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Nov 23, 2019 @ 13:31 EST
Brenda Song, Girlfriend of Macaulay Culkin, Known for Disney's 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' has a net worth of $7 million.

Brenda Song has been a very influential Disney star. 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' is one of over 20 Disney projects she was a part of. Learn how much net worth she accumulated & earned in her career in Disney, as well as her first job as a model and her charity involvements.

Brenda Song is known for being involved in over 20 different Disney projects, most notably with the role of the spoiled heiress, London Tipton (that she got without an audition), on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Despite the character being her fantasy person, she is actually talented, meaning in the school (actually home-school) as well. But as soon as she entered the acting/modeling scene, she's not disappointed with the viewers. She's one of the few Disney stars with the least controversial life ever, after all.

Born on March 27, 1988 [age 32], in Carmichael, California, Brenda Julietta Song started off her career as an elementary student after being spotted by a modeling agent while she was out shopping with her family. After appearing in numerous commercials, she began acting as a child actor, and since the contract with Disney in 2002, she's been a continuous face in the Disney world. For now, she is popular for being the voice of the lead character, 13-year-old Anne Boonchuy, on Disney's Amphibia.

Brenda Song in a chair like a Royal in red dress. Her Net worth is staggering.It is actually a heels commercial.
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Single-handedly representing Asian Americans to the TV viewers that need a certain impression, and being denied the script for Crazy Rich Asians for allegedly being so seamless with her characters that she doesn't even feel Asian-y, Song earned the rich kid title since a long time ago. With high-grossing and high-paying roles, her net worth would seem too underrated but still mighty impressive.

Brenda Song Extended Her Net Worth to $7 Million in 2019 as She Ranked #5 on Forbes Hollywood's Top-Paid Tweens List in 2006

Brenda Song collected an accurate estimated $7 million net worth (as of November 2019) with over two decades of career in the acting and modeling industry as well as with endorsement deals and public appearances. Her richness has been recognized numerous times. Forbes listed her #7 on Top Young Earners and #5 on Hollywood's Top-Paid Tweens in 2006. She'd earned $5.5 million by that time already. People Magazine also listed her on Hollywood's Richest Kids as #7 in 2005 and #5 in 2006.

Cole Sprouse, Ashley Tisdale, Brenda Song and Dylan Sprouse sitting on a stair handle for The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody.The Suite Life of Zack and Cody with Dylan Sprouse, Ashley Tisdale and Cole Sprouse was the biggest fuel for Brenda's net worth.
Source: Everett Collection, Disney

The primary source of income for the black belt holder in Tae Kwon Do is acting, getting paid the most by her Disney stint with The Suite Life and Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warriors.  Besides, her modeling career has been hugely successful, beginning since three and once topping TV Guide's 20 Hottest Young Stars to Watch for four continuous years. She's also been involved in numerous charity events throughout her career.

Associating with Disney obviously invited the American actress (with a Thai and Hmong ethnic background as opposed to many assuming she's Chinese or Korean or Filippino) to a music career as well. But instead of singing, she appeared in several music videos. But she did perform Bop to the Top and Really Great (which became the theme song for London Tipton's Yay Me! show). Let's not count the fact that she purposely sang poorly to reflect her character on The Suite Life series.

Song Is a Model on the Side, Her First Job That Rose Her to #3 on the Maxim Magazine's Asian Hot 100 in 2008

The Stuck in the Suburbs star was three when she started modeling, which she knew she wanted to back then. But the real opportunity came calling in the supermarket when a modeling school owner (who was scouting for young models) spotted her and asked to her join his school. The financially struggling parents agreed after initially denying her followed by a funny deal that she'd eat her medicine.

Brenda Song for Regard Magazine photoshoot May 2017.Brenda Song for the Regard Magazine photoshoot May 2017.
Source: Fernando Rodriguez, Regard Magazine

A Little Caesar's Pizza commercial was her first entry into the TV world which she did in San Francisco in 1993/94. Her regular commercial work got her the chance to try her first actual acting work, for which she had to move to Los Angeles. Since the commercials, she's modeled regularly when she not on the set for some movie or TV gig.

First magazine cover — Popstar! Magazine April 2004 Issue
Teen People 25 Hottest Stars Under 25, 2005
Queen of Disney by CosmoGIRL! and Popstar! Magazine
Teen People 25 Hottest Stars Under 25, 2006
Interview Magazine's Hollywood Faces to Watch 'Future Stars of Tomorrow' — #5, 2006
Abercrombie & Fitch Kids (A&F Kids) and Calvin Klein Kids model
Maxim magazine's Asian Hot 100 - #10, 2006
Maxim magazine's Asian Hot 100 - #5, 2007
Maxim magazine's Asian Hot 100 - #3, 2008
Hottest Teen Female Star - #5, 2006
TV Guide's 20 Hottest Young Stars to Watch

Song's Acting Success Got Her Whole Family to Afford Living in LA; The Earnings

When the sister of two younger brothers got the chance at acting in TV series, her mother moved to LA for her, but the rest stayed back in Sacramento. The first role was in Thunder Alley in September 1994, which she reprised for one more episode in May 1995. In between, she also appeared on a Fudge episode, followed by another one in September 1995. She got a small role in Santa with Muscles in 1995 before obtaining a recurring job as a panelist in Small Talk the next year.

Watch: Brenda Song as a Child Actor in 7th Heaven (2000)

With modeling on the side, Song was earning quite well for her age and eventually, her success allowed the rest of her family to permanently move to LA in 1996. One-episode roles in a dozen more TV series for the next six years, that went along with her recurring role on 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd,  got her the recognition from Disney, and they approached her with a contract.

Beginning with Get a Rule (2002) with Lindsay Lohan, she appeared in For the People (2002), That's So Raven (2003), the Lilo & Stitch series (voice, 2003), One on One (2003), Phil of the Future (2003), Stuck in the Suburbs (2004), before getting the role of the decade with The Suite Life of Zack & Cody in 2005. She got it without audition with a surprise of Ashley Tisdale also working on the show.

Brenda Song and Ashley Tisdale are great friends.Ashley Tisdale was already great friends with Brenda Song before being cast in 'The Suite Life'.
Source: Disney

London Tipton has been so far her biggest character which she so flawlessly did and got her $2.8 million for the 87 episodes she did for three years on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (2005-2008) and $3.5 million for the 71 episodes she appeared for three more years in its spin-off The Suite Life on Deck (2008-2011). In between, she also added $1.2 million to her net worth for the title role on the Disney movie, Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warriors (2006).

The glam life continued on for her and the Suite Life crew, including Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse and Tisdale, with whom she worked in a Phineas & Ferb episode. You'd think it was silent for her after that, but aside from that rocky relationship with Trace Cyrus (brother of Miley Cyrus) in 2011-13, she was still living the life of luxury. Although there were no major roles to add up to her net worth, she would also act out of Disney.

Recurring roles in Scandal (2013), New Girl (2013), Dads (2013-2015) and Pure Genius (2016-17) were still there. The latter ones were all lead cast roles. She also starred in Boogie Town (2012) and Take It from Us (2015) movies. Then in 2016, she was added to the cast of Changeland which would become a comeback role for her. She met her current boyfriend, fellow child actor most notable from Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin, whom she immediately started dating, connecting on the very fact of being former child actors.

Brenda Song is dating Macaulay Culkin while enjoying a romantic holiday.Brenda Song is dating Macaulay Culkin since 2016, and they are still together in 2019.
Source: BackGrid

As the relationship with Culkin continued spectacularly (going as far as moving in) and the movie was released in June 2019, new lead roles came calling. She is currently fulfilling her voice roles on Disney's Amphibia and its spin-off Teen Girl in a Frog World, alongside working as Madison Maxwell with Kat Dennings as Jules Wiley in Dollface. Add those earnings to her net worth.

Brenda Song's Endorsement Deals and Continuous Move Towards Philanthropy and Charity

In her early years, the three-time captain in the Disney Channel Games (and supporting the Make-a-Wish Foundation) had deals coming in from all sides, which was also a factor in her being #5 on Hottest Teen Female Star in 2006. Aside from endorsing for modeling for A&F and Calvin Klein Kids, she was the spokesperson of the clothing brand OP in 2011 and also the celebrity endorser of Walt Disney Company's Disney Cruise Line in 2010.

Disney's infamous trend of teenagers turned spoiled celebrities takes a turn in Brenda. She is not involved in any sandals of sorts or has the habit of drugs or illicit activities. Besides, she constantly donates to various charity organizations. In 2006, she was awarded an honorary award from World of Change for hosting in its annual fashion show fundraiser to benefit Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services. She was already associated with the environmental campaign, Disney's Friends for Change, featuring in several commercials for them.

Brenda Song at the Stand Up To Cancer Live event in Santa Monica 09/07/2018Brenda Song at the Stand Up To Cancer Live event in Santa Monica 09/07/2018
Source: Alamy

In 2006, she modeled for clothes as part of the 13th Annual Race to Erase M.S. charity event. She also participated in The 10th Annual L.A. Cancer Challenge in 2007. She participated in the YMCA Healthy Kids Day in 2016 & 2017. In 2008, she became a part of the Power of Youth Carnival as a benefit for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. She also hosted Disney special daily segment, Pass the Plate, in 2007 to help families learn about nutrition and healthy living.

Brenda Song has been a role model for the young generation as she appeared in a Our Time to Vote commercial with several other celebrities to encourage Americans to vote during the 2008 presidential election. In 2009, she participated in the Diet Pepsi Easter Holiday House event, in which she decorated an egg that actually was sold in an online auction to benefit Feeding America. Add to that, the moment she had to file a libel suit of $100,000 in damages in 2008 when her photo was used in an ad for an escort agency in the LA Weekly. Defendant Vanessa Sena agreed to pay $16,000 in damages in 2009 for her.

In addition, she was named the Most Powerful Girl in Hollywood by US Weekly in 2006 and 2007. But the biggest thing she could have done for someone else was for her brother. She once saved her younger brother Timmy Song from drowning.

Watch: Brenda Song Through the Years Before Being the Lead Voice on 'Amphibia'

The 5'2" actress has really got it going for her. With impeccable comedic acts for two decades already, she is actually living the life of riches. House-hunting with boyfriend Culkin in 2019 has been fun too. The new roles will keep piling up her net worth, but settling down with him maybe the next big thing in her life.

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