Dayna Marie's Past Story of Kouvr Annon Cheating on Alex Warren Is True But It's No One's Business

Jun 17, 2020 @ 4:30 EDT
Dayna Marie's Past Story of Kouvr Annon Cheating on Alex Warren Is True But It's No One's Business

The type of controversies that Hype House brings about, it is so difficult to find out who is on the right side (completely different from finding out who "is" right). It calls for such a division in the fanbase, and even among those who are completely oblivious to the drama surrounding these people. Really, even with the receipts to prove the claims, there's a question of morality hanging over the fans discussing the situation.

First, there was the thing about Daisy Keech claiming she was ripped off of the co-founder title of Hype House. Among other things, Bryce Hall, with his Sway House pal Josh Richards, sparked up the rumor of Chase Hudson cheating on "TikTok Queen" Charli D'Amelio. And then came around Dayna Marie's claim that Kouvr Annon used to be a cheater before she moved to LA with boyfriend Alex Warren (yeah, that means when they were dating long-distance). Well, aside from so many other controversies.

In early April 2020, Marie felt the need to post a video about Annon's past relationships in an emotional state, detailing how Annon used to cheat on Warren and others before him, with the receipts and all. And if you're new to the word receipt, it means proof of something in the form of texts in today's social media world.

Dayna Marie Scripts How She Became Roommates with Kouvr Annon & Introduced Best Friend Alex Warren to Her

In a half-hour plus video on YouTube, she reasoned why she was talking about anything at all, all of a sudden, saying she needed to take a lot of time to calm down about the whole situation which depressed her. She actually narrates the whole story of how she met Alex, then how she met Kouvr and all the events afterward of when she associated with her and Alex altogether.

Basically, Dayna is a bridge between Alex and Kouvr who she met in that order. It was back in 2017 when she first met Alex and did a video together, a glimpse of which (plus some other videos) she shows in the YT video. The two became instant 'best friends' from then on.

And remember, it was a time when TikTok did not exist, did. She claims to have actually started his account, & subsequently his TikTok account, not just suggesting him to take people from the video-syncing platform to his YouTube page.

As of when she met Kouvr, she says it was not in an ideal way. She was moving to Hawaii, and Kouvr was one of those who she had DM'd about her living situation there. But when she was supposed to be picked up at the airport, Dayna shows a DM from Kouvr about how she was in a really rough place to miss out on receiving her at the airport. According to Dayna, Kouvr had apparently been contained for trespassing, and her parents did not allow her to get out of the house. Plus, the text reads something about a bad breakup.

Dayna soon got an apartment for herself as Kouvr was continuously talking about how she wanted to move out of her parents' home. And so, she invited her to live with her. And they got close the same way too. Dayna notes that Kouvr had a boyfriend when she moved into the apartment and told Dayna he was not treating her right.

The YouTuber says she told Kouvr to break up with the guy, but she didn't and just cheated on him with other guys instead. And then, one super-serious guy called Tyler comes in. Dayna says she had a heart-to-heart with Kouvr & convinced her to end things with everyone else, which she did.

Dayna also professes she got Kouvr her first modeling job and even asked their manager to coincide their hours so that they can enjoy the time outside of work together. At one point, they bought a car for which Kouvr apparently said she would split with her but didn't. "It doesn't matter now," Dayna says.

Then one day, Marie posted a photo of Kouvr sleeping, of which Alex subsequently asked her about. They started talking and thus getting closer so that they would FaceTime every night. In the past situation, Dayna said, "It doesn't affect me, so I wouldn't really do anything about it." But this was Alex, her best friend, practically a brother. So she told him about Kouvr's history & told Kouvr that she told Alex about it.

How They First Became Official, But Alex Allegedly Became Controlling After the First Meeting

Dayna starts showing texts between her and Alex talking about Kouvr's unfaithfulness and getting worried about wrecking the friendship between them. She also did tell Kouvr to break up with Tyler if she wanted to be with Alex, but she later found out she didn't.

Her friends advised her to tell Alex about it, and she confronted the Tyler thing to Kouvr first. In a reply, Kouvr hints she'd not completely broken things off with Tyler (that doesn't mean she was dating Tyler, but he thought he was). And in a long reply, Dayna writes about Alex's feeling of hurt if he were to find out about it.

Kouvr Annon's photo that's still on Dayna's IG page.This one's still on Marie's Instagram page.
Photo Source: Dayna Marie Instagram

After pushing her time and again, Dayna says Kouvr finally proved things were over with Tyler by blocking him on social media and all that. And then, it was time for the two sides of the couple to meet. During the Christmas Holidays (likely in 2018), she brought Kouvr with her to the US and thus got the chance to meet Alex as well as her parents. And it was on Christmas Eve that Alex officially asked Kouvr out on a date. By the time they [Dayna & Kouvr only] returned to Hawaii, they were official.

However, taking Kouvr's past into account, Alex started to become controlling over her, barring her to go out and meet anybody and needing to know what she was doing at all times to know if she was not cheating. Hurt by this, of course, Kouvr reached out to Dayna, who suggested her to stand up to him. Still, they would continue to fight every night. And Dayna says she told her everything will be alright when he comes and meets her again, over and over again.

Then comes the surprise Alex hit Kouvr with, in January 2019. A wonderful surprise by coming to Hawaii without telling her beforehand. It was in that video that you saw Dayna. And it didn't seem like they were fighting daily at all. It's all so confusing. But he did meet her family.

Still, Dayna insists, the fighting continued after Alex went back to California. Deciding she needed a break, she says she moved to another Hawaii island, Maui, for a month and came back to surprise Kouvr that she was moving to California in three days. Initially freaking out about it, she followed to California to live with her family. But the fighting didn't stop, until they made up and just smoothened the relationship, prompting him to thank Dayna for everything in February 2019.

When Kouvr Moved to LA, Dayna Says She Did Not Break Things Up with Tyler

Everything was going well when one day, all of a sudden, Dayna Marie got a text from Tyler about "his girlfriend", clearing it out as Kouvr during the conversation. And she says Alex was devastated when Kouvr received a call from Tyler in front of him. And as usual, he asked Dayna to find out about it.

When Dayna did confront Tyler, he didn't know Kouvr was already dating Alex. Apparently, he didn't get the memo, Alex was already full on Kouvr's Instagram, YouTube and all. And apparently, Kouvr admitted to still being in contact, as in a relationship, with Tyler and that she's asked him to come to California to be on a reality TV or something. And Alex was even more devastated. Nothing to verify it yet but Alex's response words.

For a brief moment, the two broke up. Additionally, Dayna says Kouvr spent a night at Tyler's when they were still in Hawaii after meeting Alex, apparently unblocking him on social media. And Dayna says Tyler found out about being cheated on during the funeral of his Godfather. Before that, Kouvr blocked Tyler on social media again after repeatedly being suggested by Dayna.

Alex and Kouvr subsequently got back together as he asked her to be with him all the time, even calling in sick to work and from Dayna's parents. And at one time, their boss asked her to tell Kouvr to come to work or that she'd get fired.

The friendship really soured when Kouvr called Dayna to lash out at her for "lying" to her friends about her work, which, according to Dayna, Alex and their friends didn't know about. She quit the job she was working with Dayna and packed her things to move to Alex's the same day. She shows one last text from Kouvr before they stopped talking altogether.

Watch: The Recipts That Come Out

It All Worked Out (for the Couple), But This Incident Made Alex Accuse Dayna of Releasing the Video "for Views"

This is where the communication between the couple and Dayna stops. They went on to move to Hype House later that year and still are together. And when they found out about the video, Alex only responded to it during a livestream. He did acknowledge (kind of) that the incidents did happen a year and a half ago (a little over a year ago, tbh). He also mentioned how he met her on Snapchat, on "one of her friends' stories", that aligns with the Dayna's claims. So yeah, the whole drama did happen in late 2018/early 2019.

"Everything she said happened, happened a year and a half ago it's already been dealt with during our relationship," he practically admitted it all in the livestream. "At the end of the day, it's our relationship. What I decided to do, it's like no one else's business."

He says he will not respond to the video & be a part of it but does accuse Dayna (without mentioning her name) of doing it for views, basing this partially on the fact that she mentioned Hype House in the title when the house had nothing to do with all that. But yeah, the video has gained over 3 million views.

So yeah, they are not in good terms with Dayna anymore, that much is clear. And this whole thing just rests here, without any big further developments. If you should know, she has not been active on YouTube since a little after her confession.

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