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May 17, 2022 @ 11:18 EDT
An Erica Titus Fact You Would Not Believe and More | Celeb$fortune & Net Worth 2022

The craze of TikTok has been growing so much that even the attempts of the ex-president of the United States, Donald Trump could not stop the TikTok influencers from flourishing on this platform. And among them is the 19-year-old Erika M. Titus or Erika Titus who is one of the aspiring icons on this video-sync platform.

Born in Hawaii, Titus has over 2.2 million followers on her TikTok account with over 190.5 million likes. Besides, she is also popular as the younger sister of TikTok star, Kirsten Titus. Talking about her idol, she is a huge fan of the Korean boy band, BTS, and has even attended their concert recently.

Some Interesting Facts You Should Know About Erika Titus: Education, Ethnicity, Siblings, Parents, Religion.

With a birth date of September 2, 2002, Erika Titus was born to an American father and Asian mother and is of White-Filipino-Japanese-Korean ethnicity. Apart from her influencer sister, Kirsten Titus, she also has an elder brother named Jacob who is studying acting at the University of Florida with a full-bright scholarship which she is proud of.

Erika Titus (right) taking a selfie with her brother Jacob Titus (left) while she is holding a BTS plaque in front of her.Erika with her brother, Jake. The two sisters rarely post pictures of their family, except on occasions, of course.
Photo Source: Erika Titus, Instagram

Talking about her educational qualification, she passed her high school from the local public school and is now studying Bachelor's Degree in Communications at Brigham Young University just like her sister. Unlike Kirsten, she is not so great at her studies. She and her whole family are believers in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Mormonism.

Erika Titus' Net Worth In 2022: A TikTok Account Especially for Her Crying Videos

As per estimating sources, Erika Titus holds a net worth of $400,000 thanks to her increasing fan following on social media. She forayed into the social-media scene through YouTube in March 2015, however, has not uploaded any video after her first video titled, Get to know me.

She then joined Instagram and later turned to TikTok and now she has millions of fan followers thanks to this video-sharing app. She makes an average of $1,600 per sponsored post from her TikTok account, Erika (@erikatitus). She has garnered millions of views on her clothing, skincare, and dance videos on her page and has collaborated with brands like Sephora, EyeBuyDirect, and so on.

Erika Titus putting her hands back while standing and smiling at the camera.Some of her followers would like her to be a model.
Photo Source: Erika Titus, Instagram

Additionally, Titus also has another TikTok account (@iamcryingonceagain) where she posts especially crying videos of herself remembering sad incidents, and bickering about life and her problems. She has garnered over 462,000 followers and 13.3 million likes on this account.

Likewise, the 5'7" tall influencer has over 349,000 followers on her Instagram page, Erika (@erikamtitus) where she has posted over 106 times. She earns around $1,300 per post on her Instagram page strictly through sponsorships and endorsements.

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Most of her posts on Instagram are related to traveling and daily life of fun. Among all, her snap with singer-businesswoman Rihanna and the picture of herself attending the BTS concert are the most popular among the fans. Besides, her sister, Kirsten Titus also amasses a net worth of $650,000.

Erika Titus Has Kissed More Guys Than Her Sister, Apparently

Yes, you heard it right. The innocent-looking Erika Titus who claims to have not dated any boy till date is not so naive when it comes to relationships and all. In fact, she has kissed more boys than Kirsten which her big sister revealed on one of her TikTok.

Erika Titus carrying her sister Kirsten Titus on her back in a dry desert morning background.The pair post most of their TikTok clips together.
Photo Source: Erika Titus, Instagram

Besides, she has a long list of traits that her boyfriend should have if he wants to date Erika including the criteria that he must be from Hawaii. What's more, her sister got into headlines for ditching her ex-boyfriend through a Spotify playlist in the year 2017. While most people thought Titus' idea of breaking up was hilarious including her ex, others commented that it was a cruel way to break someone's heart, and she even got death threats for her action.

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