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Jan 5, 2020 @ 17:20 EST
Martin Henderson's girlfriend, Helen Randag has a net worth of only $100,000, but Henderson is worth $6 million. Image Source:

Ever since another stellar performance by actor Martin Henderson was released via Jack Sheridan in Virgin River on Netflix, fans have been dying to know who his wife is (after the search for the second season's spoilers, that is). The truth is, he's not married yet. But don't rejoice on that ladies; he's already shipped to his girlfriend, Helen Randag.

Born in June 1970 [age 50] in England, Helen Randag is known for being the current girlfriend of Grey's Anatomy and Secrets & Lies star Martin Henderson. But she has a career of her own. She is a producer/director, an arts patron and ran a charity organization for 24 years. She's also achieved feats you may be surprised to know, but her net worth seems too modest.

Helen Randag's Net Worth Is $100,000, But Her Boyfriend Is a Multimillionaire

As of January 2020, Helen Randag's personal net worth is, by extreme estimation, around $100,000. She is a fine-art graduate from Goldsmiths College and has also taken steps into the film industry. But much of her wealth is attributed to inheritance from her grandfather back in 1995.

Helen Randag Net worth photos.Helen Randag inherited some money from her grandfather.
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Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Henderson has a whopping net worth of $6.5 million. There's more to come when Virgin River Season 2 really kicks off. His journey from his home country New Zealand t0 Australia to finally the US was not a spontaneous one. Check out his net worth piece for all the details.

The Relationship Between Martin Henderson and Girlfriend Helen Randag

Extremely private is the term required to describe the dating relationship between the Kiwi actor and Randag. On top of already being personally private and declaring he wants to live like any other normal person (and not be treated like a huge star), details of his relationship also is little-known, other than the fact that they are in a very strong place right now.

However, when it comes to introducing the world of his date, he gave the fan-community a shock back in mid-September 2017 when he declared his love for Helen via an Instagram post. "Out with my bae - I love you darling," he wrote as the caption. She also responded with, "I love you too my darling." But she's deactivated her Instagram account right now. Since then, they've been going strong and attending events together, while still remaining low-key about it.

Martin Henderson and his girlfriend Helen Randag in black&white photo.Henderson finally revealed his girlfriend, Helen Randag, in 2017.
Source: Martin Henderson, Instagram

Another thing Henderson revealed about relationships is that he would actually like to get married and have kids. But he won't go out and just do it for the sake of fulfilling his desire. He'll pop the question when he's ready.

He told the NZ Herald in 2016, "I've always wanted kids, but I never felt ready. I wasn't mature enough to have them earlier. It would've felt more of a burden, whereas today I'm at an age where spending time with kids or my nephews is wonderful. But I'm not going to rush out and do it for the sake of it."

"I don't think having a family is the answer to anything, but more a complement to life," he continued. "I'd rather find the right woman first, but life's funny - I might find someone and they can't have kids. So I don't want to get hung up on the idea because then if I met someone who couldn't, I'd feel like I was being denied something."

Randag Was Previously Married

Henderson had had his fair share of public relationships, but he's determined to keep this one to himself. However, Randag was married way before this relationship started. Back in the '90s, when she inherited from her grandfather, she was married to an unknown individual. Records show her name was Helen Thorpe back then, also aligning with her former Instagram page name.

HELEN THORPE, Art13 London First night, Olympia Grand Hall, London. 28 February 2013.Helen Randag at the Art13 London First night in Olympia Grand Hall, London, on 28 February 2013.
Photo from: Dafydd Jones

Regardless of what happened in the past, it's safe to say, she's moved on to something big since then and having the best time with her boyfriend. There's a chance the two would get married soon. Like he said, he's at his age to be a father. Wait is all you have to do.

Entry Into the Film Industry - Helen Randag Owns a Film Production Company

While Martin Henderson's been around the game for a very long time, with over 40 acting credits to his name, his girlfriend, Helen Randag, is relatively new to the industry. But that doesn't mean she's a rookie or anything. On April 23, 2013, she officially founded her own film production company, Midheaven Productions Ltd. It was initially named Midheaven Films Ltd. until it was changed less than a month later.

With Midheaven, the 50-year-old is credited of being the writer, director and producer of a short movie titled, Portrait of a Star. It debuted on February 13, 2014, at BAFTA. According to the records, the company was said to have dissolved on April 9, 2019.

On the contrary, another record shows 'Helen Thorpe' as the director of Midheaven Productions Ltd. with the incorporation date given as July 22, 2019. It makes perfect sense, and we believe it was just re-established by Randag after it was dissolved due to certain financial issues. Because well, the company was part of the production team for the 2019 short movie, It's Me, with Randag working as the director and an executive producer.

She Opened 'The Helen Randag Charitable Foundation' after Inheriting from Her Japanese Grandfather

Ever wonder why Helen has such an Asian-y look about her? Yes, that's exactly because her ethnicity is also part Japanese. Helen's grandfather, Koto Matsudaira, was an avid art collector and a Japanese diplomat. When he passed away in early 1995, she was the one who inherited his money after his passing. It was not such a huge amount, but she was thinking up a way to use it for good.

Yes, she was philanthropic right from the start. The then-24-year-old Helen Thorpe decided to establish the Helen Randag Charitable Foundation, under her maiden name, which she did on July 24, 1995, to honor Matsudaira, as he very much believed in art. But the London-based foundation didn't just kick off right then. Despite being extra-serious about controlling the foundation, she couldn't decide what the money would be used for, until 2005.

I think I had my antennae out. But I had been sitting on this charity, and had done very little with it.

Helen bought a piece of art being shown at the South London Gallery and donated it to another modest art gallery, Peckham. She struck a deal with the representative, Maureen Paley, before meeting the artist and gallery director, Margot Heller, herself. Heller explained how a derelict building owned by Peckham was on the brink of ceding it back to the council unless they found sufficient funding to complete the building.

Helen found the cause of using the inherited money, as it was a "big thing for me to be able to support something that really, nobody else seemed likely to." She gave Peckham enough money to keep the building, joined its board of trustees and went in search of other donors to help fund the redevelopment.

Sure enough, Helen's unwavering support paid off, and the £300,000 (~$393k) one-year deal turned into a £2 million ($2.62 million) project by the time the redevelopment completed. Despite getting numerous chances to go on several other exciting projects, she stayed close to the one she felt the most connection to.

Steven Cairns and Helen Thorpe attend The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London celebrates the launch of it's newly founded ICA Independent Film Council, at the ICA on June 18, 2018 in London, England. Helen Randag and Steven Cairns at the launch of The Institute of Contemporary Arts' newly founded ICA Independent Film Council in London in 2018.
Source: David M. Benett, Getty Images

Her philanthropist nature was also rewarded when she won the Prince of Wales medal for Arts Philanthropy in 2010, being the youngest one to ever received the honor (she was supposedly still married at the time with the name in the recipient's list given as 'Mrs. Helen Thorpe'). She was also appointed a board member of the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art around the time she started dating the Virgin River star.

The Foundation Seems to Have Been Removed from the Register

Along with supporting art-related organizations in London, The Helen Randag Charitable Foundation also supported people with disabilities, people of age ranging from a child to an elderly person in need of care. As it so often did, the foundation provided grants to individuals and companies.

Helen Randag with her 'Portrait of a Star' lead actor Aisling Hughes.Helen Randag with her 'Portrait of a Star' lead actor Aisling Hughes.
Photo from: Helen Randag, Facebook

And as is often the case, they do get commissions from their investments. But don't expect a charity organization to gain profit out of all or it. From 2010 to December 2014, the records showed £78,746 ($103k) spent while getting a total income of £64, 477 ($83.4k).

However, recent England & Wales Government Charity Commission records show the foundation was removed from its registry on 31 December 2019. The reason cited was "Ceased to exist".

Could this mean Helen Randag and Martin Henderson are taking further steps into their personal lives? Almost three years into the relationship makes it highly likely for the two of them to settle down. Of course, any further developments would still be private. But he does share the important moment of his life. One day soon.

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