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Jun 18, 2021 @ 18:38 EDT
Meet Bailey Sarian — Blending True-Crime and Mystery for the Perfect Unique YouTube Channel | Wikipedia, Net Worth, Husband

Bailey Sarian [b. November 26, 1988] is someone you'll likely see every Monday somewhere on the 'Trending' list of YouTube every week. With almost 5 million subscribers to her name, Sarian is wildly popular for her mix of two topics completely at polar opposites of each other, true-crime and beauty, with her weekly series, Murder, Mystery and Makeup Monday (MM&M).

Considering her journey on YouTube, Sarian got her fame quite later in her online career, but it created what her YouTube channel is really about now. Regardless, she stuck with beauty makeup after her burst of fame as there was quite a story to her transition from talking about makeup while applying makeup to talking about unrelated stories instead.

The 32-year-old has built up a massive following in the YouTube community, and consequently, she's also racked up a respectable net worth from her career. Of course, such fame and the topic she chooses are bound to invite criticisms. She says she does get fed up with it, but her contents keep coming in.

Bailey Sarian Worked with Demi Lovato and Sia Before the YouTube Fame

Sarian may be late to the scene in a lot of aspects, but she had built up quite the résumé to know what she is doing. But she did not actually get into makeup from a young age, which wasn't even allowed near her growing up. She started dabbling in cosmetics in her 20s and just happen to find her passion, landing jobs at Sephora and Urban Decay.

Jill Powell applying makeup on her former makeup assistant Bailey Sarian.Sabrina Carpenter and Demi Lovato are on Jill Powell's client list.
Photo Source: Bailey Sarian, Instagram

The YouTube channel we now know her from started in 2013, literally in her mid-20s, as she only posted videos on makeup tips in her earlier years. She caught the attention of people in the business, and it wouldn't take time for her to start working as an assistant makeup artist for Jill Powell on music videos.

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One of those was Demi Lovato’s 2015 music video for her song Cool for the Summer. And naturally, Lovato is one of Sarian's followers as well. Additionally, she's also worked with Sia and a few of Disney Channel’s kid stars.

She's Also Expanded Into a Similar Podcast Series

There's also the impression that her "get ready with me" (GRWM) videos gave off after doing much of those in her early YouTube years. And she is well aware of what it's left behind (Kylie Jenner, wink wink). But the channel started becoming this way after posting her first Murder, Mystery, and Makeup video in January 2019. She had previously asked her modest small group of subscribers if they would like to see her breaking down a news story while applying makeup.

Bailey Sarian taking a selfie.About plastic surgery, Sarian says she uses Botox to lighten her migraine.
Photo Source: Bailey Sarian, Instagram

The poll had a massive upvote, but regardless, the video about the widely publicized Chris Watts family murder case blew up with over 100,000 views in less than a day, which was huge for her at the time. She continued the series every Monday, and during the earlier weeks, she also posted a different type of video, like the Hilary Duff make-up tutorial try-out.

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These days, aside from the MM&M series, she also announced that she was venturing on towards a dedicated podcast for more mystery-crime stories every Thursday. Partnering with Wheelhouse DNA, the first episode of the Dark History Podcast, titled The DuPont Chemical Poisoning, was released on June 3, 2021.

But Why the Unusual Combo of Murder, Mystery, and Makeup?

While makeup came a little later in her life, she was sometimes brought to work by her mom, who worked as a 911 dispatcher, when she was young. So she was able to hear all kinds of stories as a kid, she revealed in a Q&A video on one of the Saturdays of 2020.

However, the biggest factor for her keen interest in true-crime was when she discovered the story of JonBenét Ramsey, a six-year-old beauty pageant star whose murder still goes unsolved. The aforementioned poll was also another push to get these videos on YouTube.

Bailey Sarian with her dog, Saint the Pitbull.Sarian owns a dog, Saint the Pitbull.
Photo Source: Bailey Sarian, Instagram

There was an extra step she took before all of this, which was not pleasant considering the small following she had at the time. In a 2019 video, she revealed that she had a makeup video up for just about half an hour where she briefly talked about true-crime. She took it down because received dislikes to the maximum (she says it's all 16 viewers at the time).

What Is Bailey Sarian's Net Worth?

"You'd have to be a millionaire to go back to school, which is like unfortunate," is what Sarian said in the aforementioned 2019 video when she was just starting out her MM&M series. She could look back at that and rethink some things because Bailey Sarian possesses an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Despite almost 400 videos, her earnings from YouTube is as modest as it can be, and a lot of it comes from brand sponsorships and partnerships for her videos. These brands are mostly makeup-related, as you'd expect, but there does seem to be a lot of accessories brands approaching her.

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Sarian's channel will soon hit the 5 million subscriber mark with her most popular video being the one-hour long story about the infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, viewed by over 14 million users. She is followed by over 2.4 million users, which she earns much of her net worth from as well, as all most influencers do.

Who Is Bailey Sarian's Fiancé? Are They Really Married?

Bailey Sarian is currently engaged in a relationship with her boyfriend-turned-fiancé Fernando Valdez who's already popped the question long ago. But she or Valdez have not confirmed if they've had a wedding yet, but many online sources choose to believe they are married.

However, it's an unlikely scenario that artist Valdez, who also has a modest Instagram following himself, is legally her husband, but they are engaged. In the same 2019 Q&A video mentioned earlier, she declared that she doesn't see the point in being married besides the last name, which she admits wants to have for her and her kids if she does have them.

Bailey Sarian (right) taking a selfie with her boyfriend-turned fiance Fernando Valdez (left) while in Europe in early 2020.She says marriage also makes one inherit all kinds debts as well.
Photo Source: Bailey Sarian, Instagram

So, she says she will get married if she gets pregnant, for the sake of her child having the husband's last name. The pair do go on vacations, like the last time she took a hiatus from YouTube to explore Europe. And if anyone asks if she's married, she said, "Yeah, I'm married. They don't ask for paperwork."

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Regardless, it seems Sarian is sticking with true-crime and makeup mashup as she considers herself as someone who doesn't want to know the direction her channel will head towards. And FYI, she is not going to go haywire by having to spend every day researching stories about murder and mystery. She also filters out the obvious backlashes she gets from time to time to have them bother her during her YouTube career.

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