Josh Richards & Nessa Barrett Announce Their Breakup, Saying They Need to Mature

Jun 20, 2020 @ 19:50 EDT
Josh Richards & Nessa Barrett Announce Their Breakup As She Vows to Renew Her Image on Social Media

In a recent YouTube video, Josh Richards sits down and talk about the end of their relationship a day after Nessa Barrett confirmed they were still dating.

Wait, is Nessa Barrett getting canceled? No, don't start doing that, at all. Since the Quran controversy, Barrett has been hit back with mean comments in anything else she does. And every sorry she says is just another knife for the critics to throw back at the social media influencers. And every time she cries in a video, it's one more than the last time for those looking to create trouble.

And in the last few weeks, she's been going on on Twitter about how she's been often feeling low, regardless of the mean comments. This even prompted to announce that she'll be leaving social media for a while and will post back again if she feels HAPPY.

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Josh Richards & Nessa Barrett's Breakup Comes a Day After She Shot Down Rumors of Their Breakup

Y'all thought she was at least happy with her boyfriend Josh Richards, but there were many who thought there was trouble in paradise. Turns out, they were right. In a recent video on YouTube, Josh Richards sat down the sofa with his girlfriend Barrett to announce together that they have broken up after eight months of relationship but still intend to keep their friendship alive.

As for the reason why, they seem to have two different "chapters" in their lives that doesn't give them much reason to be in a serious relationship that they were all these months. Richards also mentioned that Barrett was moving to LA to further a music career. Barrett also includes how they needed to mature enough to know . The ended the video on a positive note, he stating that he will always support her and hopes they will be close friends from now on.

This comes a day after Nessa confirmed they were still together in response to all the rumors floating around the TikTok community that they were breaking up. Josh exclaims at one point, "How the F**k did they guess?" Of course, many noticed their distance on social media, especially after Nessa's decision to leave all platforms to fix her mental health. She did write "broken promises" and "but I need you" in two different tweets, among many other hints.

It's Been Almost a Week Since Nessa Stopped Using Twitter & Her Instagram Is New

The 17-year-old's social media journey was another thing she briefly discussed in the video. She says she's been getting a lot of hate since April 2020, referring to the Quran Controversy, even though she'd just started social media. And that was an area she really wanted to work on. So she says she will not really be active on social media and just focus on her music career.

Nessa Barrett's reflection on the mirror.It's not just music as she's reflecting on her social media image as well.
Photo Source: Nessa Barrett Instagram

It's not the first time she's announced she will be off of social media for a while. In string on tweets in the last week, she addressed many things that critics have commented on her and some things that she insists aren't related to those. That includes leaving social media.

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You may have noticed she's deleted all her previous posts on Instagram and started clean exactly a week ago. And judging by the seven posts only, she's clearly trying to put out a new image for herself and erasing the past. And on Twitter, she hasn't posted since a week ago when she declared, "last tweet bc i’m deleting twitter ✌?" on June 15, 2020.

She began a Twitter rant of sadness from the evening of June 8, with the first tweet, "again.", confusing the heck out of everyone. It continued on the next evening with her post "let go" and then a video of her crying. It seems to have been a very difficult night for Barrett as she confirmed the concerns in the Twitter replies. Plus, she said she won't post unless she feels better.

In case the twitter posts or the account gets deleted, here are all the posts she's made since the one above [altered only for punctuation]. First: "To the people asking if I'm genuinely okay, no I'm not. It has nothing to do with the hate I get on social media, I can handle that. I'm just going to not post as much anymore unless I truly start to feel better. Please understand, thank u."

^^ "Everyone says I do nothing but cry on social media and I’m sorry. It’s just gotten to the point where I can’t hide it anymore. So I won’t be active anymore when im going through a hard time."

^^ "I'm also not saying im taking a break. some days I’m so low, and others I’m confident and happy. All I'm saying is that I won’t post during the days I’m struggling. so if this weekend I’m HAPPY I will post. And then when I’m down again, I will refrain from posting."

^^"Take your comments elsewhere, I don’t want it. You have no idea what has been happening in my life."

^^ "Bye bye dirty jerz, it’s been real." This one suggests she was leaving her home in New Jersey to move to California to start a new social media image.

^^ "I love you."

^^ "Patience"

^^ "Broken promises"

^^ "But I need u."

^^ "I CRY"

^^ "Please"

^^ "Just want a hug."

A photo of someone's hand with 11:11 written on it. And then came the "last tweet" tweet, and it was very real. You guys really broke her, so much so that she needs to start a new persona. In a way, it'll be good for her to start something good now.

You may have also noticed her thanking fellow social media influencer Maddison Lewis on more than on occasions. She's really healing while living with her in Los Angeles.

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