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Jul 12, 2022 @ 14:38 EDT
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For better or worse, Inanna Sarkis (b. May 15, 1993) has always managed to be in the headlines. From her debut in Hollywood to her cold war with the singer and internet celebrity, Lele Pons, Sarkis has never failed to entertain others. Starting her career from a now-defunct platform, Vine to YouTube, she is now an actress, director, writer, and successful digital entrepreneur.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, to a dentist father, Mirza Sarkis, and surgeon mother, Tatiana Sarkis, she is of Bulgarian and Assyrian descent and has an older brother, Tony Sarkis. Her parents sacrificed their careers and immigrated to Canada in search of a better life for their children. However, reality was far from it as they had to clean and wash dishes in a banquet hall there.

The 28-year-old actress graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Initially, she was planning to pursue her degree in law thinking that it would please her parents, but her life took a turn, and she became a social media influencer.

The Multi-Talent: Acting, Modeling, Directing, Script Writing, And Singing. Here's The Reason Why She Joined Initially YouTube

Following her success in the now-defunct iconic app, Vines, Inanna Sarkis took her talents over to YouTube instead of taking the traditional move to Hollywood, and it surprised her fans as she had always dreamt of being an actress. However, this decision did help her later in her acting career because by the time she got her first big break in Hollywood, she had already garnered millions of her loyal fan base.

Inanna Sarkis on an event photoshoot.She still walks the red carpet now and then.
Photo Source: Inanna Sarkis, Instagram

Sarkis has managed to secure a long list of acting credits on her resume working in the hits like After, Seance, After We Collided, Trish & Scott, and so on. Her role as the antagonist character, Molly Samuels in the After franchise got so much love that she eventually bought her first house after this movie.

She is not only talented when it comes to facing the camera, but she also knows how to do her thing behind it. She had already written, directed, and produced numerous short films like Life of a Dollar, Jailbird, My New Life, Follow Me, and many more.

Her debut song, No Beauty In War, went popular among people and was even covered by Billboard. Her self-directed and written song addresses global problems like scenes of homophobia, domestic violence, police brutality, and the bombing of Syria and takes the initiative to speak up and rise in a positive way against sadness, despair, and bad actions taken by people in power.

Likewise, the 29-years-old released her second song, Best You'll Ever Have in the year 2019. Talking about her modeling career, she has worked with prominent brands like Calvin Klein, Revolve, Alo, Numéro, and many more. What's more, she teamed up with the WWE and posted a new video to her YouTube page that shows her daydreaming and showing off some moves as her self-created WWE persona, "Miss North."

As of 2022, Inanna Sarkis' Net Worth Is Already in Millions: Know More About Her Clothing Line and Fitness App.

As per estimating sources, Inanna Sarkis holds a net worth of $1.5 million as a multi-talented all-rounder. There's no doubt, that she makes a huge sum from social media sponsorships and brand endorsements, but it is not only limited to it as she gets a fair cut from her clothing line.

Inanna Sarkis modeling in a fitness outfit.She's the model for her own fitness app as well.
Photo Source: Inanna Sarkis, Instagram

The 5'4" influencer along with her brother, Tony Sarkis launched genderless streetwear fashion called VISUS, which means “vision” in Latin. Being the ambassador of WrapWomen Next-Gen, she has always been involved in philanthropy and now a certain percent of her profit from the VISUS goes to donation. Her clothing line sells all types of branded clothing apparel such as sweatpants, tees, socks, beanies, crewnecks, and so on.

Many of you might know that Sarkis also juggled through her weight loss issue and all. And when she finally lost 40 lbs, she became pregnant and gained back the weight again. Even though she successfully managed to get into shape again after pregnancy, it was not an easy journey being a new working mom.

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That's when she came up with the idea to launch her own fitness app called inannafit in order to help those who are struggling to lose weight. This fitness app consists of 1500+ workouts and 100+ nutrition guides, for which you have to pay $14.99 per month or alternatively $99.99 per year.

How Much Does Inanna Sarkis Earn From Social Media?

Considering the huge fan following on her social media platforms, it's not a surprise Inanna Sarkis makes out a lot from her online fame. Since she went viral on the Vines, Sarkis has never backed away from the glamour biz, and her achievements are even covered by popular media outlets like Forbes, People, Harpers Bazaar, Hollywood Reporter, and many more.

WrapWomen Next-Gen Ambassador Inanna started her eponymous YouTube channel, Inanna Sarkis on Dec 18, 2006. With over 3.76 million subscribers, she makes an average of $16,000 per post from the channel which has over 75 videos.

Similarly, she is also active on her TikTok page, Inanna Sarkis (@inanna), with 2.1 million followers from which she makes an average of $1,600 per post strictly through sponsorships and brand endorsements. One of her most popular videos on this platform features her boyfriend, Matthew Noszka which has over 16 million views.

Among all other social media platforms, Sarkis makes the most from her Instagram account, Inanna (@inanna) with 14.7 million followers. She earns around $38,000 per sponsored post on her Instagram. Among others, Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jiwabi, King Bach, Amanda Cerny, and Hannah Stocking are some of the internet stars who she has collaborated with so far.

Inanna Sarkis Welcomed a Daughter With Matthew Noszka: When Are They Getting Married?

After going through numerous heartbreaks, Inanna Sarkis finally found the perfect partner in the American actor and model, Matthew Noszka. But it turned out Noszka himself had a messy breakup with his former girlfriend and was not ready to be in a committed relationship even though he loved Sarkis at first sight.

They were first introduced by their agent at a Robert Pattinson movie premiere Good Time in the year 2017 and started hanging out shortly after that. However, Matthew realized his true feeling for her only after he got into an accident where he was bedridden for almost two and half months. As for Inanna, she had first written Noszka off because of his good looks, but she also fell for his genuine disposition later.

Inanna Sarkis (left) with her boyfriend Matthew Noszka (right) carrying their daughter Nova (center) during Christmas.That's happiness.
Photo Source: Inanna Sarkis, Instagram

The couple has been going stronger than ever and will celebrate their five-year anniversary on August 1, 2022. They welcomed their first child as a daughter, Nova Noszka which comes from the word Supernova, meaning brightest star, on September 12, 2020.

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Being new parents, both Matthew and Sarkis struggled a lot managing their personal life and career which they eventually coped with. Talking about their marriage, Matthew did share that he will surely get married to the actress in the near future and might soon pop up the question to her.

The Downfall Of Her Relationship With Lele Pons And Hannah Stockings.

Once upon a time, Inanna Sarkis, Lele Pons, and Hannah Stocking were the three popular influencers' besties who were inseparable. And now, she does not even talk with them, and fans are wondering what went wrong in their friendship.

Even though the former besties have not revealed the cause of their row, fans have come up with their own speculations. There have been rumors about her having a disagreement with Stocking, and Lele sided with Hannah which led to the downfall of their friendship.

Whatsoever, it does not seem like Inanna Sarkis has any intention of mending her relationship with her ex-besties as she is now friends with Amanda Cerny who is the rival of Lele Pons. Well, just like Inanna, Cerny was also one of the best friends of Lele Pons however, their relationship came to an end in a very bad way with Cerny claiming her ex-bestie deleted the post on her Instagram.

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