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This Is Sarah Cooper, Whose Trump Series Is Taking TikTok & Twitter By Storm, A Best-Selling Author & Comedian. And Check Out Her Husband & Net Worth!

Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper and Kylie Scott are the epitomes of lip-syncs as they beat out every other TikTok users there are with their spot-on Donald Trump impersonation. It’s hard enough to even remember all the conjunctions and transition words he pronounces in sequence, their lip-syncing has every single one of them right on the dot. That’s …

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Jeffree Star Net Worth Reveal | Income Sources, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, House, Cars, Controversies, Nathan Schwandt, Kylie Jenner, YouTube/Instagram/Music/Makeup Earnings, Endorsements, Age 33 | Celeb$fortune

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star dished on Kylie Jenner [net worth: $1 billion] and her products from Kylie Cosmetics so much so that she removed him from the brand’s PR list. But with a net worth like his, he was always going to be buying it himself and doing more videos as per his fans’ request. Like that, …

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Marc D'Amelio Net Worth and Job Details.

Marc D’Amelio

Imagine Donald Trump using TikTok. Yeah, Twitter is enough from him. As for Marc D’Amelio, he’s wanted to get into politics had he not lost in that one time he took part to represent Connecticut’s District 25. The sight of a politician on TikTok could be weird. That’s how he would’ve been seen as if …

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