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Oct 30, 2021 @ 12:01 EDT
Meet Madison Miller: Vlogger Continuing YouTube After Divorce from Ex-Husband Joel Miller

One of YouTube's favorite beauty and lifestyle influencers, Madison Miller has been consistently serving beauty content and setting a name for her in YouTube's huge world. Whether it is makeup tutorials, hauls, product reviews, or lifestyle vlogs, Miller has been consistently posting for quite a long time now.

Born on May 6, 1989, in California to father Vance Mitchell and mother Brenda Mitchell, Madison has a sister named Ashley as well. Blessed with a very loving, hardworking, and supportive family, Madison's family has appeared in several of her YouTube videos most popular one being the gender reveal video. Also a dog mom, she owns two Malteses named, Ollie and Elsa. The dogs have their own Instagram page (ollieandelsa) as well where Madison shares their pictures.

As per the beauty vlogger's education, she graduated from California State University, Northridge, with a degree in Bachelor's of Arts degree in Child and Adolescent Development in 2012.

Madison Miller Finally Back on The Game after a Rough Divorce with Her Now Ex-Husband Joel Miller

"Spending 12 years with someone and knowing that your future is no longer with them, and that's all you envisioned", as Madison Miller said in her Instagram story. Yes!! Madison Miller and Joel Miller, the power couple, are going through a divorce. To everyone's surprise, the love birds who have been together for 12 years are no longer together now, and it has left Madison devastated.

YouTuber Madison Miller (left) with her daughter Ryleigh Rhae Miller (center front) and her now ex-husband Joel Miller (right).Madison and ex-husband Joel Miller's divorce talks started around late August 2021.
Photo Source: Madison Miller, Instagram

Madison Miller filed for divorce from her ex-husband Joel Miller, a professional race driver, mechanical engineer, driver coach specialist, and owner of Joel Miller Racing, Inc., in August 2021, ending their decade-long relationship. Respecting all privacies, the reason behind their divorce hasn't been disclosed, but it seems like it has affected Madison quite a lot.

With a post on August 30, 2021, on the beauty influencer's Instagram, she disclosed that she was going through a hard phase. The caption read, "With new seasons comes new beginnings. Ours is starting a bit early ? Love my girls more than anything ?#strongertogether," accompanied by a picture of her and their two daughters. Though no mention of the divorce was on the post, fans took the hint and have been very supportive.

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Similarly, respecting the couple's privacy, fans haven't tried to dig up the reason behind the divorce. And though Madison has shared her sorrow with her Insta fam, she did not disclose what went wrong between the pair for a while. But she explained the rollercoaster she went through during the divorce proceedings in the February 2022 video. It has yet to be finalized.

Joel Miller on the other hand hasn't spoken a word on it. The professional race driver recently shared a picture with their daughters, captioned, "Late to the party for national daughters day ?. Love these two! #dadlife @ryleighrhaemiller @kinsleyskyemiller," and another post on August 23, 2021, with the caption, "Back home and fun hanging out with these two!". It seems that though the pair divorced, they could be co-parenting their children for the time being. 

Joe Miller with his 3-year-old daughter Ryleigh Rhae Miller during her first day at pre-school.It seems their first daughter at least pictures mom & dad together everywhere.
Photo Source: Joel Miller, Instagram

For someone who has lived 12 years with a person sharing all their ups and downs, the divorce has taken Madison by storm. The now single mom-of-two has been devastated and shares how it has made her life hard. Due to the divorce, Miller also took a break from YouTube for about a month and finally made a comeback on September 25 with a video titled I'M BACK! HUGE PR HAUL UNBOXING | @LIFE OF MADDY on her main channel and another video titled I'M BACK! LIFE UPDATE, BABY CLOTHING HAUL + DOC BAND! on her second channel.

Since getting together in the late 2000s, Madison and ex-husband Jeol Miller got married on March 21, 2014, they had their first child Ryleigh Rhae Miller on October 12, 2018, and their second daughter Kinsley Skye Miller, who they call a "rainbow baby" (a somewhat recent term), on March 4, 2021. The beauty and lifestyle vlogger has positively tried to convey messages to other women going through the same that they are not alone and it will get better with time.

From a Teacher to a Beauty Vlogger, Madison Miller Did It All by Herself

Before being well settled into the world of YouTube, Miller was a voluntary pre-kindergarten teacher at University Montessori School, in Irvine, California from 2012 till 2014. She has shared numerous pictures of her days in the teaching profession which shows how much she enjoyed the job and her special connection with the children.

Though she began her career at a slow pace, with continuous hard work and consistent effort, Miller was able to create a label for herself as an influencer. The amazing mom-of-two has been in the biz for a long time now. A very creative creator, Madison started her YouTube channel in 2015. Though her first video had only about 500 likes, the now successful influencer didn't give in and strived to get to where she is today.

Madison Miller's plaque at the 'Ulta x Ipsy' event in 2018.She got her own plaque at the 'Ulta x Ipsy' event in 2018.
Photo Source: Madison Miller, Instagram

With her first welcome video on January 20, 2015, Miller began her YouTube journey. The theme of her videos has been similar for six years now with a lot of positive changes. A makeup enthusiast, the channel's primary focus was makeup hauls and tutorials. The first product haul she ever did was Kendall Jenner Faves & Estee Lauder Haul. Despite the fact that the video only had 214 likes, it didn't stop the beauty influencer from being who she is today.

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The beautiful vlogger's first video to hit 1 million views was titled BEST MOTHER'S DAY GIFT GUIDE! + TAKING MY MOM SHOPPING!. Miller has been consistently doing well on the platform and has been producing informational videos on motherhood and makeup products as well.

How Much Is Madison Miller's Net Worth?

Recently divorced, the fashion/beauty vlogger Madison Miller is estimated to have a net worth of $150,000. The majority of her earnings come from endorsements and sponsorships on social media. The fashion and beauty product unboxing hauls rake in enough for her to run her two YouTube channels. The cause-and-effect part of the channels applies with many of the videos being sponsored by brands.

Madison Miller posing for her ad for Pantene on Instagram while looking at the mirror and subtly showing the product in her hand.She does make a point of specifying which posts are endorsements.
Photo Source: Madison Miller, Instagram

The primary eponymous YouTube channel Miller has set up, Madison Miller, has just around 510,000 subscribers and over 27.5 million views. The channel is reserved for her unboxing haul videos. Meanwhile, she also has a second channel, titled LIFE OF MADDY, which has garnered over 210,000 subscribers and is for lifestyle videos, including those with suggestions of shopping and caring for a baby, stemming out of her own experiences as a mother.

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A leading social influencer, Madison receives quite a lot of PR packages as well since she has a lot of videos on her channel reviewing the products received.  These partnerships make up part of her income from Instagram as well, with a majority of her posts including said partnerships and giveaways, sharing it among her 110,000+ followers.

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