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Jan 20, 2021 @ 20:19 EST
!Jaime Xie Net Worth - Billionaire Father Ken Xie, Bling Empire, Wiki, Instagram, Fashion Model Details!

Grab all details of Bling Empire star Jaime Xie's $50 million net worth, biography, family, billionaire father, lavish lifestyle, and more. 

Many of you might know the Richie rich Jaime Xie star precisely from her new Netflix series Bling Empire while some might know her as a fashion influencer. And with that Jaime's Net Worth, billonaire father has also been one of the trending subjects among her followers.

Amidst that, Xie when coming to her personal things has also a lot of things to be discussed ahead. So in order to know Xie in person, ahead, we present you with all the details of Jaime Xie's bio-wiki, father, net worth, earnings, properties, and assets.

Jaime Xie Bio-Wiki, Billionaire Dad, Mother, Birthdate!

Born on November 9, 1997, Jaime Xie is 23 years old reality star/ fashion influencer born to billionaire father Ken Xie. Jaime shares two brothers and a mother whose names are yet to be unveiled in the media. Make sure to be updated as we'll provide updates as soon as we get hands on them.

Jaime Xie parents - father, mother

A snippet of the 'Xie' family.
Image Source: Forbes & Jaime Xie Instagram

Moving on, Jaime was born and raised in Atherton, California, U.S, and shares Scorpio as her zodiac sign. Those who are following the stylish star Xie for a long time might know her as a 'Luxury Influencer' with a passion for fashion and for her lavish lifestyle, traveling around the globe and attending exclusive events hosted by some of the top-notch brands like Rolls Royce, Gucci, LV, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Cartier, you name it!

And if you have been following some of the world's geniuses, then you might know that Jaime is the daughter of American billionaire businessman Ken Xie, the genius man who founded Systems Integration Solutions (SIS), cybersecurity firm Fortinet, and NetScreen. If you just overlook his history, Xie was the former CEO of NetScreen which was acquired by Juniper Networks for $4 billion in 2004. So we can simply assume how rich Jaime's father Ken Xie is! According to Forbes, Jaime's father Ken Xie posses a whopping net worth of $4 Billion.

Jaime Xie Net Worth is More than $50 Million- Fashion Influencer, Earnings, Instagram, YouTube

Jaime Xie net worth is assumed to be more than $50 million If you've been following the 23 years old star on Netflix series then you might've already seen her latest 'high-class' series where the real-life affluent Asian-American friends in Los Angeles shows a rich life running between multi-billion dollar businesses and traveling around the world.

Jamie Xie Net Worth is More than $50 Million

Jaime Xie possesses a net worth of more than $50 million.
Image Source: Instagram (@jaimexie)

Matter of fact, Xie is a millionaire and one can't put another word to it. She is the daughter of billion-dollar net worth holder Ken Xie; this is also one of the major reasons why Jaime is in the 'Crazy Rich Asians' centered show the 'Bling Empire' - the series known for its riches with some of the richest members and names like Beverly Hills Christine Chiu [net worth: $20 million plus], entrepreneur Kane Lim, model turned DJ Kim Lee, fitness coach Kevin Kreider and entrepreneur Kelly Mi [net worth: $20 million], daughter of billionaire and entrepreneur Anna Shay [net worth: $600 million].

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Moving on to her self-income, the 23 years old fashionista is popular for her social media fans & followers. The social media star Jaime amassed a huge fanbase of 320k followers on Instagram. And if you go through her Instagram handle, you can easily tell how rich she is just by seeing her wardrobe collection and luxury brands she wears. And as per reports from Social Blade, Jaime earns around $74 - $1.2 monthly to an estimated $892 - $14.3k per year. (Here we are not counting her paid partnership, and sponsors, so the sum is definitely more than the estimation).

Similarly, Jaime runs a lavish YouTube channel where she often posts contents of her favorite brands' clothes, designer bags, unboxing, and Vlogs. Her channel is intriguing which is why she has amassed 58.6k subscribers on YouTube. And as per reports from Social Blade, her channel earns an estimated yearly earning of $14.3k just from the views excluding advertisements.

And with that, Xie is also making a good amount of revenue from the Richie Rich reality show 'Bling Empire'. And if we combine all her income including her million worth heir from father, Jaime's net worth is assumed to be more than $50 million.

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