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May 1, 2020 @ 13:28 EDT
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Boy, Nessa Barrett really found herself in the thick of things. She'd already gained a little fan following until being revealed as Josh Richards' girlfriend. But since being in the middle of the feud with Chase Hudson [net worth: $800,000], she's had more moments to see what's she's doing or is even thinking of doing.

Born on August 6, 2002 [age 17], based on Absecon, New Jersey, Barrett is best known as the girlfriend of Sway House LA member, Josh Richards, after already having a significant number of followers on TikTok. But the biggest thing in her life right now is how & when everyone is really going to move on from her moving-to-the-holy-Quran-verse incident and when they will really believe her apologies.

Nessa Barrett's Net Worth of $200,000 Might Need Some Time to Really Expand

Nessa Barrett collected a net worth of $200,000, as of May 2020, as an internet personality from sponsorships and endorsement deals on her social media pages. She's active on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter but is particularly big on TikTok. But her popularity on the video-syncing platform has hit the iceberg since the controversial incident. And no matter, how much she apologizes, nothing seems to be giving her a break from it.

Nessa Barrett taking a selfie for net worth wallpaper.Barrett's might need some time to move on from the controversy.
Photo Source: Nessa Barrett, Instagram

Of Puerto Rico descent, Barrett doesn't make dance moves on TikTok that often, as the bigger stars like Addison Rae [net worth: $3 million] and Dixie D'Amelio [net worth: $700,000]. But her popularity comes from her choice to lip-sync to rap, pop songs and particularly, to comedy dialogues.

Social Media Earnings

Barrett is not particularly big on using other social media platforms as much as TikTok. She started using the platform since March 2019 and by August 2019, she'd uploaded her first video on YouTube. Any person earning off of social media gets the money from sponsorship and endorsement deals that come along when they're famous. Barrett has already worked with Novashine, OG Scrunchies, VintageWavez and Chill Vibes Clothing.

With over 7 million followers and over 800 posts on her TikTok page, Ness, she earns an average of around $5,600 from each of her posts from sponsorships.

@nessaabarrett♬ original sound - stasiiiamariiie

On Instagram, despite having 2 million followers on her page, ✰ ???? ✰, she's only posted 19 times, but she can still earn around $5,000 for each of her posts via sponsorships. She uses @nessabarrett as her username for all platforms.

She also has a YouTube channel, Nessa Barrett, which she started in 2018. According to sources, her first upload was Q&A / GRWM FOR MY SENIOR PICTURES! in August 2019. But there does not seem to be any video on her channel right now. Still, there remain 83,800 subscribers in there.

Nessa Barrett and boyfriend Josh Richards.They secretly dated for months.
Photo Source: Nessa Barrett, Instagram

Yeah, she was getting ready for her high school graduation pictures. But those pictures are nowhere to be seen now. So, it's a 'may have' on whether she has graduated high school or not.

Bryce Hall and Boyfriend Richards Made a Diss Track after Barrett Shared an Alleged DM She Had with Hudson

If this little stunt really was an attempt to break up Hype House member Chase Hudson and Charli D'Amelio [net worth: $4 million], then count that one a success. Hudson, aka Lilhuddy, allegedly had started to DM Barrett on social media. When she told her boyfriend, Richards, he and fellow Sway House member Bryce Hall [net worth: $750,000] conjured up a diss track about Hudson, titled Still Softish, in late March 2020.

Watch: The Diss Track...

Yeah, the lyrics were totally uncalled for. The video also then caused hints to emerge in people's minds that there was a little trouble brewing in the former lovey-dovey couple (yes, former). Hall and Barrett shaded Hudson on Twitter after he tried defending his love for D'Amelio. After the incident, however, the two did agree to move on from the situation as the most mature thing to do.

However, a little forward into the future, despite previously saying they aren't officially a couple but are exclusive, the Hype House couple announced their split on April 14. They both shared statements on Instagram stories stating it was a mutual breakup and not influenced by anything else.

Do Not Skip


Meanwhile, Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards have been dating since October 2019, per the video he released on YouTube. He apparently also DM'd Barrett because "I thought she was a hot TikTok girl." They dated in secret for a while before revealing the relationship with that video.

Watch: Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett Discuss Their Relationship

And That Thing Won't Fade Away

By the time Hudson and D'Amelio broke up, Nessa Barrett had problems of her own. In early April 2020, she posted a video of her and a friend dancing to an audio of a man singing from a verse of the Muslim Holy Book of Quran. After coming under fire for racism, she's deleted the video and since apologized for it a bunch of times. But no one is taking it seriously (or maybe too seriously) as they don't believe she's sincere about the apology.

In a later TikTok livestream, she tried explaining the situation, stating how she and her friend came across a video of someone who she describes as "a cute old man" and presumed was singing, not realizing the words were a verse of the Holy Book. She didn't know the words were "sacred" in the first place. She just thought the clip "was the cutest thing."

Nessa Barrett photoshoot.Barrett did not know she would receive that kind of backlash.
Photo Source: Nessa Barrett, Instagram

Comments calling for her "cancelation" came pouring in on her pictures and videos (maybe a reason she removed all the videos on YouTube), and some even researched her past to bring up a discussion of whether or not she used a racial slur last year (she's said she was just reading out aloud a comment with her name combined with another TikTok user Nick Bean's name).

On April 10, she added another video about how people needed to understand that she'd learned from her mistake and how she was overwhelmed by the "hate" she's been getting since then.

"You can be upset that what I had done was ignorant, but you cannot be upset at me for being hateful, as there is just no hate in me," she said in the apology video. "The hate that I'm receiving right now is really hard to handle, and it's also coming at my friends and family, which is completely unacceptable, as it was my mistake and not theirs."

Josh Richards hugging girlfriend Nessa Barrett from behind.Richards also came to her defense, once.
Photo Source: Nessa Barrett, Instagram

After the comments became too negative for her, she disabled the comments of her next TikTok videos. Of course, when people ignored every other word besides "I think ... I'm sorry" and how the words were said from her earlier apology video and roasted her everywhere, she was bound to have made that decision. The latter part of "I'm sorry to anyone that practices that religion," has been removed from most videos reshared of the original apology video.

Richards has also tried defending his girl, saying how Barrett came to him and told him she didn't know it would come out to be offensive. The two have been alleged to have broken up, but who knows.

Oh, and in a Q&A video for Famous Birthdays, Barrett revealed that she wants to collab with Tana Mongeau, the former flame of Jake Paul [net worth: $15 million]. And her height is recorded as 4'11".

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