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May 28, 2021 @ 12:59 EDT
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Artist Faline San Is Unique in So Many Ways. Get to Know Her Wikipedia, Nationality, Age, Net Worth

Faline San is a YouTuber and digital creator from Malaysia best known for appearing with a masked face in the entirety of her social media presence, without fail. However, her social media presence was established with her vibrant and colorful art on Instagram, with a separate account dedicated to her work before she started YouTube.

Beyond her art, how she goes about her YouTube videos and Twitter posts is quite unique, which probably is the reason fans are drawn to her. Even the profile photo across all her social media pages depicts her holding a 'help' sign. Whether it's sarcastic or originally wasn't, only she knows.

As a background, Faline San was born on April 30, 2004, in Penang, Malaysia, and continues going to school aside from bursting up on all her social media platforms. She also has a brother, Ethan, who she was not particularly thrilled about starting a YouTube channel. Why? He too likely prefers his mask to be his signature look.

What Is Faline San's Net Worth? How Big Is Her Social Media Presence?

Faline San's real name is as far as she is from any of us, but it seems she also goes by the name Loraline on her Instagram page for her art pieces. Still, this is only her social media name, she is not ready to divulge her real one yet.

Faline San holding down her spectacles.Some also recognize her as Floraline.
Photo Source: Faline San, Instagram

As there is only a rise for Faline San, her net worth is currently estimated at $100,000 coming from the short time she's been on social media. Of course, she will contest to it, considering it's just an estimation. But she does have big plans for when she does get richer than she is now.

The 17-year-old hasn't yet started creating merchandise for her fans, but she said she has drawn a few hoodie designs for merch. Her exams are running at this point, but it's just a matter of time. She also has professed her desire to give away money for charities when she gets rich. Here's an admirable statement for you.

Faline San has only recently skyrocketed her YouTube following, but her first video on the platform blew up because of her work as an artist on Instagram. Her first account was for her digital art also named Faline San but with a ☾ symbol at the end. That account currently has over 214,000 followers. She is fairly regular with her art, when there are no exams keeping her busy.

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On her primary Instagram account, she has just over 34,000 followers, but it's a more recent one with her first post coming in September 2020 before her second popular video calling out an animated story channel dropped on YouTube. She can make around $900 to sponsor a post on Instagram at the moment.

Faline San marched on to YouTube in August 2020 after the animated story channel called Real Life Talk took one of her designs from Instagram, the Facebook girl from a collection of "social media apps as girls", and traced it for one of their videos. She always wanted to make a YouTube video, and not sure if she expected it, but it blew up on YouTube, gaining over 1.8 million views and other YouTubers covering her story as well.

Faline San's Facebook girl art from her social media apps as girls collection.The original vs the traced Facebook girl.
Photo Source: ?????? ??? ☾, Instagram

Her second video about the same channel came a month later after they traced another social media app girl, Instagram this time. It's gained another 1 million+ views. But her latest video is the most popular one yet, with over 3.5 million followers and an interesting story to tell.

In those moments of surges, she's also gained a significant number of new subscribers. She had barely 125,000 subscribers before that early May video. But her channel reached 300,000 subscribers only a week after the video and marked another milestone number of 400,000 the same weekend. She currently has just about 450,000 subscribers and is targeting the 1 million number. She can make over $3,000 video with her popularity at the moment.

She is most active on Twitter with just under 5,000 followers and a TikTok account for her art with just over 10,000 followers.

Don't Let the Mask Fool You, She Isn't Afraid to Speak Her Mind

When she's not declaring her indifference to the color green, Faline San makes a strong point about never taking her mask off, obviously, it's special when she is filming or taking photos. And there have been a group of haters who weren't big fans of the feature. There is not a single moment throughout any of her photos or videos with her mask off.

She Had a Little Fun of Her Own When Someone Tried to Troll Her

There isn't much point in trying to call Faline San out for "hiding behind a mask". Because some have tried and horribly failed. In her most popular YouTube video, A hate group bullied me so I annoyed them back lol, she detailed how she dealt with one such group trying to mess with her.

Faline San with the text "Oh that's prison worthy" written to her right....
Photo Source: Faline San, Instagram

Like the title says, she did one heck of a job retaliating against her offenders. Instead of getting furious at them, she juggled with their clueless minds and toyed with the entire group's plans of embarrassing influencers with a considerable-sized following. It's better to just watch the video.

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Despite the 3.5 million views, she declared in the video that she would not be making a video if anyone else tries to harass her on social media, especially if it's just for the sake of a video of their own. But considering her past popular videos, if there comes a time she needs to speak up, she might not hesitate to call them out in a video. But she will keep the mask on.

Handling Offensive Actions From Random People

There's probably so much going on behind the scene of teenage online stars that no one knows about. But thanks to Faline San, some of them are out there. While she put out her business email on social media for the purpose it should serve, these people have signed her up for some ridiculous platforms using her email.

Faline San during the making of her presentation for her video on why green is the "worst" color.She really doesn't want green anywhere near her. But she likes the shade that she's wearing.
Photo Source: Faline San, Instagram

Someone signed her up for Walmart, which she says is nowhere near where she lives (she said in one video that she was in Vietnam. And one stupidly bold user signed her up on an adult website. And what did she do? She posted the confirmation email on Twitter. Someone even portrayed her as their mom to sign up for Roblox.

Followers have praised her for how she's handling the harassment that she received on social media. As an emerging influencer, she says it is the first time she's getting such actions from random people.

No, She Won't Do a Face Reveal, Much Less Talk About If She Has a Boyfriend

By now, it's clear Faline San isn't interested in revealing her full face yet, considering she wore a double mask just enough for a straw to get in to even drink Kool Aid on camera. And it will be even harder to get anything about her real name. Plus, she doesn't want random people to dig up her personal information. All she's casually revealed on social media is what she wants people to know.

Faline San's first Instagram post on her Art page. An animated version of her she did herself.Here's how she looks like, "except im uglier irl," she says. Everyone disagrees.
Photo Source: ?????? ??? ☾, Instagram

However, she has done one face reveal video on YouTube alongside a story from way past her childhood. But as it is to be expected, she only showed her face as a kindergartener. To be fair, she didn't misdirect viewers with the title, (youngster) FACE REVEAL; she did what she said.

Faline San as a child sticking her tongue out.Her impulsiveness to stick her tongue out for every photo was duly noted.
Photo Source: Faline San, Twitter

As is obvious, subscribers will wonder if Faline San has a boyfriend. But it is obvious that there will be no tea spilling out of her. Regardless, it is highly likely that she is single, based on how she approaches relationships. All in good fun. She'll be the judge of whether she is ready to be open about it.

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