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May 5, 2022 @ 13:40 EDT

Social media sites like TikTok and Instagram have created a lot of opportunities for youngsters and among them is Katie Feeney (b.  16, 2002) who is now a Washington Commanders social media correspondent. Born in Maryland, Feeney is an aspiring dancer, TikToker, YouTuber, and social media influencer best known for earning more than $1 million in two months from posting videos on the Snapchat Spotlight feature in 2021.

Besides that, her dance moves and DIY videos are popular among her 6.7 million followers on the TikTok account. Graceful and nimble, Katie started dancing just at the tender age of four in mom-and-daughter classes in Olney, and by 13, she became an ambassador for Dance Hope Cure, an organization of dancers who help raise awareness of childhood cancer. She is even friends with Dance Moms stars Maddie Ziegler and Mackenzie Ziegler with whom she took a dance class together during her childhood.

The 21-year-old influencer graduated her high school in 2021 and is currently attending Penn State University. Well, social media and dance are not only the things that Katie aces at, as she even beat a fifth-grader at a chess tournament when she was a third-grader. She has two elder brothers, Peter and Michael, and loves to spend time with her dogs, Maggie and Tess.

Katie Feeney Is The Washington Commanders' First-Ever Social Media Correspondent

On April 13, 2022, Washington Commanders caused a stir with the announcement that Penn State freshman Katie Feeney will be the team's first-ever "Commanders Social Media Correspondent". Chief creative and digital officer Will Misselbrook mentioned in the announcement, "Katie provides a youthful perspective that will reach new eyes and ears and help cultivate the next generation of fans as we enter the inaugural season of the Washington Commanders."

Katie Feeney in the Washington Commanders' football pitch with a laynard of access.She was an unofficial endorser of the team before being actually employed by them.
Photo Source: Katie Feeney, Instagram

As a part of this partnership, she will serve as an extension of the Commanders' social media presence, sharing content on her personal accounts with 10+ million total social media followers as well as the team’s accounts to cover events such as the team's Draft Party, media day, training camp, and select home games. Her role as the Commanders Social Media Correspondent started at the Commanders Draft Party at FedExField on Thursday, April 28th.

How Did Katie Feeney Earn Millions From Snapchat?

Most of the social media icons earned from TikTok, Instagram, or even Youtube, but Katie Feeney may be among those handfuls of social media stars who racked up over a million just by using Snapchat. And when she shared this news, everyone had only one question to ask, and that is how she made millions from Snapchat.

Many of you might not know but Snapchat is actually willing to pay you millions just for posting the video using their Spotlight feature. By now, the company claims to have paid out over $250 million to more than 12,000 creators, and Feeney is one of them.

The teenager from Olney, Maryland, racked up more than $200,000 just after a week of posting on Snapchat's Spotlight feature which went viral. At first, she and her family thought it was really hard to believe, and her mother even cried with her after finding out it was real.

The green-eyed beauty then started posting daily life videos, unboxing videos, and funny content continuously and within five weeks, she had already earned more than a million. As of yet, she has amassed over 843,000 subscribers on her Snapchat account, Katie Feeney (@katiefeeney).

What Is Katie Feeney's Net Worth?

As per estimating sources, Katie Feeney holds a net worth of around $6 million thanks to Snapchat's Spotlight feature which helped her to win over $1 million just within five months, and of course, the opportunities that came with it on social media, especially YouTube. Even though Snapchat has now stopped giving the $1 million payouts per day, it is still offering millions per month.

Katie Feeney holding a bag for a post sponsored by Coach while looking away from the camera.Endorsements & partnerships just came inviting since she became big.
Photo Source: Katie Feeney, Instagram

Feeney is an active user of this app, posting videos regularly on her Snapchat account, Katie Feeney (@katiefeeney) with over 843K subscribers. Well, Snapchat is not the only social media that she makes a hefty amount from like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok as well.

The 5'5" tall influencer has amassed over 6.7 million followers on her TikTok account, Katie Feeney (@katiefeeney), from which she makes an average of $5,200 per sponsored post and live stream income. Amongst all, she is popular for her DIY, make-up and hair tutorials, unboxing, comedy, and dance videos on her page.

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Similarly, Feeney launched her self-titled YouTube channel, Katie Feeney, in December 2016, and has posted over 2000 videos. With over 2.5 million followers on her channel, she makes an average of $2,800 per post. One of her most popular videos is titled, how I met the dance moms girls!, which has nearly 7 million views. Other popular videos on YouTube are titled did you know I have an identical twin?, did you know I have a twin, the story of how sean and I met, and many more, which have racked up millions of views.

With over 880,000 followers on her Instagram page, Katie Feeney (@katiefeeneyy), she makes over $3,500 per post strictly through sponsorships. Her posts are sponsored by multiple brands like Amazon, Coach, Dawn Dish, Skintimate, Casetify, and many more. Besides, she has also modeled for clothing brands like Ivory Ella, Signature Dresses, and Jerpa.

Katie Feeney Seems to Have Already Moved on From Sean Yamaha

While some people wander around seeking their true love for decades, for Katie Feeney it was no less than a walk in a park as she had already found her soulmate, Sean Yamana in kindergarten, at least that's what she thought. It may surprise everyone that Feeney had a crush on her boyfriend, Sean Yamaha all her life. However, it was Yamaha who confessed his love first.

Katie Feeney (left) being kissed by her ex-boyfriend Sean Yamana (right) when they were dating for prom as he lifts one of her legs and leans over to kiss her.It really looked like they would go all the way after three years.
Photo Source: Signature Dresses, Instagram

They went to the same kindergarten and basically grew up together but, started dating only during their high school. Sean finally asked her to date in April 2018 just after they went on their official movie date together. The lovebirds were stronger than ever for over three years, even deciding to have seven kids together in the future, but none of them was to be.

While fans were eagerly for these childhood lovers to get married soon, faith took a turn and they eventually broke up in 2022. Even though the former lovebirds have not revealed the actual reason for their split, Feeney did confirm their break up in her short Q&A video. Besides, there have been different speculations about their break up such as one being that the ex-lovers could not handle long-distance relationships, and another is that Sean basically cheated on Feeney.

What shocked fans the most is that within the few months of the break-up, the Commanders' social media correspondent has already found a new boyfriend. Well, she is yet to officially introduce her new lover to her fans, but Feeney did show a glimpse of her new boyfriend in a YouTube short with the caption, "I'm never dating again, then he comes along".

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