how Acacia shouldn't be permitted to have another new pet. The lifestyle vlogger had three cats despite being allergic to them and re-homed them time and again. She has given multiple reasons for re-homing her cats from being allergic to them to not having space to keep them.

Later she adopted a hairless Sphinx cat, which she ultimately re-homed saying she wasn't ready. The cat's new owner revealed that its teeth had to be taken out because it had gingivitis, due to a lack of care. Fans have continuously called her out to talk about the issue, but she has run away from it and has blocked multiple fans who question her.

After having multiple issues with cats and ultimately giving them up, Acacia Kersey moved on to dogs. Acacia initially had a dog named Jabba. She had him in around 2013-2014 but eventually gave him up, stating that her mother made her give him away. Supposedly, the reason was that she was moving around a lot and she was never home to take care of him. She clarified it in a tweet.

Acacia Kersey with her two dogs, Lucy and Eva.She later got two dogs, and of course, it happened again.
Photo Source: Acacia Kersey, Instagram

Years later, Acacia got another puppy of the same breed as Jabba and named him Tibbers. Many people pointed out that she had just gotten rid of a dog that looked similar, less than two years ago, but she stated that she was then ready. As fans called her out on it again, Kersey was as quick as Flash to block and silence them.

Not too later, after they got two more dogs: Luci and Eva. She had three pups in total while she claimed that she had no space to keep her two cats before. As fans knew Acacia's ways, they were quick to predict what would happen to the dogs, and eventually of course, she gave up Tibbers and Eva and has only kept Luci.

Fans have been enraged at how Kersey treate her dogs. Clips of Acacia shouting at and mistreating her dogs have also been out, and as for her defense, she had quoted, "He is a happy dog."

Kersey Is Accused of Scamming Multiple People and Even Companies

Acacia has apparently scammed multiple people and companies time and again. She has also been sued due to the very reason. Back in 2017, Acacia was sued by the Miranda Dunn London coat company for scamming them. As the company's spokesperson said, Acacia bought seven fur coats for her wedding and refused all requests for payment. Acacia then posted a tweet saying that they sent her promotional coats worth $3,700 and then billed her.

Acacia Kersey with her husband Jarius Kersey during their wedding day.Mrs. Kersey was pregnant with their second child when they got married.
Photo Source: Acacia Kersey, Instagram

It was revealed that Acacia ordered the coats in exchange for promotion, and neither did she promote the company nor pay them. The issue just cooled down and no one knows what happened in the end. It might be how one ends up in a Charlotte Dobre video.

The Instagram famous mom-of-three created a Depop account a while ago to sell her clothes. However, it came out to light that someone had bought Acacia's item, and she was unreachable. She again came out with a tweet clearing the situation and explaining how she exceeded the time frame of sending items and her account got suspended. Fans were enraged because of her negligence and lack of accountability.

Acacia Was Accused of Neglecting One of Her Kids Over the Others

The list just goes on and on. Kersey has been accused of neglecting her daughter Rosie and discriminating among her children. Fans have noticed time and again how Rosie is left by herself on the floor and Acacia has always come up with different reasons. There are controversies surrounding Rosie's medical condition as well. Fans believe that Acacia neglected Rosie's symptoms and that she wasn't given proper medical attention when needed. Rosie suffers from a condition called Alagille Syndrome and has had heart and lungs surgery early on.

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Fans have pointed out multiple times how Rosie is left unattended, neglected, and not taken proper care of. There are multiple videos calling Acacia out on this matter as well. Acacia has also been accused of using her children to sell adult toys. Fans have found videos of Rosie on adult sites and Acacia has replied to it with, "Its just picture of a fully clothed newborn."

Acacia Kersey Stole a Smaller Influencer's Lightroom Presets

Recently, Acacia Kersey has been accused of stealing presets of a smaller creator named Ash Levi. The issue has fueled all other Acacia Kersey controversies as well. Acacia claimed to have made her newly released preset packages until Ash Levi came up with proofs and confronted her. Ash Levi has posted a brief video on the topic and explained what actually had happened. The preset packages were taken down and controversies about Acacia not refunding the exact amount had come up. Here's the full story.

Acacia Kersey Has Quitting the Internet: She Has Had Enough

The 23-year-old influencer announced her departure from the platform on Instagram and her commitment to being a full-time stay-at-home mom. Kersey took to Instagram on September 28 to share a photo of herself and her family, as well as the reason for her departure. She writes, "There are a plethora of reasons that have led me to this decision. This role has done an immense amount of damage to me, my relationships, my financial stability, and my view of the world."

Acacia Kersey with one of her children in her hand and her other child in a stroller.Levi instantly recognized a few of her presets.
Photo Source: Acacia Kersey, Instagram

Acacia's current issue of stealing Ash Levi's presets caused even more hatred and controversy, and the act became the final straw for her. Her fans sympathize with her after she revealed that her online job has only caused her harm and that she doesn't know what to do without it. The audience continues to demand that she accept responsibility for her errors and make amends. It remains to be seen.

Acacia Kersey Net Worth: She Is Thought to Have Been Having Financial Difficulties

With over a decade on the internet, Acacia Kersey's main source of income has been social media through sponsorships and endorsements and thus is estimated to be worth $500,000. She has been earning her through her job as an influencer alone.

With around 870,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel (acaciacutie), Kersey had an estimated income of $1,900 per video through sponsorships before her choice to quit social media. Aside from her usual once-in-a-while videos, she does have a few apology videos. Of course, she has removed quite a lot of them, and it can be seen in the various dips in her YouTuber viewer and subscriber trends.

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Similarly, accompanied by 2 million followers on her Instagram page (acaciakersey), Kersey had an estimated earning of $5,300 per post. She does multiple promotional and sponsored posts adding up her numbers. But one more post after announcing her departure from the internet, she has gone completely blank there too. She had a Twitch account (saybrin), but you know where this goes.

Due to her recent controversy surrounding the Lightroom presets, it has been revealed that she's having a financial crisis. Thus, her net worth, for the time being, could be below well the estimated amount.

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