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May 15, 2022 @ 9:13 EDT
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What are the two things that do not go together? Pepperoni and Muffin!!! And that's how Kirsten Titus (b. Sept. 29, 1997) came up with the name "pepperonimuffin" for her TikTok account with 6.3 million followers. Kirsten who is popular as pepperonimuffin is an aspiring TikToker, YouTuber, and social media personality.

From ruling the internet with her entertaining TikTok to being viral for her leaked flashing video, Titus has always been the talk of the town. Even before TikTok fame, she was already into headlines for ditching her then-boyfriend through a Spotify playlist.

The 24-year-old even has a unique name for her fans, Sailor Corndogs, while calling herself "Captain Corndog". Titus, who is originally from Hawaii, moved to Utah to join Utah Valley University and then transferred to Brigham Young University after her freshman year.

Kirsten Titus' Family Background, Ethnicity, Mormon Faith

Born to an American father and Asian mother, Kirsten is of White-Filipino-Japanese-Korean ethnicity. Her older brother, Jacob is studying acting at the University of Florida with a full-right scholarship, and her younger sister, Erika M. Titus, is also a TikToker with over 2 million followers.

Kirsten Titus (right) with her Korean grandmother (left) both presenting the Korean symbol for 'I Love You' with their fingers.Her grandmother is clearly Korean.
Photo Source: Kirsten Titus, Instagram

Talking about her religious belief, Kirsten is a Mormon. In fact, she even served a mission for 18 months where she basically spread the gospels and teachings of Jesus Christ. During that period, she was not allowed to talk to her parents and could only communicate through emails and call twice a year.

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Even though this rule has now changed as you can call your parents once every week, she thinks the previous rule is better as it helped them to fully focus only on what they were doing. Besides, Titus does not prefer to talk about her mission as she gets a lot of negative comments, calling her cult member and blaming her for pushing her beliefs in someone else. Well, even Mormons scold her in the comments saying she does not even act like someone who served on a mission.

Kirsten Might Change Her Career Path From TikToker to Teacher

Yes, you heard it right. Kirsten Titus, who is ruling the TikTok world with her comedic rants, high energy, and personal style videos, may become a teacher in near future. It's not a surprise considering the fact that she already changed her major five times by now.

Growing up, she did theatre during all her high school due to which she decided to pursue a career in theatre, but as she was not into singing and dancing, which being in the theatre requires, she decided to withdraw from it. Then, Titus decided to choose a film major after watching Buzzfeed videos, which, having researched, she came to know that most of the BuzzFeed celebrities surprisingly majored in films.

Kirsten Titus holding a hat in her hands while looking at the camera in a two-piece beachwear.With the current trend in her social media follower count, there might not be any turning back.
Photo Source: Kirsten Titus, Instagram

As she had ADHD for a very long time, Kirsten could not focus nor sit through the full movie which made her give up on film. After that, she joined Journalism as she was decent in public speaking, and people around her complimented her voice saying she sounded like a news reporter. She even did an internship at a news station and realized that she did not have a passion for journalism.

Being a person with ADHD and suffering from an eating disorder herself, Titus then studied psychology with the aim of preventing eating disorders with awareness. But she had a change of mind as it instead depressed her as talking about her eating disorder took her back to a bad place in her life, and she even had to relive the moment which she suffered all her life.

The TikTok star then took a two-year gap from school as she had to go on a mission. After returning from the mission, she finally joined the public relations field, not because she liked it, but because her best friend had graduated from the same program. But, she still thinks this program is not a fit for her.

For now, Kirsten is happy making money with the content creation stuff, given the fact that her fans or say 'bestie corndogs' are even helping her to get brand deals by commenting or dm-ing the brands personally. But in near future, if anything gets wrong, she had a backup plan to get a teaching degree.

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Still though, she recently graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's Degree in 'Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a double minor in Psychology and Non-profit Management' in December 2021. The mouthful of a degree clearly shows her indecisiveness with different fields. In her graduation post, she stated that she had no plans to do anything with the degree, captioning, "What do I plan on doing with this degree? Absolutely nothing".

Kirsten Had a Creative Way to Break Up Via Spotify

Kirsten Titus is not only creative in making content for TikTok but also has a unique way to ditch a guy over a Spotify. The YouTuber started dating Wyatt Hall, 20 at the time, whom she met through a mutual friend at Brigham Young University. However, realizing they were better off as friends, she cleverly organized a Spotify playlist to dump her beau in 2017.

Kirsten Titus in a hot tub designed with a Grand Canyon background looking away from the camera.For now, she is living a study-free, 'possibly' single life.
Photo Source: Kirsten Titus, Instagram

She arranged the 10 different songs in a playlist and sent the picture of the playlist to his Snapchat. The playlist goes as:

"Do You... / Still / Want To / Kiss Me / Because / I Am / Kinda Lovin / Someone Else  / But / We Can Still Be Friends."

To add fuel to the fame, her sister Erika shared the picture of Kirsten's breakup playlist on her Twitter, explaining how her older sister hilariously ditched her boyfriend. While most people thought Titus' idea of breaking up was brilliant, others commented that it was a cruel way to break someone's heart, and she even got death threats for her action.

Thankfully, Hall had a good sense of humor and shared how hilarious he found her break-up playlist. So with no grudges held, they are still friends. What's more, he even replied by making a Spotify list dedicating Titus which includes only one very explicit song — STFU by Mansionz.

Her 'Sailor Corndogs' Are Doing Everything to Increase Kirsten Titus' Net Worth

As per different estimating sources, Kirsten Titus holds a net worth of around $650,000 thanks to her huge fan-following social media presence. Being a social media influencer, her major source of income is obviously brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Titus forayed into the TikTok scene in December 2020 and already garnered over 2 million followers in just four months (amazing right?). She posted her first TikTok (now-deleted as she had shared her personal info) in December 2020 when she had only six followers, however, it went viral and got over 5 million views in a short time.

Kirsten Titus (bottom right) in a group photo during an event for Fenty Beauty with Rihanna (center).She has her connections too, of course.
Photo Source: Kirsten Titus, Instagram

As per estimating sources, Titus makes an average of $4,500 per sponsored post from her TikTok account, Kirsten (@pepperonimuffin), with 6.3 million followers. Apart from posting POV, hauls, and comedy videos, she also shares what it's like to live in Hawaii.

If you scroll through her TikTok, then you will surely know how she loves to interact with her followers. Her kind personality and down-to-earth nature have helped her share a strong bond with her "Sailor Corndogs". Her loyal followers even help her get the brand deals and sponsorships by commenting or personally messaging the brands to which she is very thankful.

To carry forward her TikTok fame, Titus launched her self-titled YouTube channel, Kirsten K Titus on March 4, 2021. She now has nearly 240,000 subscribers through which she earns around $400 per video through ad revenue. Besides, Kirsten is also active on her homogenous Instagram page, @kirstentitus, where she has over 625,000 followers and gathers around $2,500 per post through sponsorships.

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